New Moon in Cancer. . . Khepera The Scarab Beetle

I LOVE learning!!! I learn something new everyday!!


Happy New Moon!
Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know that I know the new moon is in Cancer, not Leo. I’m sorry but western astrology can be so misleading. This is a very important distinction right here. The difference between Cancer and Leo is massive! Cancer is the sign of incubation and Leo is the Sun, manifestation. Before you can manifest anything, it has to be felt in the unseen world first. Cancers symbol in ancient Egyptian astrology is the scarab beetle. The scarab is a very mystical symbol filled with the internal eternal. The scarab beetle digs and buries itself just to be reborn again, much like the moon. The process of gestation and growth belong to Cancer. This sign represents the ocean and all its varied existence. Everything is born from the ocean. Cancer is a cardinal sign…

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