#TarotTuesday 💫🔮💫Eight of Wands


Something is about to come to a successful conclusion! With great speed, what you’ve been praying for and meditating on, is on its way quick, fast, in a hurry, and in your favor! 

Don’t spend time worrying about if & when it’s coming. Know that it’s already done! Stay positive and ready to receive! (*Refer to Monday’s post, #MudraMonday and focus on the abundance coming your way, as if it’s already here!) Any negativity, ill self-talk and/or self-doubt will slow down or halt the magnificent coming your way! Trust the process of life! 

#goddessmenalove #denverblogger #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotlife #tarotLOVE #intuitivelyfierce #intuitivereadingsbygoddessmenalove #expectmiracles #expectmiracles2017 #everythingisindivineorder #denverlife #worldwide 


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