Texas Yoga Conference – I’ll Be There!!!

I’m so excited to announce that I will be blogging about my first time experience at the Texas Yoga Conference this weekend! My experience at the Texas Yoga Conference will be featured in February’s ‘Virgin Tuesday’! I have no idea what to expect, but I’m looking forward to learning new things, networking, and having all the fun!!

If you’re in Houston and would like to attend, log onto http://www.TexasYogaConference.com

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Miracles & Blessings!!




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Review: Being Mary Jane S1E3 The Huxtables Have Fallen

Mary Jane & Andre

Really? That’s how we opening up episode 3, with Mary Jane giving Andre head? I’m waiting on the excuse to why he didn’t respond the night that she was texting him while his ass was with his wife.  Unfortunately, her brother, Patrick pops up on them, literally, like in the same room, straight busting her out, saying “so you screwing married men, now” And I’m totally shocked and surprised, because how the hell does he know that Andre is married? Mary Jane is totally mortified at being caught in the act by her brother giving head to Andre! Real shortly afterwards, Patrick leaves and we find out how he knows Andre. Apparently, Andre used to promote his club, and he had no idea that Mary Jane was Patrick Patterson was his sister! Talk about a small world! Mary Jane blows off the handle saying that none of everything they’re into is okay and how could he even be okay with all of this. Erratically, she’s expressing why she shouldn’t even be sleeping with a married man, she deserves better, she was raise better, and just plain NOT OKAY! She looks at the pool and tells Andre that he didn’t fix the pool light like he promised. Andre, sitting down, somewhat calm, asked her “for what, why are you concerned about a pool light?”. With much attitude, she looks at Andre and says, “why aren’t you concerned with the pool light?”, giving the silent indication and insinuating that he doesn’t care about no one but himself. Andre stands up, removes one of his shirts and dives in the pool, turns on the pool light like the ultimate handyman, surprising Mary Jane as she looks from a distance. He swims back, getting out of the pull drenched and sexy, asking her “anything else you want me to do?” Lol, she couldn’t say shit!! But she did dry him off, which turned into some pleasurable cunnininlingus from Andre.

Afterwards, she’s outside wrapped in a blanket, looking at the ring he got her, still in the blue box, while he was inside getting dressed.He walks up behind her, catching her looking at the ring, and he says, “you should’ve woke me, I would’ve joined you”.

Ok, pause…..see, I’m kinda irritated that he’s functioning like ain’t nothing wrong. And I’m not sure what I expect him to do. I guess, if he really LOVES her, I wanna see him be a little more proactive in getting a divorce from his wife, or at least be moving out and living soooooo separately! I’m unclear on his plans now that he’s exposed! I do really feel that he LOVES her!

Anyway, he’s all feeling good that it looks like she’s giving great consideration to his proposal by looking at the ring. However, his bubble is busted when she gestures giving the ring back and says “not-like-this”. The situation is very stressful, so I agree with her decision.

This week’s quote:

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.”

-Bob Marley

Mary Jane & Family

All the ladies of the family, including unwelcomed extended family member, his girlfriend Tracy, are in the kitchen planning a surprise party for Patrick. Deciding if Mary Jane is going to make a cake, Tracy suggests a german chocolate. The displeasing and agitated, Helen, suggests Red Velvet cake because “it’s his favorite”. Mary Jane comes up with a brilliant idea, to make both so that he doesn’t have to choose between “amazing and unbelievable”, to ease the tension between Helen and Tracy.

In the middle of planning the party,  Patrick pops in, asking for an 8 letter  word for unfaithful, for a puzzle he’s doing! Immediately, Mary Jane is on alert, being that she was caught by Patrick giving head to Andre. She’s hoping that he doesn’t blast her business to the family. But then, Patrick asks Helen, what she thinks of adultery and she gives an honest opinion, “I think that anyone vile enough to break their marriage vows, and anyone stupid enough to help him, deserves all the ill will heaven despairs.” YIKES! Mary Jane, can’t take the heat, so she asks Patrick if she could talk to him in the other room. They both walk away and Patrick is so unmoved and callous by all this, his lack of care is expressed by stating that it’s fun for him, to tease her about it. He probably knows Andre on a whole other level than what Mary Jane knows, so her sleeping with Andre, he ain’t really for it. Mary Jane suggests hush money to Patrick, and he asks, “it’s that good?” He then tells her an unreasonable amount of $30,000 for hush money. Mary Jane is so not for it! No money was exchanged, but Patrick tells her to “just stop it”. In her feelings, Mary Jane tells Patrick that Andre LOVES her. Patrick laughs at her and says that she reminds him of someone he used to know, him. This is when we find out that Patrick is a cocaine addict. He compares her traits of addiction to the definition of what addictions really are, no matter the drug of choice (lies, sneaking around, sex, money, etc.) to enlighten her on her behavior. Mary Jane makes him promise to keep her affair with Andre between them and he does.


Kara is asked by co-worker, Julian, to look into covering a story about a 38 year old woman who was found dead in her apartment after 3 years, still watching tv, and not missed by anyone. Kara wants to know the angle and why it’s being talked about today, if this incident occurred 3 years ago. Julian tell her that the woman’s story has been turned into a documentary. Kara, is immediately turned off by the fact that it’s a documentary and asks why isn’t Cynthia covering the story. Julian tells her that it was bumped by the Beyonce documentary. Kara tells Julian to leave her the details, and she would research it later.

In a separate room, Kara and another gentleman, Sawyer, is waiting on Mark to show up for a meeting, I’m assuming to discuss his rating and revisions for his show. It seems as if everyone in the whole damn station is bitter that Kara has taken the job of producing Mark’s show.  When Mark doesn’t show up for the meeting, Kara walks out and into Mary Jane’s office, pitching her the story of the 38 year old woman found dead in her home. Kara suggests to Mary Jane that since they lost their “death row” story that she should consider covering this new story, sticking with the theme. Mary Jane, clearly is not feeling the story because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s the go-to-girl for every lonely single woman. But Kara pitches the story even broader, by saying that this is not just a woman’s issue, especially since the world is so disconnected and isolated, “no wonder why this happened”. What is surprising, is that this is not happening more often, because of the people’s disconnection to their neighbors.

Remember back in the day, when your parents, or parent’s parents knew their neighbor(s), hell, damn near everyone on the block? A story like this wouldn’t happen back in the day! But now, because everyone is so concerned about themselves, and also because most of society is just not as trusting and safe as it use to be  anymore, the likelihood of stories like this are not surprising.

Patrick & Dad

Patrick asks his Dad to call off his surprise party. Yeah, he wasn’t suppose to know that the family was throwing him a party. But dad, explains to Patrick how much it means to his mother, Helen, and because he’s been sober for 2 years, her prayers have basically been answered and worth celebrating. Dad tells Patrick, he’s gonna go and he better act surprised.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane begins her research of the woman who was found dead in her home, watching the documentary made surrounding her death. Connecting with the woman’s story after watching the documentary, she calls Kara and tells her she’s doing the story.

Kara & Mark

Finally, Kara catches up with Mark. She asks him why he’s avoiding her. Mark kinda gives her a lame excuse, saying he was in traffic and that he was going to call her. Mark gives her a time slot in his schedule, and Kara takes it as him being a bitch, not wanting to work with her. She reminds his ass of his low ratings and says that if he doesn’t want to work with her, “be man enough to say it”. In my opinion, I think she was totally trying to belittle him because he is gay man. Mark’s pissed! He tells Kara “his ass doesn’t need any fixing, any  saving, any tweaking, or any mending, he’s news a man, and just wants to do the news.” Kara tells him that Greg is in need of status report and to let her know what the hell he wants it to say and walks out.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is live covering the story of the dead woman, with the director of the documentary, and real life guest, Jesse Jackson. He says he’s not surprised. Mary Jane switches gears and asks Jesse Jackson, is social media the blame for this.  He explains that some change is good and that we should go forward and not backward by fear, which rings bells for Mark overlooking the show from a distance. Because of desensitizing technology, is the reason why the woman went missing for so long.

I totally get that!

Patrick’s Party

The whole family is in attendance at the party, while Patrick is trying to remain comfortable with it all. He tries on his gifts and then Tracy decides to give a small speech.

So, Helen, doesn’t like Tracy!Because she acted like she didn’t want to hear anything Tracy was going to say about Patrick. Tracy tells her side of the story of how she met Patrick, and how she’s happy to be with him, and personally congratulates him on his sobriety.  Patrick is looking uneasy! He feels like he doesn’t deserve this party and all I’m wondering is why not, unless he’s secretly still abusing drugs.

Kara & Mark

Mark walks in on Kara on the phone with her child. After she hangs up, he tells her the story of his first story and wanting to be like his news anchor idol Bernard Shaw. Marks goes down a memorable list of interviews he’s done. And after 17 years, he’s struggling with change. Kara, in the nicest way she can, tells him that his show is not that good, “America fell asleep, women think you’re dull, men think you’re arrogant, and kids think you should retire”. Mark says that maybe it’s not him and, maybe it’s the viewers. To put it more bluntly, Kara agrees, but stresses they need the viewers! Kara pitches a sexier way of telling the news, including a pop culture segment. She points out his skills, and pleads with him to let her help him make his show hot and knowledgable. He agrees!

Mary Jane

Co-worker, Cynthia walks in Mary Jane’s office to compliment her the Samantha Haven story, saying  that she found an angle that she never thought of.  Just before leaving, she tells Mary Jane that she Greg fire Julian. (Remember the guy that pitched the story to Kara?)

Cynthia claims that loyalty is a premium, and it’s important that “we stay in our own lane”.  Reluctantly, but peeping game, Mary Jane agrees. Cynthia threw a hell of a brick!! She basically told Mary Jane that she can get her ass fired, too!

Mary Jane goes home to relax and unwind. She goes online and takes an internet “Are you an addict” test. And 100%, she’s an addict!


Patrick is meeting with, guest star Darrin Henson’s character, to discuss his new venture, starting an upscale mobile lounge, and he’s uninterested because it’s basically just a food truck. A food truck where he and a partner of his would invest $30,000, into a risky business with someone who has no credit, no cash, nothing to bring to the table. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story develops into homeboy actually starting his own “upscale mobile lounge” behind Patrick’s back. Patrick reminds homeboy that the idea to start the last venture (nightclub) was his, but homeboy wasn’t having it, telling him that he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now, had he sold out when they did. Homeboy ends up telling Patrick that he’ll run the idea past his partner, Curtis, and will get back to him. That sounds like a “don’t call us, we’ll call you type of deal”!

Mary Jane

Mary Jane having the urge to move on, looks like she’s getting rid of anything that reminds her of Andre, after deleting his contact info from her phone. Looking like a LOVE junkie, a frustrated Mary Jane is on the phone with customer service, trying to figure out how to get Andre’s phone number back after deleting it. She is introduced to the cloud (it saves everything)!  After finding out that the cloud backs up all of her information, she quickly returns to her sweet self, LOL!

Mary Jane & Patrick

Mary Jane calls her brother for some support. When Mary Jane is picked up by Patrick, she gets in the car and admits that she is an addict,

“Hi My name is Mary Jane, and I’m an addict”

All together, “HELLO MARY JANE!”

Patrick takes Mary Jane to their Aunt Toni’s house, after asking him what he does when he’s “jonesing”.

And “yuck” at that the fact that the nasty dirty uncle took a big chunky grip out of Mary Jane’s ass, while greeting her with a hug! So Mary Jane hasn’t been to her Aunt’s house in over a year, and it seems mainly because they are not of the same caliber of the life she lives and is accustomed to.  Aunt Toni is cooking nothing but soul food! Aunt Toni’s house is a place where Patrick can reconnect to himself, which keeps him from “jonesing”.  Aunt Toni asks Patrick how he’s holding up. He says he’s holding up pretty well. Aunt Toni tells him that she prays for him all the time, as well as the rest of the family.

After leaving Aunt Toni’s house, Mary Jane gets in the car, not ready to go home. Patrick takes her to the club that he started. They have a conversation where he tells Mary Jane that she needs to leave Andre alone. She tells him that she’s already in LOVE with Andre, but she feels stupid for not seeing it come. As Mary Jane and Patrick are looking at the “closed down” club, Patrick tells her, “this is what happens when you don’t see it coming”. Patrick was referring to his own addictions leading him to a dangerous path, messing up his life entirely, and ultimately losing his club. He reflects on his life a little more, saying that he was the man, his game was popping, he was the king of Atlanta, until cocaine became his vice.

Patrick tells Mary Jane, it’s not worth it. Mary Jane shares with Patrick that Andre proposed to her.

He laughs.

“Dad’s miserable, mom is sick, coke head son, and a daughter who is sleeping with a married man, oh, have the Huxtables have fallen”, says Patrick.

Mary Jane tells Patrick that she is there for Patrick whenever he needs because he’s always been there for her. Amazed, Patrick wants to ask her for the $30k, being that he needs the money to start his business and start a new life, but instead, he asks her to promise him to call on him when she feels the urge to go back to Andre. Mary Janes makes that promise to call Patrick instead of Andre, for support.


Patrick knocks on the door of the family’s house at 2am. Dad opens the door and is frustrated! Patrick doesn’t have a key because of his past behavior involving his cocaine addiction. Patrick asks his dad to revisit the idea that he could get a key and Dad claims he’ll think about. Shortly after, Patrick is in his room, thinking, and thinking, and all of a sudden is snorting cocaine!


Maybe that was the uneasy feeling he had been feeling while the family was praising him and planning his party, celebrating his two year sobriety.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane lies in bed, looking as if she can’t sleep. She turns over and lies onto Andre’s back.

I guess they both were jonesing a little too hard, hard enough to succumb to their own individual addictions.

Stay tuned to what happens on the next episode of Being Mary Jane!

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May Cause Miracles – Week 1

I’m so glad that I chose to be consistent in my journaling. There were things that I discovered about myself, that I knew I would’ve forgotten had I not written them down. Journaling is so good for you. All thoughts that pass through your mind can be written down, and when the time comes, you’re able to go back and read what you were thinking, reflecting on what has changed in your life, for the better and to learn from. Journaling is a real awesome experience.

Now This is my second time starting the MayCause Miracles 40 day self empowerment journey. The first time I  attempted and only made it to week 2. And when I think about how I started and why I started, I may have thought I was ready, however I wasn’t. I also realized that last  time when I started, my relationship with my boyfriend was the main focus. This time around, the main focus has totally been about me, about my self development, how I respond instead of reacting, what to do when I react instead of responding, seeing LOVE in everything that I do, and being a vessel for LOVE to radiate to others.

Week one of MAY CAUSE MIRACLES has been very eye-opening and full of acknowledged self-growth. And let me just say this, MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, is not just for women. This is a book for anyone ready to experience something greater within themselves, a shift in perception to be in alignment to expect and receive miracles all the time.

Week one began on a Tuesday for me, random huh? Yeah, starting challenges and certain projects on Monday isn’t my thing. I feel like I get more out of whatever I’m doing by starting on Tuesday. Which reminds me, that I need to research why Tuesdays are my favorite day to work, astrologically.

Week one was all about becoming miracle minded!

Day 1 : Witness Your Fear

“I am willing to witness my fear.”

Consciously, I put myself in a position to recognize when any type of fear arises, to remind my self that “I am willing to see my fear”. Fear comes in all types of ways. For the most part, this was an easy day for me. Since the last time I attempted to start MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, I began to live my life in a way, that I would be conscious of witnessing my fear, even if it came from a deeply rooted issue. This time around, the main focus coming up for me has been mindful eating. Being conscious of what I put in my mouth, and not gorging or binging! I was able to get to the root of why at times I over eat. It’s hard to swallow the pill that you have an eating disorder. I almost wasn’t ready to face that I am an emotional eater. As a result I started a food journal to be more accountable and watch what I am feeding my body.

Keeping a food journal went great all day, until my boyfriend called me, asking if I went to Popeye’s. All day, the urge to eat anything outside of vegetarian was not there. I’m not a habitual Popeye’s chicken eater, he is, and actually every Tuesday because of the 0.99 special. The weird thing is that as soon as I got off the phone with him, all these unnatural cravings for Popeyes grew stronger and stronger, prompting me to get in my car, drive to Popeye’s, order, breathe in the food while driving back home , and inhaling that chicken in front of the tv.

While I was eating this gross ass chicken,  I was scolding myself in my mind the whole entire time. I felt so bad, eating it, and I felt even worse afterwards. I felt like all that hard work of mindful eating that I had done all day, landed me to this. That was a hell of a trigger! I began to dig deeper, dissecting the emotional attachments that I associated with emotional eating. Key words or phrases, I came up with were anxiety, adrenaline rush, and fear.

Day 2: Become Willing

“I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to see LOVE.”

I woke up with mindful eating on my mind, especially since my stomach felt like shit and heavy as hell from the night before. I wanted to be mad at myself, but reminding myself to be present gave me the will to move and start new. Day two’s experience was me focusing more on my spiritual growth. My yoga practices have become so much more meaningful. I know for some, yoga is all about the physicality. For me, yoga is so spiritual. Being able to connect to the Divine through myself, creating a space for silence, focus, and intention, is so powerful to me! I realized that I practice yoga for the spiritual experience only, and as a result, my physical appearance begins to reflect a positive, healthy, melinated, glow! The more I focused on my spiritual connection, and the time I have to give attention to it, and mindful eating, fears that became visible on Day 2 had me literally stopping before taking action, and seeing the fear with LOVE. I did good on Day 2.

Day 3: Choose A New Perspective

“LOVE did not create this.”

Day 3 opened up with great, passionate, sex! The connection was so deep. I won’t get to deep into the act, however, allowing myself to shift my perception from fear to LOVE when it comes to relationships is allowing me to let go of my rocky past. Committed relationships don’t last too long for me, not because I’m not ready, but because of the men I chose, who weren’t ready. Every day I share my space with my boyfriend, I am reminded that he is really here, and he is really here to learn and grow even when I don’t think he is at times.

Switching gears, in yoga class I chose to try wheel pose. For those who don’t know what wheel pose is, please  google wheel pose or look up #40DaysMenaLove. My youngest son, Xavier gave me so much inspiration to do wheel pose, after seeing him do push ups in wheel pose! Now, of course, my body isn’t ready to do push ups in wheel pose, and with removing fear, I was able to attempt and lift myself off the ground a little bit!



While trying wheel pose over and over, I kept saying to myself, “LOVE did not create this”.  I chose to remain powerful and LOVE myself even more when I felt I couldn’t do it. Not to mention, the chakra power crystals I made for myself, especially for the root chakra, had me on some serious grounding, knowing that I am safe and secure, and an abundance of strength.

Day 4: Gratitude is the Attitude

“Gratitude is my only attitude today.”

Once again, I had a pretty easy day, and grateful for that! Due to the weather, I was unable to go to Big Yoga (in Houston, TX) to practice with all my fellow yogis and yoginis. However, I was able to practice at home. I am so grateful that I didn’t quit in the middle of practicing! I am so grateful that my at-home practice was a success and a reminder that I CAN do yoga at home! Even though, I was inconvenienced a little by the weather, I am grateful that I was able to center myself in my at-home yoga practice. Doing yoga by myself, without other people, made me feel another type of connection with the Divine that I don’t normally get to feel when I’m with others. I felt like with every position I was talking directly to God, like it was just me and the Divine having a conversation alone! It felt great! I am so grateful I have the time to do yoga anytime I want! And I’m especially grateful for that day to come when I become a certified yoga teacher, it’s coming in the near future!

Day 5: The F Word — Learning to Forgive.

“I forgive myself for choosing fear. I choose LOVE instead.”

Mindful eating was on point! No all of a sudden “a-ha” moments today. Day 5 was more of me just coasting and being conscious of LOVING thoughts. Any fears that came up for me, I was able to assess and forgive myself for believing in the negative thought pattern I created for myself. I’m learning, I’m growing!  The one thing I did learn from Day 5, and also through a group gathering at Big Yoga was “the key to getting present is knowing when you’re not”. I choose LOVE instead.

Day 6: Expect Miracles!

“I believe in miracles!”

I do! I really really do! And I’m grateful that even in the midst of obstacles, I can still say I believe in miracles! It’s a wonderful feeling to shift your perception from fear to LOVE! It allows you to seriously noticing the small miracles too, that lead to the really big miracles!! Day 6 was full of treats! I attended a guided meditation workshop hosted by Nancy Sheridan Perry, co-founder of Big Yoga.  The miracle in all of this, is that I’m not scared to meditate alone anymore! In the beginning of my enlightened spiritual journey, I could totally help you meditate, but I couldn’t meditate alone. Now, I can meditate alone, and that’s a miracle. And it’s an even bigger miracle that I’m able to  implement meditation as a daily practice. The more you practice meditating, the more you are strengthening your “letting go” muscle.

Day7: Reflect & Prepare

I was tested today.

I was tested today and I feel like I failed.

On my FB page, my relationship status stated that I was in an open relationship. I have my own meaning of what a open relationship means to me. My definition of an open relationship is having a relationship with multiple people, but not in the sense that the relationships all have to be intimate. When you think about it, you have relationships with many people. I have a relationship with my mother, my boyfriend, my children, my yogi friends, my best friends, and GOD. Why are we limiting the status of being in a open relationship to a woman or a man having multiple partners? See, I’m an out-the-box thinker!

My boyfriend is so not the internet computer type, however certain family members and friends of his are, and have brought it to his attention that the status of being in an open relationship is inappropriate.

Do I hide anything?


Has my relationship status been “open” since I entered into a committed, intimate, and exclusive relationship with him?


Why is he bothered by my relationship status?

I have no idea.

Could it be his insecurities?


To make a long story short, we get into this heated debate about changing my relationship status. I didn’t have a problem with him suggesting I change it, however I had an issue with him not understanding why I chose to keep my relationship status open. After all was said, I had to go deep within and apologize to him. I apologized for yelling at him to get my point across, thinking that yelling louder will help him understand. However, I did stress that I was not apologizing for what I said.

Agreeing to disagree, I chose to compromise and change my relationship status to “domestic partnership”. Seeing how my “open relationship” status made him feel regardless of how it meant to me, made me kinda see it from his perspective. I used all of week one’s tools to get me to make that choice. By me changing my status, made him share a little more of his feelings for me, and also made him feel like he is in this relationship, too. We’re a lot more happier today, and of, course our LOVEmaking is on point!

*(Chakra Jewelry by Mena Love on Instagram @Lovestoned_Gems)

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My First At-Home-Yoga-Practice!

I’m so awesome!

I’m such a badass!!

I’m so freakin’ proud of myself!!!

I just finished my first at home yoga practice!

And it was awesome!

I ain’t gonna lie though, I did feel a little scared to get started, especially with the thought of my boyfriend catching me doing it.

I kept thinking “what happens if I don’t remember all the poses”, but as soon as I laid on that mat, amethyst crystal at the top, I was guided by mind, body, and spirit (they were all in alignment). I practiced as if I was in the studio, and for a full hour!

And when it was time for my boyfriend to leave, we kissed while I was in mid extended side angle pose!

Great things happen when you remove fear!

*SideNote: The coolest thing about practicing at home:

You can choose your own music!

You can fart without feeling embarrassed! 

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New Thought

I rejoice in my femaleness.

I LOVE being a woman.

I LOVE my body

(-Louise L. Hay, Heal Your Body A-Z)

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