Lovestoned Gems presents The Ostara Collection

The Ostara Collection was inspired by 2014’s Spring Equinox!

“Ostara” is made with moonstone, jade, rose quartz, and unakite.


woman’s healing stone

provide feminine energy vibration

eases stress

crown chakra

manifest desires

Zodiac Signs: Cancer/Libra/Scorpio


fertility and childbirth



peace and balance

heart chakra

Zodiac Signs: Libra/Aries/Gemini/Taurus


healthy pregnancy


third eye chakra/solar plexus

spiritual growth


Zodiac signs: Gemini/Libra/Scorpio

Rose Quartz

unconditional LOVE


increase fertility


heart chakra

Zodiac Signs: Aries/Taurus/Libra

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Virgin Tuesday: Texas Yoga Conference 2014


I have no idea where to start!!! I had so much fun! I learned so much! I met so many great people! I connected with so many enlightened souls!

The TYC (Texas Yoga Conference) kicked off on 1/30, and was a full weekend of exploration, fun, and awareness!

Let’s just get out what I didn’t like from the TYC, because everything else was soooooo supremely awesome and I wanna hurry up and talk about it!

  1. I didn’t like the fact that there weren’t enough food vendors! There were only two food trucks, that were not there the whole part of the day. The only business that had a vendor table was the Hare Krishna Cultural Center. Don’t get me wrong, the food served was awesome, but 3 days of the same type of food was not one of my favorites. Hopefully next year, more food trucks can come through!!!
  2. All of the best classes were scheduled all at the same time!!! I soooo wanted to check out more than 1 class per 2 to 3hrs, and didn’t want to leave out of the class that I was so enjoying! There were so many great classes to choose from, it kinda sucked that I couldn’t participate in more of them.

So what should you expect from being at the TYC?!

To be honest with you, the TYC is an event that must be experience for yourself. My review, is just that, my review of my experience. You know the saying, “you gotta be there”? Well, you really have to be there, to get the full on experience and over stand ¬†my experience!

I walked in an immediately, vendors everywhere, happy hippie souls, smiles every where. Every one there had the best spirit! Every one  spoke to was such a delight, and really seemed to honor the meaning of NAMASTE!

Nineteen Eleven

I couldn’t pass up the table with the fashionable, patent-pending custom yoga mat straps! If I could, I would’ve bought at least 4! The style patterns of the straps are so cute and unique. Nineteen Eleven’s straps are hand sewn and very durable. I haven’t had a problem with carrying my mat at all with Nineteen Eleven’s adjustable elastic straps. I’m buying more, I promise!!

The Buzz Bus

Kate Sornson, Director of Logistics & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter was such a sweetie! And the cute contemporary modern decor on the tour bus, definitely made me want to jump aboard and do some traveling! Kate travels ¬†the U.S. ¬†on a ¬†Wellness Lifestyle Tour, giving exposure to wellness lifestyle living, foods, and events. If you don’ t bump into the bus tour in person, you can surely track their destinations on!

I’ll start another post with all the vendors that caught my eye! Support the vendors! ūüėČ

Yoga of Relationships presented by Renu Namjoshi

This was a must class for me! Renu spoke about LOVE relationships, intertwined with yoga and astrology. The four types of LOVE she spoke on were Optimization LOVE, Divine LOVE, Unconditional LOVE, and Universal LOVE. Principles to sustaining a long-term committed relationship were covered using Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, & Yoga myths and rituals. Also,¬†recognizing the masculine and feminine principles in all of us, brought awareness to exactly what type of person we are, and our expectations in a relationship. I learned that all relationships start off, optimal. We are all looking for unconditional LOVE. Renu, step by step, broke down the types of relationships by their meaning, which in return, causes us to re-evaluate what type of relationships we’re currently in, and what types of relationships we desire to be in. The most I learned out of Renu’s workshop is you must not expect LOVE from your mate. Give LOVE, the more you give, the more it’s reciprocated, and if it’s not, then it’s clear you must do what you need to do to make yourself happy. ¬†I know this much, Renu makes me want to study my birth chart to check out how I pick out certain men in relationships! Knowing what sign is in Venus and Jupiter, and all the planets matter, when on this spiritual journey.

Reconciling Faith & Practice: A Guide For Teacher & Students presented by Monette Chilson

I LOVE the fact that Monette lives in Houston, easily accessible!! Monette spoke on merging yoga with any religion and being open-minded enough to not subject God, to just HE. If GOD is within us all, should’t there be some type of spiritual duality? We can connect to spiritual gods & goddesses through exploring your personal relationship with GOD through yoga, this totally deepens your spiritual connection and practice. I was glad to be in a class where the exploration of ancient goddesses were examined more. I do intuitive readings with a goddess oracle deck that really speaks volumes to me, and to be receptive of the feminine energy in spirit helps me to be more aware, well rounded spiritually, and have a greater understanding of who I am, and where I come from. Monette Chilson is the author of Sophia Rising, a book written about the the spiritual side of yoga and connecting with the feminine energy of your spirit. Examining life lessons on and off the mat, from a spiritual perspective, and knocking down the barriers on traditional beliefs systems, aligns you with a deeper connection to merge yoga, and all of the world’s faith traditions. I just received my copy of Sophia Rising and will be doing a review of the book, along with an interview with Monette Chilson in the near future! Stay tuned for those spiritual gems!

Romance The Shakti….Turn On The Juice presented by Raye Lynn Rath

I had no idea what to expect from this class, however anything that has romance and LOVE in it, I wanna be all in the mix of that! Raye Lynn Rath, a sweet Houston yogi, that’s been practicing yoga for more than 20 years! That’s impressive! All I could think about while sitting in her class, was

“I wanna be in my 50’s practicing yoga just like her!”

As we practiced,

I learned to be present in every asana and to be conscious of my breath, in every move.  My yoga practice has shifted my focus into self-LOVE and self-care. I learned that moving slowly in my positions instead of trying to keep up with others, is my natural flow, embracing my flow.

What Every Yoga Studio and Teacher Must Know About The Law! by Garry Kissiah

 So, I think of myself as my own little yoga teacher, and play with ideas that I can create something beneficial to the mind, body, and soul, while still keeping my original awesome personality! Studying the law and how yoga teachers should protect themselves seemed real clear for me.







Gary dropped so much knowledge in that 2 1/2 hour workshop, and the class could’ve went 3hrs longer with everything there is to know! He talked about students with injuries, teaching yoga classes outside of the yoga studio, lawsuits, self-care, running a successful business, websites, blogs, the importance of taking your own photos, and playing music in the studio from Pandora vs your own playlist.¬†I urge all yoga teachers to get to know Gary Kissiah, he has wealth of knowledge on this subject.

Kundalini and Bhakti LOVE by Moses LOVE

What is Kundalini?

Awesome-Bad-Ass feminine energy that lies coiled & dormant at the base of your spine! When activated through meditation, ¬†pranamaya breathing, and asanas, you’re in for a enlightened treat!

What is Bhakti?

            A devotional worship practiced by the Hindus.

I had the pleasure to meet Moses LOVE, at his vendor booth, before taking his class. A woman I was speaking with urged me to meet him because we share LOVE in our spiritual names! I was extra interested in meeting him as well, I wanted to see the LOVE. His energy was awesome!

He was cool,

and suave,

and centered,

and present,

and wise!

He’s very likable!

Moses shared an interesting story of his awakening and how he was led to be the person he is today, beautiful story. He has such a giving heart.

I’ve always been fascinated with Kundalini Yoga, but never try it. The word kundalini sparks something in me when I say it! Moses LOVE led us through this fast paced breathing (pranayama) that took me somewhere else. I kinda felt like I had an outer body experience. I could feel my body swaying from side to side, and I felt real good, LOVED and at peace. Afterwards, I felt like I met another part of myself that I didn’t know existed. Weird, but cool feeling! I felt very in tuned to my goddess energy, and limitless. I am so amazed by the abundance of LOVE you tap into through yoga. I wish more people would get into yoga, it’s such an awesome peace-enhancing devotion, made especially for you. His website is, beautiful tapestry and harem pants to browse and buy!

Use Baptiste Yoga To Access Your Biggest Life Possible! by Nancy Sheridan and Laura Calcaterra

I was such a proud student sitting in Laura and Nancy’s class!

You know the yoga studio I keep talking about?

Big Yoga

3115 Allen Parkway

Houston, TX 77019

Yeah, so I already knew what I was in store for when taking this class! It felt like being at home!

For me, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga has really gave me access to being empowered, and relating ¬†real life to the mat. I’m so into yoga for the spiritual gems, and allowing me to get to know my authentic self! I don’t know how many people practice yoga with just focusing on the physicality. I do know that for me, I gain so much more out of my practice when I’m empowered, either from somebody or myself. When old tapes run through mind, and I’m able to strengthen myself while letting go off what’s no use to me, is makes me aware of being someone I like. It all goes back to self-care and self-LOVE, at least for me and my journey! Laura and Nancy guided us to dig deep, finding the old tapes that negatively replay in our minds that keep us stuck, to ¬†acknowledging our tapes, ¬†giving us access to making new positive declarations! We all practiced yoga, and courageously shared our declarations in a supported and LOVING space. I left feeling empowered and a little more focused on what I want my life to be like.

The experience, lessons, and spiritual gems I found at the Texas Yoga Conference was a bundle of surprises! In every class, I felt like I was opening a present of something I’ve been wanting for a long time! I will totally be at the Texas Yoga Conference next year, see you there!

***For pictures and videos from the event***

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40 Day Challenge: I Made It To The Finish Line, Triumphantly!!!

This week, I completed the 40 day personal revolution challenge from Big Yoga ( Houston, TX) and had to share a little bit of what I learned.

To give you a little history, I attempted to 40 day challenge in the past, but only made it two weeks. I must admit, I was in the challenge for the wrong reasons, like the weekly prizes. And when the weekly prizes weren’t good enough for my perception of hard work, I chose to quit. Sounds pretty shallow, right? Well, now that my eyes are open and receptive to self-growth, approaching this new 40 day challenge with personal goals kept me on the straight and narrow.

The Rules

Meditate every morning and evening

(starting at 5min the first week, gradually increasing to 30min by the end of the 40 day challenge)

Practice yoga 6x a week

(5 in studio, 1 at home)

Weekly reading of Baron Baptiste’s 40 Day Personal Revolution

Attend one weekly group meeting

The one question asked, that I resonated with the most was about the  overview of my 40 day personal revolution.

During the 40 days I gained access to……

More mindful eating

I practiced equanimity more consciously

Worked on my wheel pose, and succeeded to rise from the ground

More receptive to my desires, abundance, & positive energy

Trust myself more (intuition was on point!)

Practiced yoga 6 days a week, and for a week out of the 40 days, I practiced 2x a day

Meditated for 30 uninterrupted minutes for a week

More open to following my purpose, to teach yoga

Created a whole bunch of chakra jewelry (hand bracelets, bracelets, foot sandals, anklets, and malas)

Be present

Be centered

More self-care & self-LOVE

Noticed my digestion was regular and better than before

Observe more

Listen more

Attended a yoga training for special needs children

Learned to chant

Learned a couple of cool mudras, which ignited the spark of learning more mudras

Wore leggings almost everyday

Finally got back into my skinny jeans

I am so grateful for this amazing experiencing, and even more excited and proud that I finished! PARTY, PARTY, PARTY, for all who finished the 40 days is going down tonight! Pictures will be posted on instagram ( #40daysMenaLove ).

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