May Cause Miracles: Week 4 (Review)

Week 4 – Day 22


Hmmm, this week is all about relationships. I was very limited in thinking that this week would be focusing on the relationship between my LOVER and I.

No, not at all!

Even better though, was the work needed to be done with the relationships I have with my immediate family members. We all have certain issues with our LOVED ones, and even some issues that fester into dilemmas that can seem irreversible. My attention to building a strong relationship with my mother and children are at a forefront. My boys are not little anymore, and I’m entering into a new phase of parenthood, being a parent to teenage boys, which can be scary and is so very new to me. I’m not going to lie, I’m somewhat concerned about our relationship, the older they get. My intention is to keep the lines of communication open and making them feel LOVED, important, and comfortable with opening up to me, as well as me doing the same. As I am learning and GROWING within my spirituality, there are definitely things I choose to teach them, so that they’ll be equipped for life, knowing how to handle their individual and personal life lessons. I choose to give up the false perception of being nervous to guide and parent my children as they GROW into manhood. I’ve examined a lot of how I was parented, and how my mother was parented, and see a pattern of great things to keep and cyclical things that need to change. Let’s see what opens up for me this week! I’m so not ready, and I’m ready! I choose LOVE instead of this!

Week 4 – Day 23


My mother and I had a very deep conversation that I was not ready to have. However, like I said in Week 3’s post, the lessons are coming as soon as I ask for help with them. The time for change is now.

Week 4 – Day 24


Do you sometimes get those unkind thoughts about others. Because I am human, this happens to me, of course. When I was younger, I would let those thoughts fester, building up to a strong dislike or ugly opinion of whomever I wasn’t vibing with. As of recently (within the past few years), unkind thoughts of people don’t really have time to build up because I’m convicted quickly. Yes, there are times where in my mind I’m disturbed, angry, or have an attitude with someone. I’m also grown enough to look deeper into the “why” of how I’m feeling about someone, making sure I don’t take on unnecessary energy and most importantly, making sure that I give everyone a clean state or a fresh start, or having the knowledge to distance myself from unhappy people who I see vibrating on fear (I ain’t trying to be up in their shit!).

I’m so conscious of my own energy! I choose to not indulge in negative thinking about someone, or even participate in listening to someone’s woes about another, without at least adding a resolution. The energy I choose to give and radiate is of a higher vibration, and that is some real work. In times where I am emotionally triggered by someone’s actions directly or indirectly, the work from inside is what keeps me grounded. The work of seeing LOVE instead of the bullshit is what keeps me grounded. It takes consistency to be the change you seek. If you see no problem with your reaction to others and still getting the same non-working results or repeating the same life lessons over and over, it’s time for a different approach. In my everyday life, I’m learning that most people respond so much more gracefully to LOVE, even when they are totally pissed off in the moment, they can’t help but to soften up a bit!  Also know that your irritation with others is a reflection of something you don’t like of yourself, and that’s real talk! Dig Deep!

Week 4 – Day 25


So this affirmation is probably my most favorite, this week. Consciously, I chose to have a holy encounter or experience with people today, showing up through REALLY listening and responding, passing no judgment on first sight, and openly sharing from my experience. Having unwanted conversations with family members helps break down those barriers that keeps you from experiencing soul to soul contact. I’m encourage to stay open to experiencing positive soul connections with everyone, and most definitely with family.

Side Note: Some people don’t know that I am the only child, only grand-child, and only great-grand-child on my maternal side. With that being said, I’m used to a certain type of comfortable loneliness that keeps me from opening up to people. My energy always attracts people who open up to me, because I am intuitive and a great listener. However, I tend to clam up when it’s time to share my experiences. With conscious thought of what I share, I see this part of me growing beautifully. 

Week 4 – Day 26

I choose to do the work! I choose to consistently work on self-growth and self-LOVE, which makes me a better person to be around. There are so many LOVING ways to respond to people who are not in the same vibration as me. Knowing when to leave is also another great way to diffuse high negative energy. Because of how I vibe, I can tell that I have much control of the energy I bring to any situation. Either you’ll remain at your low vibration and leave, or you’ll come up to my vibration and grow. I’m also at the end of this stick, seeing that I’ve either left a heightened situation prematurely with low vibration or I’ve allowed LOVE to open me up to peace, understanding, and some new miraculous experiences. At the end of the day, it’s all about choices. What will you choose?

Week 4 – Day 27

All the relationships that have cause me pain, and/or cause emotional triggers, which domino effects into emotional eating, I now choose to release this fear. Tonight’s exercise called to have me list all the relationships in my life that caused me pain, and then releasing them through this affirmation: ” [Insert Name of Person] is my greatest assignment. This holy encounter offers me a chance to release fear and strengthen my faith in LOVE. I choose to see them with LOVE.” I did this with every name I listed, and felt lighter. It feels so good to release!

Now, I still have names that I have not added to this list and NEED to add, to release. In time, I’m sure I will come to a point where I can release the energy of that relationship. I choose to transform beautifully, y’all! 

Week 4 – Day 28

This was very good week for learning , reflecting, and applying. It started out kinda of icky, and at the same time, all that ickiness was necessary substance to getting to the root of some deeply impacted issues. I’ve released a lot unwanted energy, and ready for week 5!

*How many times was LOVE mentioned in this week’s post?*


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May Cause Miracles: Week 3 (Review)

Week 3 – Day 15 

I was debating in my mind if I really wanted to talk about my body image issues on such a wide platform. Hearing other people share their experiences with me, and me, identifying with their body image issues, pushed me into releasing, not only for myself, but for others who are GROWING through the same shit.

What’s that shit?

Ego, those false perceptions, and those self-punishing attacks that we put ourselves through. Every time I catch myself, thinking and speaking to myself in such a negative a way, I’m always like, “would I allow anybody to talk so negatively toward me?” The answer is “HELL NO”. So why the hell am I doing it to myself. Now, for the past 4 to 5 years, I’ve developed an awareness of how I view myself, what I’m saying to myself about my body, and to be honest, struggling to find balance over what I choose vs what I want to put into my body. This week is the week I’m supposed to pay close attention to the foods I choose to eat and the emotions surrounding my cravings. Let’s see what happens.

Oh, and let me just say this. I’m giving up the fear and false perception of my this pregnancy weight I’ve allowed to stay with me for over 10 years. Pregnancy weight gain is a challenge to get rid of, especially when there is depression involved. That’s a whole other story, that I can get into at a later time. Just know that my body image issues stem from post-pregnancies, and listening to the negative views of others that weren’t compassionate enough to handle me with LOVE. AND, at the time, I wasn’t strong enough to handle myself with LOVE.

Week 3 – Day 16


I wake up every morning and go for a jog in the neighborhood. Today was the day, I literally gave zero f***s about running or walking anywhere. Although, I still got up and did my four miles, I was tired (mentally). I feel like because I’m opening myself to doing the work on releasing these false perceptions I have surrounding my body, the life lessons are being magnified. When I quote, “Show me what you’ve got…”, as quickly as I’m putting it out there, is as quickly as those lessons are coming in! Paying attention to what I choose to eat hasn’t been difficult at all, it’s the act of binge eating that’s my problem. I’m okay with the fact that I’m a conscious eater (raw vegan, vegan, & vegetarian), knowing when to stop is another thing. I’m over eating on vegetarian dishes, thinking that just because it’s healthy, it’s fine. I was an over eater when I was eating a diet full of dairy and meat.  I’m again realizing, the over eating is directly related to emotional triggers, hence the term ’emotional eater”, and me, stuffing down or suppressing feelings. Let’s see what else comes up for me this week….

Week 3 – Day 17


These cravings tho’! I swear, I feel like with every thought to change my life around this eating lifestyle, the life tests are becoming more challenging! Today, I wanted to eat every thing within the scope of what I could eat. I had 3 smoothies, a whole bag of organic popcorn, a double corn fritter burger, and was wondering why I was feeling extra full. 

Ok, so something unique about me, I hate to feel full. That tightness in the belly after you’ve had way too much to eat, I hate that feeling. My intention after every meal, is to feel satisfied, not stuffed and hardly able to move afterwards. 

Feeling stuffed, was how I was feeling after gorging on all the food today. I had to stop and journal about my emotions at the end of the day. Check out this morning’s passage, done in the mirror, “I call on my inner guide to help  me see with new eyes. In this mirror I see truth reflected back to me. I no longer hold a vision of my ego’s fearful projections; I choose to see light instead. I see a beautiful ball of golden light above my head. This light pours over my body. The image of my body is covered in light.”

I chose to ignore today’s message, allowing my fear of change to send me on a spiraling day of emotional eating. My emotional eating has everything to do with fear, fear of change, and fear of living  in my truth. Hmm, that last one really hit home for me. It was in all the ugly relationships, where I developed fear of not living in my truth. 

I am free today, because I am not my body!


Week 3 – Day 18

I woke up to feeling great in my body! Today is a new day, a fresh start! Yesterday stuff, is just what that is, in the past!


Week 3 – Day 19

The F word. Forgiveness.

Still resonating on the past couple of days. 



Week 3 – Day 20

Quick little story to share.

During my morning jog, a neighbor drove by and said, “Can you run an extra lap for me?”. Without any hesitation, I said, “Sure!”. The neighbor was surprised at my answer and then said, “I’ll be expecting to see the results later this evening!” We both laughed. But as my neighbor’s car began to fade away in the distance, I began to speak into his realm.

“Divine LOVE, divine healing, and restraint to everything not in alignment with the course of his day.”

Amazingly, I had  a powerful day full of everything I seeded into my neighbor’s realm. What he subconsciously asked for was something we both needed. 

Week 3 – Day 21

*I had to re-write this more than 2x because of Mercury Retrograde!!! I’ve lost tons of powerful words through re-writing this over and over, and have learned my lesson about procrastinating and saving my work!!

Week 4 is coming soon! 

Light & LOVE!

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May Cause Miracles: Week 2 (Review)

Week 2 – Day 8

Several years ago, Spirit spoke to me and said, “this lifetime is all about lessons in LOVE, in particular self-LOVE.” The trauma I’ve experienced  in and out of relationships (intimate and/or platonic), made me responsible for my part of the self-LOVE path I was on. Running away from these lessons and choosing to not be responsible for what I see, had me repeating life lessons, over and over again. If you know me, you know I ain’t about repeating shit. However, in retrospective, because of where I was (mentally/emotionally) and not being fully open to trusting how greatly my path would unfold for me, repeating these life lessons were so very important in shifting my perception for learning from myself and making sure with maturity that I would consciously be responsible for what I see, therefore making wiser choices (sorry for that run-on sentence!). The woman that I am now, is convicted every time I’m saying or doing something not in alignment with my purpose. It takes strength and trust to be led and guided by your intuition to give you clarity on being responsible for what you see. So, when certain shit arises out of nowhere and I choose to deal with it by choosing to look at the surface, am I being responsible for what I see? Am I guided by ego, to react, thus putting myself in harms way or being emotionally triggered?  I am responsible for what I see, and it’s nobody else’s fault/issue, but mine, if I choose to see it with fear. In my experience, when I take responsibility to choose to see any situation with LOVE, the outcome is drastically different and the vibration of LOVE is in and around me and whomever I’m dealing with, which brings peace and overstanding!

Week 2 – Day 9


My self-doubt is not as alive as it used to be. Remember, this is my second time doing this 40 day transformation. There is a twinge of self-doubt when I’m led to do things I feel is beyond the scope of my purpose, and I’m quickly assured, by the obvious outcome, that I am awesome, I am amazing, and I am LOVE! We all go through moments of self-doubt. I am not a master of quieting my self-doubt thoughts, and I am a master at consciously examining all thoughts to make sure I stay focused in alignment with my purpose. I had a spiritual friend/sistar once tell me, ” the reason why you feel hesitant about something you’re led to do is because your spirit already knows what you need to do. Your spirit is guiding you into doing what’s in perfect alignment for you, and you get in your own way.” Getting in your own way is self-doubt! What are your doubting yourself for? Deeper than that, what is it that you feel you are lacking that’s keeping you from doing whatever it is you’re called to do? These are questions that I bring up while journaling when self-doubt shows up. These are also questions that I bring up before a meditation session, and the answers are always LOUD and confirmed over a couple hours to a couple of days. 

Week 2 – Day 10


This is one of my favorite affirmations. My most favorite affirmation is, “I am LOVE, I am LOVING, I am LOVED.” It keeps me balanced. It keeps me sane when I’m in disagreement with someone. It sets the tone of emitting that high frequency for the day, when meditating on it. (laughing to myself) Sometimes, I’ll walk in places and people can feel that calmness, that peace, on me. The day is just starting out and I’m already vibrating LOVE, because I’ve set the tone for my encounters for the day. I ain’t gonna lie, I’m human, and get into some low vibration conversations with folks, but let me remind you, I ‘m always convicted because I am conscious of my thoughts and the words I speak.

Let’s be honest, I am challenged by the this evening’s exercise, looking in the mirror and telling myself, “I LOVE you”. I know why it’s a challenge, it’s the body image issues that come up for me. It’s the years of self-abuse (by way of negative talk, self-doubt, and allowing others to project their fears about body image issues upon me.). I have no challenges when writing or saying “I LOVE you” to myself. Like I said, the issue is when I have to look in the mirror. This is something that I’m consciously aware of and working on. I do LOVE myself and LOVE my body as is, and I’m working on showing that LOVE through words, verbally in the mirror.


Week 2 – Day 11


Five things I’m grateful for:

I am grateful for self-awareness, self-knowledge, & self-LOVE.

I am grateful for my purpose and my journey! I LOVE to see how things unfold for me, and I’m grateful for living my BIGGEST life possible.

I am grateful for yoga. Through yoga, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Yoga is the best spiritual system I’ve come across that LOVINGLY guides me on a path of miracles, self-exploration, and self-growth. 

I am grateful for my familial tribe and my spiritual tribe.

I am grateful that we are now in cherry and watermelon season! These are my favorite seasonal fruits, and it’s on!!


Week 2 – Day 12


I’ve touched on choosing LOVE instead of fear, above and in earlier posts. For me, this affirmation really speaks to my past (negative self-talk), and the triggers that come along with it. The best part of this evening’s practice is the prayer. In it, author Gabrielle Bernstein says, ” I will listen to my intuition, show up for my spiritual assignments, and do all that is necessary to LOVE myself again. Show me what you got.”, directly and commanding a change of perception. I am a work in LOVE,  ascension and evolution.

Week 2 – Day 13


I am good enough. I am LOVE. I am good enough. I am LOVE. I am good enough. I am LOVE

Self-Forgiveness, definitely puts me in alignment to expecting miracles. You know why? Because when I choose to forgive, there’s this veil that’s lifted. The hurt is gone. Being broken is mended and released. And I feel whole. I feel limitless, now that I’m not held down by the energy of a self-punishing attack. That’s how I look at holding onto grudges and being unable to forgive. How am I able to do my spiritual work with LOVE, whole-heartedly, if I’m carrying a punishing, condemning, or blaming type of energy? How am I able to be fully open to receiving miracles, if some of my energy is low?  Feeling like a burden! The shit is heavy! Once released of that negative energy, I can immediately receive miracles entitled to me. Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, and be open to receiving everything you desire. It’s coming if you believe! I give up the feeling of not being good enough. I commit to miraculous shifts, which I see unfolding every moment.


Week 2 – Day 14


This week was mostly about reflecting on how I see myself, how I ebb & flow with life without self-judgement, how open I am to receiving miracles, how taking care of myself in all ways is self-LOVE, and being a vessel for the Divine. The energy that flows through me as I write, as I speak, as I breathe, is healing for me and others, and for that I am grateful. I am so ready for week 3, we are gonna be dealing with body image. Let the healing continue!

(((***How many times was LOVE mentioned in this week’s post?***)))

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May Cause Miracles: Week 1 (Review)

It’s about that time for me! Spring cleaning body, mind, & spirit! Setting myself up for a beautiful path full or miracles, transformation, and living my purpose, is my intention this go ’round for May Cause Miracles. Following this 40 day shift every spring looks like something I’ll be doing ritually, so to all of you, join me on my next 40days adventure! In the meantime, you can follow my journey and read what shows up for me through my experience in shifting my perception from fear to LOVE. I also strongly urge you all to have May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein in your personal library, it’ll change your life!

So let’s get started!

Week 1 – Day 1

What I’m discovering is that I have a BIG ass fear of lack of money, not having enough or having just enough to pay bills. My fear stems from mainly how I was raised and seeing multiple family members mismanage money all the time. At the same time, who was prepared in high school on how to prepare for and maintain financial security?

Not me!

I’m pretty good with making sure bills are taken care of so that my family and I can be comfortable, however, the need and desire to want more or create more opportunities from my passion, to gain abundance and prosperity, has been on my radar lately. Through all the creative outlets I have, prosperity is close to touch. So, restructuring my relationship with money (by way of sustaining a healthy relationship with money) looks like one of the the many things I need to focus on for this 40 day journey. Today, I am willing to witness my fear, and will make conscious decisions when spending money.


Week 1 – Day 2


What came up in my meditation practice was to start researching and educating myself on a  few financial matters. I logged onto and found some pretty insightful articles and listened to a few audio interviews through the HayHouse World Summit. I made a plan to start spending consciously, spending money on necessities. By taking the fear out of not having enough and seeing differently through the lens of LOVE, I can begin to shift into a healthy relationship with my money. Funny thing about writing about this is that I never thought my focus would be about MY relationship with money. I have weight to lose, a LOVE life to nurture, a family to stay connected to, and a fire to keep burnin’ on this ever evolving passion of mine. Intuition is directly putting me in alignment with everything I desires and the root  of everything I desire is money.


Week 1 – Day 3

 LOVE certainly did not create the fear of lack of money! Today, I went from finding $6 to $20, and it was all found in places I never thought to look (i.e. old purse, in between old receipts, pockets of winter coats, etc.) I told y’all I was spring cleaning!

Week 1 – Day 4

Feeling good, feeling great! Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?! That’s where I’m at right now, shout out to OUTKAST! Although we’re in full Mercury Retrograde and shit/shift happens, I’m in a place of gratitude. I’m expecting the very best outcome and so it is! 


Week 1 – Day 5

  Shifting to something else I’m working on besides my relationship with money, is my ever-evolving passion! YOGA, YOGA, YOGA, is pretty much my calling, among other spiritual practices I indulge in. Today is the day, I add a little spiritual “umph” to being of service and being an awesome yoga teacher. Yes, I’m attending the Power of Assisting workshop at Big Power Yoga, which focuses on the yoga assistant being of service to the yogi/yogini in a yoga class. Have you ever experience being assisted in a yoga class? For me, very little, AND not as much as I would like, especially considering all the heavenly and powerful assists to keep you empowered while in challenging poses.  I am too excited about this workshop because it’ll thrust me and keep in perfect alignment with my yoga journey. I am too thrilled about learning and applying everything awesome from this workshop.


Week 1 – Day 6


Shout out to my yogini “OMies”, Brooks, Phoenix, & Heidi! Our time together creating vision boards was an awesome experience! We must do it again! 😉




Week 1 – Day 7

What an exciting week, full of miracles!

My Power of Assisting workshop was full of LOVE, gratitude, a BIG ass 2hr YOGA class, and beautiful souls! Taking Power of Assisting solidified that I am truly on the right path to my yoga journey. I LOVE being of service to people and sharing my light and reiki-energy through my LOVE of yoga. The day I assist my first yoga class, and then many days after, is gonna feel so empowering (and I LOVE that feeling!)! I know that every class I assist, and every being I connect with, will be spiritually rewarding and full of life lessons! I just LOVE the fact that I am a reiki practitioner, and can integrate reiki with yoga assists! So, pretty much the special added touch of divine healing energy flowing through me and to the people I assist is going to be heaven sent, and for that, I am grateful to be a vessel of divine LOVE and healing energy.

I didn’t over spend on anything! YAY!

I’m learning to be patient with myself when it comes to mindful eating and mindful spending!

I connected with so many amazing people in Houston’s yoga community! Shout out to the whole yoga community at BIG Power Yoga (@BIGPowerYoga), Claire & Olivia from Black Swan Yoga (@BSYHouston), Nicole Peralta, Sally Howe Garwood, Gayatri Parikh, my Sunday crew at BIG Memorial, and of course my family!

Alright Week 2, let’s get it!!


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I just started training, Special Needs Kids Yoga Training! My schedule will be a little off for the next 7 days. The review on Being Mary Jane S1E5, will be posted by Tuesday morning. May Cause Miracles week 3 recap will be posted  on 2/25/14 and May Cause Miracles week 4, will begin 3/4/14.  The review on the Texas Yoga Conference will be released on the first Tuesday of March (3/4/14), to be featured in “Virgin Tuesday”.

Bare with me, while I concentrate on this very special yoga training!

Miracles & Blessings,

Namaste y’all! 😉

** Sooooooo, after long contemplative thinking, I decided to stop reviewing Being Mary Jane. I’ll still be watching, however I can’t give the attention to it, when I have so much to share about other things!

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New Thought

 I accept the true function of my body. I accept that I am a messenger for LOVE.

-Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles

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New Thought

Today I accept the true function of my body. I accept that my body is an instrument for extending LOVE. As I heal my own perceptions of my body I will realize I am a vessel for sharing LOVE with the world. My healing will be extended into the world.

-Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles

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