#VirginTuesdays: Book Review – Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are?



Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are has come at great time on my spiritual path. It’s beautiful and rewarding when you can recognize what you need to work on in life and actually apply these awesome universal laws/tools to your daily life. In my experience, when applying these spiritual tools, you get the results you are looking for, without allowing yourself to get in the way. That’s what this book has truly confirmed for me. I know that I’m on the right path, and hearing the truths spoken through Denika Penn-Carothers, gives me just the right amount of insight I need to continue on my spiritual path.
Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, gives me access to removing all that layers my soul, a guide to really deeply see myself for who I am, and my inspired plan for this awesome journey, we call life. I believe that we have soul contracts and lessons we are given before coming to earth, and with all the distractions on this earthly plane, it’s easy for our egos to distract us (with invalid negative self-talk) from the real reasons why we are here.
Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, gives solid answers and examples for beginning and sustaining your spiritual growth, while living with these distractions, eventually creating a positive habit of designing the life you desire. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, guides you into identifying your souls purpose and living fully expressed in it.
There’s sooooooo much I would LOVE to share, and I don’t want to give up all the details and spiritual gems of the book away. Just know that we are on our own journeys of self-discovery and self-growth. What you get out of Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, is going to be specifically formatted for what YOU need on YOUR journey. You will definitely finish this book knowing who the hell you are, and fully equipped with living in it!

Let’s Talk: Waist Beads!

I’ve always been interested in wearing waist beads, and anytime I really want to do something creative, a meaning must be attached to it. I’ve taken noticed to ladies in my culture wearing and making waist beads for the past couple of years. I was somewhat drawn to the beauty of waist beads being worn as an adornment for the waist, but scared to adopt that cultural awareness and fashion sense because of my own internal issues of not letting go of the past.

I’m no society driven model, so my waist is not exactly bikini ready, however I’ve been yearning to privately embellish my waist for a great self-esteem booster and natural control of my waist. Ever since I had my boys (16 & 13), I always felt like showing my waist/abs/belly is just an absolute no-no, even in front of my partner.

Through the past few years of considering myself not attractive some days because of my waist, my boyfriend has really made me comfortable enough to embrace my belly, no matter the size. With more research I found out that African traditions for girls and women is to wear waist beads to invoke divinity, femininity, self-LOVE, waist control, and seducing their LOVER (when you’re grown, of course)! All of that, is what piqued my interest even more to wearing waist beads.

Recently on my journey, I’ve been gravitating to being more health conscious, especially as a spiritual healer. Eating foods that aren’t conducive to my body and also contributing to the size of my waist has been a major factor for the past couple of years, and really the past month. My journey has newly opened my eyes to begin  to take control of my health with healthy eating, maintaining my yoga practice, meditation, spiritual reading, and of course,  more jewelry making! Take a look at the waist beads I’ve created for myself below!

Waist Beads by Goddess Mena Love

Waist Beads by Goddess Mena Love

Like I said in the beginning, a meaning must be attached to things I create, so here’s a brief description of why I created these beautiful waist beads for myself.

The rose quartz waist beads were made to clear fear, anger, and guilt, and start enhancing my heart chakra, self-confidence, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, self-LOVE, divine LOVE, and overall, radiate LOVE! LOVE energy being a constant reminder of the energy I exude and want to attract is always my initial intention when dealing with myself and people I allow in my circle.

My newest waist beads, which I just made and reiki-infused today, are made of citrine and carnelian beads, and gold hematite hearts. I wanted to create something that ushered in the energy of new beginnings for the Spring Equinox, and also a self-healing agent for my solar plexus, digestion, self-esteem, grounding, will power, detoxification, abundance, alignment for my higher self, prosperity, and protection.

My intention is to make new waist beads every time I lose 10lbs, until I reach my goal weight! From experience, I’m SHOUTING that this is working for me! As soon as I put on my first set, the femininity and bold goddess I claimed to be came out proudly! I’m on my second set of waist beads, and I feel so proud of my accomplishments, my energy is feeling totally awesome, and I’m embracing that I am all that and a bag of sweet potato chips, no matter what size I am! Wearing waist beads has made feel like I’m bringing sexy back in every kind of way!

This is my step to letting go of the past, and embracing the new!

Many Blessings and Miracles during this Spring!



I also make personalized waist beads for others, as well! Reach out to me by email GoddessMenaLove@gmail, so we can chit chat and see what intuition leads us into co-creating for your special waist beads! 


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Virgin Tuesdays – Good Music Edition: To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

First off, I would like to say, THANK YOU Kendrick, for blessing our ears with such creativity and knowledge!

I’ve been following Kendrick Lamar for about 3yrs now, (I think), and I was late in the game about his talent because I listen to old school R&B, a lot of R&B, old school hip hop, reggae, and other world music. However, I believe I was early enough to see his evolution on his own creative path, especially with going back and listening to his previous albums before Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. I know he had a lot of pressure to release his latest album sooner that he wanted and I’m glad that he ignored social media, and completed the album in his own time. You can’t rush perfection, good work, and/or creativity. You just can’t! That is a pet peeve of mine when speaking with other people about why and when an artist should release something they’re working on. These people  are artist, and I know they care a whole lot more about how they want their work to have an impact on people vs rushing their material out to the people who push music through this fast food, microwavable, type of thing!

Midnight on Monday is when I heard this awesomeness from the most realest NEGUS (you’ll get the knowledge on NEGUS when you listen to the album) alive.

Let’s get into the review…..

Kendrick opens his album with playing Every Nigga Is A Star by Boris Gardiner, setting the tone for what you’re about to get into! There is 16 tracks on To Pimp A Butterfly, and I listened on Spotify, so if there are any additional tracks that I haven’t heard because of the leak, I don’t know what to tell you on that! You can tell that Kendrick knows his music and I sooooooo appreciate him for his taste! He infused jazz, funk, soul, pretty much all the sounds of black music artistry that the origin of hip hop was founded on with deep poetic lyrics of protest, knowledge, and empowerment to uplift the black youth, generation, and black people as a unit!

Off top, my favorite song on To Pimp A Butterfly is Alright! That is my jam! I listened to Alright, about 15 times in a row! I felt like it was just one those feel good songs for our melanated people, letting us know everything is gonna be alright! We good, and we gon’ be alright! This song, in my opinion, should be the next single!

My next personal favorites:

King Kunta – had me feeling like the mothership had just landed. “By the time you hear the next pop, the funk will be in you!” This song definitely has that “DJ Quik vibe”!

Institutionalized feat. Bilal & Snoop Dogg –  some smooth funky beats reminding me of the energy of J. Dilla, Erykah Badu, or De La Soul.

These Walls feat. Bilal & Anna Wise – the more I listened to the lyrics, the more I connected with Kendrick’s explanation of walls being something deep, pink, and associated with something pleasurable. I mean, spiritually speaking, when engaging in sexual acts, you take on the energy of that person, that person drops off their energy in you, you begin to feel and see the emotional trauma that was deposited from past relationships, which inhibits a healthy growth or connection with a new lover, if you don’t cleanse yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Complexion (A Zulu LOVE) feat. Rapsody – I LOVE this song, so much I’ve added it to my one of my yoga playlists! Beautiful song, and makes me feel good in my golden brown complexion! The arrangement and production sounds like something I could hear from The Foreign Exchange and Dwele. Featured rapper Rapsody, adds her flows to this track and with every line she spits, I realize that I’ve been sleep on her ass and need to  wake up and do some research!

You Aint Gotta Lie (Momma Said) – sleek, polished, and silky grooves over hip hop beats reminding me of that tribe called quest era.

– Ok, so when “i” first dropped, I didn’t immediately like it. I did LOVE the lyrics more than hearing the sample of Who’s That Lady by The Isley Brothers playing in the background. I was explaining to my sons that I felt like he created this song for something bigger than just to be heard on the radio. When I heard that this song was the official song for the NBA, I thought, “Ohhhhhh, that’s what he’s doing!” Kendrick is making music that can be played anywhere on any platform, and that’s totally out of the box, especially for these new zombified rappers! This song flows in the whole vibe of the album which speaks to uplifting the black or melanated beings on this earth. We are strong, we are beautiful, we are royal, and we come from royalty.

At the end of this song, Kendrick drops a gem on the history of our ancestors  before their traumatic and horrific  enslavement.  The use of the word NIGGA(ER) vs the true word, NEGUS! This is something I already knew, and it was just so refreshing to hear someone use their celebrity to educate people on the history of our ancestors, and not be afraid to do so! My advice to ones that don’t know, pick up a book, and/or click on some knowledgable YouTube videos! The answers and knowledge are all around us! There are no more excuses to why black people should not have knowledge of self! Our culture is the most imitated and it’s such a shame to see some of the black youth not care about their ancestry, pre-America. Trust me, I deal with it in my own home. My boys don’t want to hear the knowledge that I’ve come into, and if Kendrick Lamar can help influence them to study their ancestral history, then I’m all for it! And they are big fans of Kendrick Lamar!

Mortal Man –  Beautifully written and executed! I sooooooo don’t want to tell you the end of this song, it’s so touching! Basically, in the most classy and most humble way, Kendrick has a conversation with Tupac. I felt like Tupac was really here, alive, and in the building. Tupac is here, his spirit is all around us.

Something deep that Tupac says about feeling the energy of not being yourself, and zoning out when performing, “It’s spirits! We ain’t even really rappin’. We just lettin’ our dead homies tell stories through us.”

Kendrick did an excellent job of respectfully adding Tupac to his timeless piece of art. What an awesome way to end! Well done!

The whole album is great enough to listen to, all the way through, from beginning to the end, and that’s rare. It’s not rare when listening to a Kendrick Lamar album, but it’s definitely rare with most mainstream artist. If I can listen to a whole album without skipping any songs, thats a great album! Hell, that’s a classic album! That is real art in music form! And these bottle poppin, wanna be thugs, with these bomb ass beats and wack ass lyrics could learn a lot from Kendrick and how to fine tune their music with educating themselves on the history of hip-hop! With all of Kendrick Lamar’s album’s you can tell that he really gets it! He really cares about his craft and his art! Kendrick is living his life as legendary, and that’s really commendable. I’m very proud of him!


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