#VirginTuesday: Yuna & Hannah Banana Smoothies


I’ve been playing Live Your Live by Yuna on repeat all day! I first heard of Yuna about a year ago, and I still hadn’t explored her music thoroughly enough to give any reviews. While listening to Yuna’s station on Pandora, Live Your Life came on, and instantly I fell in LOVE. It’s such a right on time song for me, especially with all the miracles I’ve purposely been in alignment with. Not many people would know this, but I’m actually kind of shy. Live Your Life came to me as confirmation to continue to step out my comfortable zone, and be comfortable with being imperfect. Live your life like you really want to, is what’s repeated in this song, and serves to be a really great mantra!

As a bonus, here’s another great song by Yuna, Lights & Camera first heard in Yin Yoga, taught by Belem Acosta at Big Power Yoga.

So now that I’m officially on Yuna’s music, I suggest you get into it, too! You know I know my music, and won’t steer you wrong!

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Big & Juicy!!


If you have not made your way to Big & Juicy in Houston, you’re totally missing out! There’s two locations for Big & Juicy (Montrose & Memorial). The Big & Juicy I frequently go to is located at 1014 Wirt Rd #290, inside of Big Power Yoga Studio!

On a side note–You’ve gotta try the yoga at BIG, hella awesome!

So, I’ve decided to try every smoothie on their menu, every Tuesday, especially for Virgin Tuesday. Today, I tried the Hannah Banana! Made with apples, almond butter, hemp seeds, bananas, strawberries, vanilla, and almond milk, this smoothie will definitely fill you up. The Hannah Banana is very creamy and smooth. It was very good on the taste buds, and great if you’re the type of person who likes to play it safe with smoothie flavors. It’s not too exotic, and it’s not too bland, it’s just right!

Pros: Awesome, creamy, and fulfilling! Keeps you full for awhile!

Cons: None

On a scale from 1 to 10

Smoothie: 8

Service: 10

Ambiance: 10



Review: Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins

Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins

Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins


Dan Nevins, works with the Wounded Warrior Project and is an Iraq veteran who lost both of his legs after a combat injury. His inspiring life story of how he overcame physical and emotional trauma through his yoga practice was shared today, along with inquiry, meditation, and a powerful hour long asana practice at BIG Power Yoga (Montrose).

If you missed this workshop, soooooooo sorry for you! I was truly inspired to “take my legs off” and get down to exactly what I needed to remove and step fully into my biggest life possible.


I didn’t really know what to expect from taking Dan’s workshop and I’m glad that I didn’t put too much energy into expecting “something”. Allowing myself to be in the present moment, flowing and dealing with everything that came up for me, confirmed once again, my purpose. I say “once again” because lately, the majority of my conversations, how I move in my daily life, and what I’m allowing myself to see with the blinders off, shows me confirmation of my purposeful life’s work.

My intention upon taking this class was to expose my oldest son to seeing the possibility of what he can create if he allowed himself to get out of his on way, and to see and hear firsthand Dan’s story as triumph, powerful, distress at times, humility, and empower sense of humor in his life. This message was essential for the both of us, and of course, right on time.

Dré (my oldest son) has cerebral palsy. In the past week, as I engaged with others at BIG, speaking powerfully about Dan’s personal triumph, immediately I knew that my son would benefit greatly, as well as  for me, the chance to see the spark of what he would get from this class. Through the inquiry segment of the workshop, I was able to bring to light my fear on what hold’s me back from stepping into my biggest life possible. I was impressed that my son was open enough to see and know exactly what it is, that’s keeping him from stepping into his biggest life possible. I believe in doing self-work, and seeing Dré really think about what’s holding him back, and being authentic enough to speak up about it, made me so proud of him.

After the inquiry, the asana practiced began. Without judgement about Dré  practicing yoga in a heated room for the first time, created a LOVING and mutual bond between the both of us…….so much, that in times when I could feel that he may have needed assistance, I came out of my pose to powerfully and LOVINGLY guide him into the pose that worked for him. A little off subject, that inspired me so much, that I’m soooooooooo sure that I want to  totally take Baron Baptiste’s  Art of Assisting workshop sometime next year. I was filled with so much joy and a recharge of LOVE by assisting my son, and allowing him to mirror me, as well.

Funny thing about my yoga practice at BIG is whenever it’s at the part where we are going into bridge, which leads into wheel, I stay in bridge……out of FEAR. I’ve practiced wheel many times before and to me, being in wheel exposes my weakness, especially in a room full of yogi’s who are sooooooo not worried about that. Whenever, I get ready to go into wheel, there’s a lot of resistance.

Today was different.

While transitioning into wheel from bridge, Dan Nevins spoke about being a breakthrough for someone who can’t do it. That touched me to the core so much, and in that moment, the breakthrough I had by releasing my fears and fully going into wheel powerfully and stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life, was the breakthrough my son received as he looked at me when I came down from wheel. I did wheel, not just for me, for him, too! Being in that triumphant energy made me look inward at my own yoga practice and yoga teaching as a whole. Being of service to others in my own yoga practice and while teaching, was another confirmed purpose of my life’s work.


Dré and I was able to connect with Dan Nevins during the intermission and after class, and he was very humble, funny, gracious, and light-filled! I appreciate the inspiring life impact he had on Dré, and my vigor and growth in those three hours.

Blessings to Dan Nevins for sharing your personal story, and light and LOVE to all!


© Copyright 2015 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved




Lunar Flow Yoga w/Goddess Mena Love



I’m debuting my new yoga class, Lunar Flow Yoga at The Woman’s Earth Grand Opening Weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend
3425 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004
Sunday, April 19th
Lunar Flow Yoga
Invoke the divine energies of the moon while being fully present in a state of gratitude. Similar to yin yoga, each pose will be held for at least five breaths, for deep stretching and relaxation. Personal intentions will be released to the heavens as a peaceful end to this meditative class.
What to bring: yoga mat, water, journal, and either a throw blanket/bolster/pillow.

AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Goddess Mena Love



I’m debuting my new yoga class, AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow at The Woman’s Earth Grand Opening Weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend at The Woman’s Earth
3425 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004
Saturday, April 18th
Afrobeats Vinyasa Flow Yoga
$15 per Class
Fully express yourself and your femininity to the sounds of Reggae, Dancehall, and new age AfroBeats through stimulating yoga poses! Prepare to break a sweat and dance like nobody’s watching!
What to bring: an open mind, yoga mat, water & hand towel!

The Woman’s Earth – Grand Opening Weekend!!



**8:45-9:45am Mommy & Me Yoga with Anna
**10:00am-12:00pm Prenatal Yoga & Breakfast with Anna
**10:00-11:00am Kakawa (cocoa) Meditation with Denise
**11:00am-1:00pm The Art of Detoxification with Patience
**1:00-2:00pm “Shimmy Raq” w/ Bast The Bellydancer
**2:00-3:00pm Book Club & Meditation
**3:00-5:00pm Tantra Demo with Nickesha
**4:00-5:00pm AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow with Mena Love

**11:00am-12:00pm Lessons in Courageous Love with Dr. Rosell Rl Jenkins
**12:00-1:00pm West African Dance Workshop with Tracie
**1:00-2:00pm Love Sessions with The Muhammads
**2:00-3:30pm Essential Oils Class with Raquel
**4:00-5:30pm Soul Flow Demo, Goddess Body Demo, & Night Club Cardio Demo with Raquel
**6:00-7:00pm Lunar Flow Yoga with Mena Love


I am overjoyed and filled with so much LOVE and gratitude to be in the same light as everyone who creates magic in our BIG Kids Yoga community! I enjoy what I, and my other team members, imagine and produce for the kids soooooooo much!

I look forward to continued growth, abundance, LOVE, magic, and empowerment with our BIG Kids Yoga program!

Congrats, BIG!

BIG Kids Yoga is in the News!

(Click the link above to see BIG Kids Yoga in action!)

#CreatBigJoy Challenge – Day 10




Kids bring out the fun and the inner child out of me, to the max!!! I LOVE the energy of the children! They’re so excited to learn new poses, and the ones that think they know it all, they LOVE the challenge! So, wherever I’m teaching kids yoga, is where I go to get a good dose of fun!


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