Intuitive Reading: Ma’at



A couple of Fridays ago, I was coming out of the Whole Foods parking lot. Inching out of my parking space very slowly, due to pedestrians and other drivers, not damaging my car was the first on my mind.

Well, I can’t say the same for the lady who hit me, who was “backing out the same time” I was. The only problem, I was already backed out, and she apparently didn’t look back before reversely darting her bumper into mine. The bump caught me so off guard too, because I was moving my car in tortoise mode! I get out of my vehicle, unfazed at the fact that my car was hit, I mean, it was totally not my fault! I just wanted to exchanged info and get the process started.  A man unrelated to our accident scene walks up to us and says he didn’t see a thing, when asked if he’s seen what happened. He then changes his story and says “well, maybe both of you were coming out at the same time”.


So the lady, eagerly gets his information to be her witness, while I’m copying her insurance info and taking pics of my car and her car. A woman walks up to me and says, “ma’am I seen the whole thing. You were already out of your parking space and that lady wasn’t looking, she just backed out without looking!”


So, I exchanged info with her so that she could be my witness! I was too damn excited because I sure didn’t feel like going through unnecessary B.S. when it clearly wasn’t my fault.

Now, this card pulled is Ma’at, and a specific meanings of this card are that a dispute will end harmoniously and you’ll be treated fairly.

I pulled this card one week before this fender bender. I ignored this card when I first pulled it because I was thinking of my current situation. Nothing in my current situation gave me an indication that I needed to call a lawyer for anything, not even being in a situation where I would be wondering if I was gonna be treated fairly, none of that! And because I was not going through anything at present time, I decided to slip that card back into the deck prematurely as if I never pulled it in the first place.

All last week, I had to wait by the phone for a decision, because all that I knew was that the claim adjuster wanted to file 50/50. He wanted both of us to take part in this accident! I wasn’t for that, and at the same time, I was very aware that I would be treated fairly!

This past Friday, the claim adjuster tells me that he could not get in touch with her wack ass witness (he didn’t know shit anyway!), and that his decision was for my damages to be paid in full because he had spoken to my witness!

Thank the UNIVERSE!

And thank Ma’at!

Thank my spirit guides for keeping me calm!

I LOVE my enlightened spiritual journey!

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Acknowledging My Growth

People who may have known me before my awakening would totally agree that I had a major attitude problem. And that major attitude problem was totally part of my personality. You either LOVED me or hated me, and sometimes I couldn’t really understand why anybody could hate me. My attitude has gotten a lot better. How I react to certain situations, needs improvement, and I’m on the right path!

A month ago, I was tested on patience,  gratitude, trust in myself, and equanimity.

I juggle a full schedule, like always, because I am a holistic hustler. I teach kids yoga, I’m a loctitian, a reiki practitioner, an intuitive reader, a personal assistant to an international drummer, and a full time mother and fiancé.  On Friday mornings, I try to keep my schedule clear because I  teach kids yoga at Big Yoga, from noon – 1pm. Ideally, I want to always be totally ready to teach. So setting personal clientele appointments prior to teaching is really not a good idea, if I want to make sure that I’m at my best with how I want to execute my lesson plans in class.

I booked a client (loc maintenance – retwist) for 8:30am. The original plan was to drop off my boys, and head out to Spring, TX, finish my client in enough time to get to Big Yoga, relax in my classroom environment and be ready for the kids.

At 6:15am, I dropped off my boys, got on the freeway to Spring, TX. Judging by the flow of traffic, I knew that I would get there at least an hour before the appointment time. Because of that extra time given to me before seeing my client, I decided to go to Target to get a couple of things for my Rainbow-themed yoga class. I arrived at Target by 7:30am, and ended up waiting in the parking lot until 8am (that’s when Target opens the door). In that waiting time, I was able to actively listen to inspirational clips on YouTube and HayHouse Radio, to keep my mind right for the day.

Awesome so far, right? Yeah, I know!

I buy everything I need and head out to the car. As I was driving the cart to the car, I looked down at my wristlet, and the first thing that came to mind, in a calm voice was, “you’re gonna lose that wristlet”. Immediately, I got defensive with myself and in my mind, arrogantly said, “No, I’m not!” What made even think I was gonna lose my wristlet, is the fact that I had it in a somewhat invisible area. You know that part of the cart where kids sit? Well that part was folded forward (closed), and that’s where my wristlet was resting. I get everything in the car, blast my music and zoomed down the road, extra excited because I’m right on schedule!

The plan was to finish my client’s hair by 10:45am, and get to Big Yoga by 11:20-ish. I arrived to my client’s house, go through all my essentials for her hair appointment, check listing everything and realized, “oh shit, my wristlet!”. All I could think about is how throwed off my schedule was gonna be! Driving back to Target, I applied some serious intention and reiki energy to the possibility that my wristlet would still be there! In my mind, I held the thought of me finding my wristlet with the highest intent! But guess what, there was a small mental tug-of-war with my ego and spirit. Spirit was trying to keep my mind at peace, knowing that everything will be exactly how I desired, while ego was upset at the slow ass drivers on the road! So back and forth, in my mind fear would arise and I would knock it down with the positive thought,

everything is in divine order, it will be there“.

But then……

“These freaking drivers are sooooooo getting on my nerves!”

“Everything is in divine order, it will be there!”

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeee!! Shit!!!

“Everything is in divine order, it will be there, you’re fine.”

“Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, damnit!’

“No need to stress, you can’t make the drivers go faster, be calm, it will be there.”

I get to the Target parking lot and I see the cart I used, it was the only one out there. And I see that the seat is not pushed forward anymore, it’s now pushed back.

Everything is in divine order, it will be there.

I parked the car like a mad woman, parking my car extremely crooked, took a deep breath and calmly walked in the store. The first person I approached was the manager who stated that the lost and found was in guest services. I get to guest services and I explain the situation to the rep, she asked for my name, looked in a small drawer and gave back my wristlet! I opened my wristlet, and instantly noticed $40 gone. First thought, “hmmm, they must’ve really needed that $40, blessings to them”.In my past life, I would’ve been raising all types of hell at everybody for my own careless behavior.

I remained calm, and walked back to my car happily because everything else was in the wristlet, and “hell yeah, I got my wristlet back!” I wasn’t too worried about the money gone, it definitely was gonna come back to me.

Life Lesson: The universe has my back! I got my own back! My positive seeds sewn in the height of chaos, reaped beautifully when I found that wristlet!

But oh shit, what about my time schedule?!

I get back to my client’s house at 9:02am, finished her hair at 10:30am.


But then my client says, ” I don’t have any cash, I need to go to the bank, can you follow me?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, in my mind, but what came out was, “SURE, no problem!”

So we get to the bank and, I’m watching my client drive through one line, out of that line, into another line, out of that line, into a parking space, and now walking inside  the bank.

It’s is now 11:10am

I needed to be back on the road, en route by 11:00am.

I’m kind of nervous, thinking what am I gonna do if she says she can’t get any money out, which lead me to remember that my gas tank was on E, and I didn’t have my debit card.

“Everything is in divine order, you will get there on time.”

She comes out the bank, close to 11:20am, with cash!

On the road, safely speeding and weaving through traffic.

The gaslight comes on…..

It is now 11:32am.

I stopped to get gas, jumped back on the freeway and made it to the full parking lot of Big Yoga.

It is now 11:50am, class starts at noon.

I searched for a parking space, with intentions of finding a parking space in the main parking lot, and I did!

It is now 11:53am.

I focused on a positive ending, instead of negative horrible ending! And won!!

THANK YOU, to the Universe, to myself! I’m learning!! I’m applying!!

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Life Lessons!

I’m learning that when I start to see things in my life manifest, as a result of affirming those things as a daily practice,

don’t be chilling in the moment of glory!

Keep affirming more positive thoughts and abundantly filled intentions!

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of glory, when those things begin to really show up.

It’s easy to be so in the moment that you forget to practice! I know when the flow is on, it’s on, you want to melt in it!

Live in each moment to create an even more beautiful life filled with more of those little miracles!

Daily continue with your routine to speak and think positively.


My Advanced Reiki Training Experience

Congratulations to me for letting spirit guide me into taking the ART (Advanced Reiki Training).

So what exactly is Reiki?

HEALING, ENEGRY HEALING, that if tapped into with great intention, everyone has access to it!

The general definition of Reiki, is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing!

Benefits of a Reiki healing treatment

Immediate sense of clarity

Boosts self-esteem and self-worth

Aids better sleep

Removes energy blockages

Heightens spiritual growth

Rids the body of toxic energies

I totally believe and know that when illness and dis-ease physically manifests, it has to grow through ethereal layers of emotional and energetic toxins first. Focused intention to clear negative energy of your mind and spirit will certainly keep you in a healthy state of awareness, ultimately preventing you from physical aches, chronic pain, injuries, emotional pain & trauma, etc. Sometimes you can’t prevent the hurt or the pain being inflicted on you, and you definitely can change the outcome of your healing from that pain with being receptive to healing energies from a higher source.

The fact that I’ve answered my call to be a lightworker, and heal energies of those who are in need and myself, is a such a rewarding blessing! With every Reiki session I perform, the energy channeled through me flows through my hands to promote healing. Thinking about it like this, I am a vessel for channeling healing energy, which heals you and I. There’s no such thing as catching the toxic energy of the person being healed when I am psychically protected and shielded, especially because of Reiki flowing through me and my set intentions for myself and my clients, that is key!!

Reiki, it’s an amazing feeling!

My ART (advanced reiki training) was on 3/23/14, and for a whole month leading up to that day, I was super anxious, super excited, super ready to learn more, and super ready to apply more. Training this time, was a little more in depth, leading to healing with crystals, crystal grids, and the practice of sending distance reiki, and only for me, a release and breakthrough. My Reiki teachers, Xiomara and Caroline of  Life & Reiki, advised all class members to bring something to put on the Reiki altar, which had me even more hyped! My plans were to bring my pendulum, new LOVESTONED  GEMS jewelry I created for myself, personal crystals, and/or pics. On the morning of training, I got up extra early to meditate, and clear my mind for what was getting ready to come through, when all of a sudden spirit told me to bring the box. At first instinct, I thought, “not gonna happen”, but the more and more I looked at the box, vibrationally, I was just drawn to pick it up, open it, be at peace with its contents and trust my intuition. I was spiritually being guided for some reason to take this box and didn’t know why.

What’s in the box?

Memories of the baby I lost in April of 2000. His name was Sir Maxwell Patterson.

“Why am I re-opening this chapter in my life?” was the number one question on my mind, along with the great intentions I brought to the Reiki altar.

Once placed on the altar with everyone else’s personal items, and intermittently sending Reiki to the altar by myself and the other four class members, it became clear why I impulsively brought my baby’s box with me. I needed to release that energy, that spirit into the heavens, into the spiritual realm, to just BE. The more I hung on to the energy of the passing of my baby, the more out of alignment I realized I would still be in while trying to make room for new energy to grow within me. Releasing Sir, didn’t mean that I was forgetting about him forever. Releasing Sir gave me access to letting go of holding on to his energy as crutch. In divine timing, it was time to move on, totally. His spirit is still around, and I’m at peace knowing  it’s ok for me to move forward.

When I got back home, something about me was different. Something about the energy in my bedroom was different. I almost felt like the spirit of Sir was so ready to be released, it was a sigh of release not just for me, but for him too. I almost could feel his energy saying, “thank you, mommy!”

The lesson of why I lost him in April 2000, has and will continue to give me insight on the greater purpose at hand, counseling women who have also lost a baby. My experience, and my healing has opened my eyes to being a source of healing for women growing through this type of pain. It also keeps me hopeful in the fulfillment of my desires to one day bring forth another child, without feeling guilty or harboring/sending old, toxic energies onto the new baby.

I am so grateful for this experience, to have the strength to let go when the time is right, and move forward in a healthy way toward the future, feels so light for me! No more holding on and/or carrying around stagnant energy.

And yes, that’s what came out of my own healing from my Reiki training/session. A lot of unwanted energy was released from areas of my body and I feel brand new.

Side Note: If you’re in the Greater Houston area and  interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner, I strongly advise you to check out Xiomara and Caroline, Life & Reiki, in Missouri City, TX.

If you would like to experience the miraculous healing of Reiki, you can totally book an appointment with me through!

Light & Love to you all!

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