Review: Being Mary Jane S1E2 Girls Night In

Mary Jane & Andre

So I thought Mary Jane was dreaming when episode 2 opened up with her walking down that hall! OMG, not EVEN knowing that Andre would be opening the door. His pretentious ass leaned in for a very unwelcoming kiss, and Mary Jane wasn’t having it,  she backed away! Andre was so trying with Mary Jane, trying to get her to remember all of the happy times together. And all I’m starting to think is that Andre really LOVES her! Mary Jane is totally feeling disgusted in his presence. He proceeds to tell her about how he was gonna tell her about his wife and kids but wanted to make sure that she would be cool? Lol, yes cool, that she was okay with having the wife and kids in their life because he JUST CAN’T HAVE THAT, while walking anxiously to the other side of the room to get a small blue box. That’s right, a small blue ring box! And as he’s all in her ear, she’s looking at that ring, like that’s the ring she’s always wanted, and with Andre. Everything he said to Mary Jane pretty much seemed like  it was going in one ear and out the other. I couldn’t figure out what that paper he had in his hand, but if you know, let me know (*comment below, please). So anyway, HE FREAKIN’ PROPOSED TO HER!!! REALLY? See, I’m trying to really understand how I feel about her even accepting his  proposal. I’ve personally been on both sides of that coin! In her honest feelings, she said to him, “All you do is make me cry”, and walked out the door.

Now seriously, for real, tell me what you think about this scene?!! I mean put yourself in Mary Jane’s shoes. What would you do?

I LOVE the weekly quotes! Last weeks’s quote was from Bob Dylan. This week it was

“The woman who catches a man’s eye earn’s a purse, the woman that captures his heart earns his world”

-Chris Brew

So next scene, is Mary Jane on that “move forward, SELF-LOVE” plan, focusing on more care for herself in this hurtful time in her life! And that’s great too, I know that when I’m dealing with a breakup, or space apart, I totally go into SELF-LOVE mode! Instead of being depressed and unconscious of the type of healing that is required, I totally get into healing myself by caring more and LOVING more on myself. It’s an awesome way to heal from a break up.

Mary Jane & Family

Mary Jane goes by to pick up her niece for a doctor’s appointment, pulling up to her dad washing his luxury car. I like learning more about the story line between her mom and dad. It helps me to understand why her mother has that “nagging” energy. Being that his wife has no LOVE for life anymore, Dad, to me, is living life as if she’s not even here.

Another story line I’m interested in getting to know, is this damn niece! The niece, “Niecey”, has a sorry ass baby daddy that ain’t showing up to be what he needs to be right now, which is stressful to some family members.

Andre & Avery

 Andre walks in his home, almost looking prepared to tell his wife that he is moving on. Avery’s ass played the role, functioning as if she knows nothing about another woman! But wait, she starts telling Andre about Jill,  the tax attorney, who used to flirt with Andre all the time, and who just found out her husband is cheating on her. Yes, Jill finds out that her husband was cheating on her, basically took responsibility for her part in the unLOVED relationship, and had him sign a post-nup! A post-nup which says that she get’s the house, the kids and pays a “crazy load of alimony”, and then Avery slides Andre some type of document. That document was his post-nup to be signed. The conditions of the post-nup were both houses, 75% of the marketing firm, and of course, full custody of the kids! Ha, is it cheaper to keep her or what?! He looks at it, says she ain’t taking the kids, slides the paper back to her and attempts to walk the hell away! “You do LOVE her”, said Avery, while Andre looked at her like “uh oh”, because he soooooo didn’t tell her that he was cheating.

Mary Jane & Family

Niecey is on the couch, waiting for her baby’s father to come pick her up for the “rescheduled” doctor’s appointment, when her dad (Mary Jane’s brother) tells her that baby daddy ain’t coming. Naively, Niecey says he would come because he supposedly wanted to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Her dad is like, “um no”! What is Mary Jane’s brother’s name??

While at work, in her office, Mary Jane receives a package from Andre! Yes, the small blue ring box with a note attached that read, “Promise me you’ll think about it”. Andre’s world is closing in on him. Is he about to be left all alone? No wife, no girlfriend! Mary Jane looked at that ring, in remembrance, embracing and feeling how great it would feel to be married to him. After going back and forth with the decision of the possibility of being married to him, she puts the ring in a drawer.

Cara & Mary Jane

The Cara and Mary Jane situation is kinda on my nerves. It seems as if Cara, working on Mike’s show without, discussing the details with Mary Jane, first, has Mary Jane feeling some type of way. Cara then calls out Mary Jane, on “the angry black woman” card , but Mary Jane flips it and says, “when you’re messing with my money, I’m not angry, I”M PISSED!”

Dinner with Dad

Daddy ordered Mary Jane a ginger margarita! I want one! Dad and mom have been in a stress point in their marriage for 20 years, because of mom’s Lupus. He feels like there are times when she will return to her LOVING self, but then reflects on how many years it’s really been and totally doubts it. Dad tells Mary Jane, he’s married, reminding her of the vows he took. He then says that he can’t wait for the day that special guy calls him to ask for Mary Jane’s hand in marriage, he’s gonna give him such a hard time. Mary Jane’s response….”you think it’s gonna be that traditional”. Because yeah Dad, she has been in a relationship with a married man, and has frozen her “FWB” partner’s sperm! Just then, Catherine, comes in. Catherine is an attractive, seasoned woman, friends of Mary Jane’s mom and dad. Dad is so super surprised to see Catherine, with that gleam in his eyes (yeah, I seen that). And Mary Jane, peeped game on the energy between the two as well.  When Catherine leaves, Mary Jane tells her dad, “you know she wants to do nasty things to you”. Ugh, LOL, and Dad tells her “well she should get in line”, insinuating that there’s many after him!

Mary Jane & Mark

After a short, sweet, sentimental, scene of Mary Jane waking up in the a.m., looking at “the ring”, we delve a little deeper into the Cara, Mark, Mary Jane situation. Mark tells Mary Jane that Cara is desperately needed to produce his show because of low ratings, and Cara is basically saving his ass. Mary Jane feels like regardless of everything , Cara should have told her that she was going to be producing  Mark’s show. Switching  gears, Mary Jane and Mark began to talk about marriage because of the ring on his finger. Mark is a gay man, wanting to marry his partner legally, but can’t because of the law in the state of Georgia. Mary Jane says that him and the “rainbow team”, have a better chance of getting married than her, which she’s totally trying to embrace. With all that she’s growing through with David, and Andre, marriage does not look like it’s in her cards.

Mary Jane & Family Life

Mary Jane arrive’s to the family’s house where she is greeted by her 3 nieces, who tell her that Niecey is upstairs crying because her sorry ass boyfriend never came to take her to the doctor’s appointment. She walked in the kitchen to see her brother cooking, and asked him about the “missed appointment”. Mary Jane’s brother tells her he took her to the doctor’s appointment and that Niecey is hurt, and not really in the mood for criticism. But then he also tells her about some lady staying for dinner, and is in the living room talking with dad. Immediately, Mary Jane walks to the living room, because she instinctively knows it’s Catherine, and sure enough, it was her!! Catherine and Dad was sitting on the couch, body language from the both were very engaging as they laughed together! So Mary Jane walked up on them, as if she was trying to intimidate Catherine, asking her “so soon?”, referring to the fact that Mary Jane and Dad just seen her at the restaurant the night before and  now she’s visiting! Helen, Mary Jane’s mom comes out to greet Catherine, while Mary Jane gives her dad the look like “I see what’s going on!”

Andre & Avery

Andre walks in his home with his kids. He walks upstairs to his bedroom, hearing cries from the closet, he follows. Avery is in the closet boo hooing, and when she sees him, she screams ” get out!”,  throwing shoes and anything else she could get her hands on! Andre walks out, but sits on the bed. You can tell that he feels some sort of remorse for putting his wife through that pain.

Mary Jane & Family Life

Mary Jane  tells her mom that Catherine didn’t come over with the best intentions, hoping that she would react. Mom, basically told her , she already knows what Catherine’s about! And what a way to take that whole situation! Mom knows she’s dying, she knows that Catherine wants Dad, but also is at peace with knowing that Dad would be just fine with Catherine, instead of miserably mourning over her.That “nagging mom” image went out the window, when we were able to see the mom/wife that the family LOVES so much, reminiscing of her days before she was sick. Mary Jane, listens wholeheartedly.

Girls Night In

Cara comes in with wine as a peace offering asking Mary Jane for forgiveness, Mary Jane accepts. When a knock on the door slightly disturbs their groove, Mary Jane alerts the ladies that there is a cop at the door. She opens the door, with ladies peeking behind the corner of the wall, and the cop is hella yummy! Yes, and that hella yummy cop was a male stripper!!! Girls night in is in full effect!

Andre & Avery

First off, why is Andre is still there? But then as his wife is moisturizing her body on their bed, he suggests that he should leave, now that the kids are sleep. Bitter and hurt, Avery reminds him that when she met him, he was a corny guy in sales who used to drive a raggedy Mercedes. Avery claims she built and made Andre into the man that every woman wants. She then flipped the argument into “who is gonna want this”, grabbing at her baby fat and  stretch marks, saying “you used to say they were beautiful”.

Girls Nite In

So the girl who took over Mary Jane’s job (Tomiko) at the last station, is at the GNI. Lisa, the girl who accidentally overdosed on prescription pills was there, too. I was a little confused on that. The topic of having an affair with a married man was brought up when one of the ladies claimed of getting luxurious items from the married man she was dating. And on a side note, who really feels that way? I’m not judging by asking that question, just wanna know your opinions on dating a married man. Did you all peep the cop still chillin’ with the girls while they were dishin out their dirty little secrets?!

Everybody had a secret to tell after the one lady confessed of her involvement with a married man. Cara slept with the fine ass undocumented, young latino at the station. Lisa admitted to smoking marijuana, purchased from Mary Jane’s brother, in her bathroom. Tomiko confessed that she bought her engagement ring because she didn’t like the ring her fiance bought, which in return makes her feel like she’s emasculated her man. And finally Mary Jane tells her dirty little secret of hiding David’s “NEVER ANSWER” sperm in the freezer.

Andre & Avery

Andre & Avery are in a heated debated when Andre’s cell phone goes off. He’s getting multiple messages from Mary Jane because she is now ready to talk. The scenes flip back and forth from Andre and Avery arguing about the lack of sex in their marriage and that being the demise of their failing marriage, and Mary Jane texting him, wondering why the hell he isn’t replying. Andre and Avery’s heated debate turned into a night of passion, while Mary Jane waited for Andre to reply. The next morning when Mary Jane woke up, she searched for her phone in bed, only to see that after all that texting to Andre, he never replied! So she’s probably thinking that he’s decided to work it out with his wife.

Hmmmm, so what do you all think? Is Andre gonna stay with his wife or be with Mary Jane?

And I totally forgot to mention “stealing sperm” from episode 1. Really? Are women doing this?



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