Don’t Worry!!

This song has been on my mind for the past couple of days!! Light & LOVE to all, and remember to keep your thoughts about yourself and others positive, no matter what you’re growing through. It’s only temporary!



How many of you remember She-Ra?!

Recently, someone asked me if I could be any super hero, who would it be? I immediately thought of She-Ra! My mother likes to tell stories of how I activated my inner She-Ra when going to the dentist and doctors office, as a child! If I was getting a vaccine shot, or hearing scary sounds from the dentist office, I would go straight into She-Ra mode. I’m talking about full on She-Ra voice, extra powerful in the She-Ra stance, planted like a tree, arms flexed, and ready to fight!

Thinking of this past childhood heroine, ignited my curiosity and had me searching for She-Ra videos on YouTube! Connecting back to my inner child, I began watching She-Ra episodes, to get a feel of why I connected so hard with her! As an adult, I clearly can see the connection! She-Ra was empathic, hella strong, clairvoyant, & a healer! At the age of six, for me to resonate with all of that greatness, and now as a grown woman , seeing the authentic and genuine purpose of why I am here, is mind-blowing. I mean, wow, the challenges I’ve faced in my life, the lessons I’ve learned, all prepared me to be who I am now.

I know my truth.

Knowing that I’m here to nurture, because I’ve always been a nurturing soul.

Knowing that I’m here to heal others, because I’ve always been a healer.

I’ve always been an empath, and clairvoyant. Throughout my whole life, I’ve had many childhood memories of clairvoyant and clairsentient experiences.

The impeccable strength I’ve gained from growing through emotional triggers in my life, and with the outlet of talking and/or writing, that is healing, and I am grateful!

I’m just amazed to know that I was a cool little kid, even though at times I didn’t think so.  I’m rambling and deep in my feelings now…… coming full circle with the attributes of She-Ra, that I resonated with as a kid and totally see in myself, is freakin’ cool, to me!

Now, I understand  why  some grown men still LOVE comics or connect with Spider Man, Hulk, Batman, Popeye, or whoever. In their child mind, they identified with a certain strength of their hero, and knew it as their own.

I am so tickled that I blogged about a old cartoon I use to watch! That is so funny to me!

Ummm, thanks She-Ra!

(On a side note, as an adult I never actually went into full She-Ra mode, when facing fears. I learned to internalize it better! I totally don’t want people thinking when things get tough for me, I still walk around with the She-Ra voice, the extra powerful She-Ra stance, planted like a tree, arms flexed and ready to fight!)

My OM-tastic Experience!

While in yoga class this past Saturday night, I felt the most amazing, familiar encounter!

In class, we chant OM, which in definition represents the union of body, mind, and soul.

Wait a minute, let me back up and give you a little history….

So, in 2010, I had this one dream that I could never seem to get out of my head. While sleeping, I truly had my very first outer body experience. I could see myself lying down. Walking away from my body, but still being able to see myself sleep, I drifted to space. It was black as night, with no stars, no moon. The only thing that kept me connected was a cord extending from my physical sleeping self to my drifting spiritual self. As my spirit floated in this darkness of space, from a distance I could see earth, and my cord extending deep into earth. In the dream, my physical self sat straight up in the bed and I began to chant the longest OM, ever. When my spiritual self connected to the sound of OM, the sound of OM got louder, and louder, and LOUDER, to the point that I could now see many people in their homes sitting straight up in their bed chanting the same OM, all in unison, in a beautiful, magnetic harmony. The LOUDER the OM and more people began to chant, the earth began to vibrate. The greens of the earth were greener and the blues of the earth became more blue, as if it was some sort of cleansing.

Back to the yoga class, we’re at the tail end of class, hands at heart center, when the instructor says,

“And now, we’ll seal this with OM”

Everyone in class, takes a huge breath, and with eyes closed, we chanted OM through our exhalation. Goose bumps and chills started to appear on my skin, while in unison with the group. The tone we all made together was the most bewitching OM, reminding me of the SAME EXACT OM BEING CHANTED IN MY DREAM, 3 YEARS AGO!!!!

I was so deep into the chant, that it kind of made me raise an eyebrow and actually the opening of my left eye, realizing “hey, you’re in yoga class, this is not a dream!”. That feeling I felt in my dreams felt like NOW!!!

Yoga, is opening up my spiritual realm in ways that I’ve never seen before. It is said that yoga is a deepening relationship between you and GOD. For the first time, through the chanting of OM, I truly felt the essence of NIRVANA…..and the best thing about this whole blissful experience is that it was foretold to me in a dream 3 YEARS AGO!!!!

I know that the deeper I connect into my spiritual studies, yoga, and reiki, the more powerful I’m gonna be. I can already feel this amazing change, emerging and ready to be born! I feel like I’m becoming a well-rounded light worker, ready to heal myself, share the LOVE with others, and heal, one soul at a time! I’m feeling like I no longer need to battle with my EGO! I can finally let go, and be who I intended to be, from the very beginning!

I feel like spirit is saying “Welcome to your reawakening!”