#CreateBigJoy – Day 16



My journal and my sage! Before I can even go out and inspire, teach, learn and grow with my community. I gotta get ME right, first. My journal keeps me in check with my goals, visions, thoughts, emotional pain, or just good-old free writing, and allows me to self-reflect on my experiences. Before I leave the house, I smudge myself along with some self reiki. I want to be sure that I exude the most positive energy when I’m among people in my community. I also smudge myself when I get back home or after someone leaves my house, making sure my aura is clean, free of anything that does not uplift me.

#CreateBigJoy – Day 12-14



My favorite fun drink is sangria, only made by Eppa! It’s sooooooo good, which brings out sooooooo much fun, after a couple of glasses!



The most fun yoga pose or physical activity in the whole wide world is Twister (yoga twister)!



Watching comedy movies with all of these actors/comedians is the best way to remind me to have fun!