#TarotTuesday 💫🔮💫Eight of Wands


Something is about to come to a successful conclusion! With great speed, what you’ve been praying for and meditating on, is on its way quick, fast, in a hurry, and in your favor! 

Don’t spend time worrying about if & when it’s coming. Know that it’s already done! Stay positive and ready to receive! (*Refer to Monday’s post, #MudraMonday and focus on the abundance coming your way, as if it’s already here!) Any negativity, ill self-talk and/or self-doubt will slow down or halt the magnificent coming your way! Trust the process of life! 

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-The Magician-

You have all the tools to be successful! You can accomplish anything you desire! What are you waiting for? Get up and do that thing that inspires you! What is it that you wish to manifest? Look within and look around you! Everything you need is already here, at your reach! Stand in your power and make shit happen! 

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Intuitive Readings by Goddess Mena Love



You know how you have that gut feeling about a certain someone or situation, but just not too clear enough to receive the answers? I can help you gain clarity and empower you to be a YES for yourself and the life you want to create with confirmation from my intuitive readings!

Intuitive Readings are normally $25, AND on Fridays I offer intuitive readings for only $15!

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Skype or FaceTime readings are available!

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Many Blessings & Expect Miracles!

Celestial Ovations

If I can express the experience of having an intuitive card reading with Ms. Goddess Mena Love in one word, it would be clarity. She confirmed so many things  my soul had been trying to express to me, but the noise in my mind is so loud, it’s hard to listen at times. She was so kind, caring, and without judgement. I had my reservations about the reading, as it is against the tradition Christian lifestyle. However, through the reading I felt more connected to God and my higher self. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate the Goddess a 15! Blessings to all!   -Josie S.

#GoddessCrushWednesdays: Sedna


Namasté y’all!

Goddess Sedna was divinely and intuitively pulled to remind us to keep in mind that what we have right at this moment is all that we need. No worries of what’s coming tomorrow, next week, or next month. “You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows”! Remember, everything is in divine order! Trust the process of life!

Peace, Blessings, Balance, Light & LOVE,

Goddess Mena Love

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Do you resonate with this card as much as I do?


I have so many ideas and new projects brewing, and ready to be birthed into action, and the only thing that holds me back sometimes is me! Sometimes, I feel like I’m not experienced enough or I’m not good enough, which is a lie I tell myself when I’m scared or in procrastination mode! This card reminded me to trust myself, my intuition, and that I’m fully supported by the Universe. I have a couple mantras that I like to repeat to myself when I feel like I’m being overwhelmed by life lessons:

Expect Miracles


I trust the process of Life

I’m always in awe at the divine timing of things, such as last night’s thought to get off my ass and create a vision board based on one my lessons for Inspired Action. Today, Goddess Aine popped up right in the nick of time for confirmation! It’s the learning and applying of listening to your intuition, and being spiritually led and guided that keeps you on your purposeful path. Walk in the purpose that’s specifically designed for you! It’s scary too, because you don’t know if what you’re suppose to be doing, is exactly what you need to be doing at that moment. Know that, that fear comes from you wanting to be in control of everything you do, and most of the  times  you ain’t in control when things are flowing divinely to you.

From experience, it takes practice to ignore the negative thoughts in your mind (the lies you tell), that keep you from accomplishing your goals. I’ve seen some awesome shit manifest in my life, as a result of forward, positive thinking, and jumping right out of my comfort zone and into inspired action! So, let’s all take time to think about what exactly we want to be doing and manifesting in our lives, and take a leap! Trust that you are fully supported!

*If  you would like to set up an appointment for an Intuitive Card Reading, contact me via email, GoddessMenaLove@gmail, or book your appointment online at StyleSeat.com/MenaLove!

Peace, Light, Harmony, Balance, & LOVE,

Goddess Mena Love


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Eireen – Peace

From the Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

So, just recently I shared with you all about an intuitive reading I performed for myself and the card I picked for the present, was Eireen. Talk about right on time, Eireen represents PEACE and peace is exactly what I need!




Like every other human, sometimes when I’m unsure how things are gonna turn out, I panic at first. Luckily, with practice, I can center myself either right after the initial panic attack or right on cue, depending on the severity of my situation. If you all have been keeping up with me, you’ll know that I’ve manifested an awesome space for my family and I, and peace was the main thing on everyone’s list. My son’s were fed up with sharing a room together, they now have peace of mind and their own space. I totally have all the peace I need, in a much bigger space. I have space to meditate, create, and live comfortably. And thank GOD, I don’t have to hear the unnecessary bickering from my teenage boys.

I wanna mention that even in the peace of things, shit will arise, and in my experience, that’s when the real work comes in. Trusting the process of life and knowing that  “everything is working out beautifully”, puts you in alignment for what you’ve been praying for or what you’ve been wishing for. When you’re in the midst of anger, hyped up over bullshit that’s out of your control, you slow down the process of what’s coming to you. This may be hard for some people, but when the shit hits the fan, is when you should be the most quiet, the most calm, and the most equanimous.

I work for commission, and sometimes there are times where I’m scared a bill won’t get paid by the due date. Honestly, since I have this “give my worries to the Heaven’s” type of attitude, things usually fall into place, like getting a client at the last minute! So,  to all of you who are on edge with life, relax. Start meditating and engaging in peace-enhancing activities that will calm your mind and keep you from worrying! Know that you’re not here to suffer,  you create your happiness and your peace!

Replace worry with faith, today!

Peace, Light, Harmony, Balance, & LOVE,

Goddess Mena Love


© Copyright 2014 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved

Day 41 – 42 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Day 41

Today I:

1. gave a free card reading  to a client who definitely needed clarity to questions about what was going on in her present situation.

2. pondered on my life, the people in it, who to keep, and who to let go. There’s a serious shift going on right now. #mercuryretrograde

3.  am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from the relationship with my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I learned a lot about myself, patience, emotional triggers, anger, fun, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and of course, everything LOVE. I thank you, as I release you!


Day 42

Today I:

1. broke up with my boyfriend. Although, at times he can be totally awesome, sometimes he can be a real asshole and I had to make a healthy decision to let him go. My spiritual growth and the abundance that flows from my connection on my journey must be nurtured without any hinderance from someone who is not fully supportive and practicing self-growth and self-LOVE.

2. am grateful that I have the strength to recognize when things are not for me or not working out.  Also, there’s no rush in time for the “letting go” process, things will flow in divine order. I trust the process of LIFE.

3.  went to yoga class right after breaking up with my boyfriend, and I felt so good and so at peace with my decision. #keeponmoving


**SideNote: Decided to give my boyfriend a 2nd chance. The sincerity he had we when talked about things that needed to change for the improvement of both our lives, let me know that maybe his time is not up just yet. However, he is on probation, lol! And, I’m starting to see that sometimes you may have to experience a hardship with that person for the both of you to realize that things are worth rekindling and improving. Time will tell!

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