Day 22 – 25 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

I’m in the process of moving my family into our new home, reason why I’m late on posting entries! My bad, it’s life! 😉

Day 22

Today I:

1. am grateful to be alive! Listen to the song,  Alive by India Shawn, off the Saint Heron album. OMG, this song makes me scream, “I’m Alive”, and I am so grateful for every breath.

2. am grateful for mindful eating right now! I’m LOVING how I feel and how my body feels when I make healthy food choices.

3. am grateful that I have the support of my family when I think I don’t! They’re always there for me when I need them.

Day 23

Today I:

1. am grateful that my youngest son is being the leader that I know he is, and stepping up to  extra-curricular activities.

2. am grateful that my oldest son puts tremendous effort into his school work, which gives me access to making the grades he desires! He is so focused!

3. am grateful that my tween/teen sons now have their own rooms. The peace in my home is feeling soooooooo good right now!

Day 24

Today I:

1. am grateful and happy now that I have the space to be FREE in my own home.

2. am grateful and happy now that throughout my tight schedule, I’m still making time for my yoga practice.

3. am grateful and happy that I have a  boyfriend who is real man! I mean, this man can fix anything!!!!

Day 25

Today I:

1. am grateful that my youngest son did so freakin’ awesome at his first football game this past weekend! And I’m grateful that his favorite teacher took time out his weekend to see him play!

2. am grateful and happy now that we’ve moved. I don’t have to worry about my boys playing in a horrible neighborhood. They can play in their own backyard! I’m so at peace with seeing the relief gone from their minds and smile on their faces.

3. am grateful that I can get a good night’s rest in my new home. Vision board desired has manifested! #thoughtsbecomethings


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Day 20 & 21 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Day 20

Today I:

1.  volunteered at my son’s school and had so much fun connecting with new people. I met someone from Brazil!

2. made a new client smile! She had been to several locticians all over Houston and couldn’t find the right vibe, professionalism, and neatness until she met me. AWWWWWWW, I LOVE new clients! 😉 #LOVEMobileLocs

3. created some arm candy (LOVEstoned Gems) specifically for Autumn Equinox 2k14.

Day 21:

Today I:

1. held the door for someone who had a hard time with all their extra packages.

*This is something that may not be big to some people, but when you realize the generosity, kindness, and respect of someone holding the door for you, and then on the other end of that, receiving a genuine “Thank You”, that’s an awesome feeling. There’s still a lot of good people out there.

2. missed my 7am yoga class because I was totally tired and in pain. Instead of taking a later class out of procrastination, I made it to the noon class!

3. surprised my sons by taking them to see our new home earlier than they expected.


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Day 19 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Today I:

1. had lunch with my beautiful mother.

***If you’re ever in Houston, you sooooooo gotta try this restaurant, DGN Factory.  It’s a cute little vegetarian restaurant specializing in Indian food such as dosas, sambas, and idililittles (steamed rice cakes). After always passing this place on my to various routes within the city, I was finally able to check them out! The food is awesome, and the belly was satisfied! I was full, but not heavy or sluggish afterwards! DGN Factory is like, healthy fast food (I know, it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but trust, it’s that good!)! Oh, and um, the GOBI MANCHURIAN, is the shit!!! I gotta go back and try the Manchurian Dosa and Masala Chai Tea!

2. taught my son how to cook another meal, so that he can be a little more independent as our family moves into being less dependent of each other! We’re all GROWING!

3.  created peace and time to get in some spiritual studying right at the time I specifically set aside for myself. #presence #vitality #possibility


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Day 18 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Today I’m:

Switching gears just tad to express what I’m grateful for.

1. grateful to be among different circles of people who I inspire and who inspires me. It feels good to be inspired by someone or something, because for me, it sparks creativity. To be an inspiration to others, is such a  glowing, warming, feeling of joy, and hella boosts my self-esteem, especially when I’m not totally aware that my life or my actions is causing a spark in someone else. In less than 48hrs, I’ve had two people tell me that I inspired them, and I literally almost cried. Why? Because several months ago, I created an affirmation that said something like,  I want to inspire others, while being inspired by others. It’s really cool to see me growing from the people in my circles and them growing from me, too.

2. grateful to still have my mother around. I’m grateful for our relationship. I’m grateful for our disagreements. I am grateful for her support! I’m grateful for her listening ear, w/out judgement! I’m so proud of this lady! She’s doing some awesome things! I will post a couple of her exciting ventures in the near future! My mom is the best mother in the whole wide world.

3. grateful and so very happy to be moving into the next phase of my life. Knowing that with change, adjustments must be made to ebb and flow with life, I am ready to transition and transform into my purpose. I’m taking baby steps out my comfort zone, not because I’m scared, it’s because I’m being careful enough to not rush into anything. In my experience, I find that it’s easier for me to wait for the right time to move to the next level. I’m learning and applying to not rush the process, just because I want to hurry up and get there. What’s in alignment for me will be there and it’s totally about the journey of getting to what I desire.


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Day 16 & 17 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Day 16

Today I:

1. tackled cleaning out some important areas to prepare for the big move, and delegated some of those responsibilities to my boys.

2. was feeling like a little cold was trying to breakthrough, so I listened to my body and picked up some citrus for this tonic I’m gonna make.

3. didn’t get out of character when challenged by a LOVED one.

Day 17

Today I:

1.  went to a new yoga class that actually helped me with the proper form of yoga. I was able to get into different poses just by tweaking a few things within my practice.  #BigYoga #BacktoBasics It’s amazing how making a few changes elevates your practice and strength level.

2. did some soul searching and self-work in our #40daysthisisit team meeting! I found out what causes my fear and anxiety for expanding my business, going beyond my comfort zone and  taking courageous actions into doing something different, letting go of fear of success and fear of failure, and the possibility from taking bold actions to move me into EXPANSION abundantly #everevolving

3. completed my last class for week 2 of #40daysthisisit! Bring on week 3!

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