May Cause Miracles: Week 1 (Review)

It’s about that time for me! Spring cleaning body, mind, & spirit! Setting myself up for a beautiful path full or miracles, transformation, and living my purpose, is my intention this go ’round for May Cause Miracles. Following this 40 day shift every spring looks like something I’ll be doing ritually, so to all of you, join me on my next 40days adventure! In the meantime, you can follow my journey and read what shows up for me through my experience in shifting my perception from fear to LOVE. I also strongly urge you all to have May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein in your personal library, it’ll change your life!

So let’s get started!

Week 1 – Day 1

What I’m discovering is that I have a BIG ass fear of lack of money, not having enough or having just enough to pay bills. My fear stems from mainly how I was raised and seeing multiple family members mismanage money all the time. At the same time, who was prepared in high school on how to prepare for and maintain financial security?

Not me!

I’m pretty good with making sure bills are taken care of so that my family and I can be comfortable, however, the need and desire to want more or create more opportunities from my passion, to gain abundance and prosperity, has been on my radar lately. Through all the creative outlets I have, prosperity is close to touch. So, restructuring my relationship with money (by way of sustaining a healthy relationship with money) looks like one of the the many things I need to focus on for this 40 day journey. Today, I am willing to witness my fear, and will make conscious decisions when spending money.


Week 1 – Day 2


What came up in my meditation practice was to start researching and educating myself on a  few financial matters. I logged onto and found some pretty insightful articles and listened to a few audio interviews through the HayHouse World Summit. I made a plan to start spending consciously, spending money on necessities. By taking the fear out of not having enough and seeing differently through the lens of LOVE, I can begin to shift into a healthy relationship with my money. Funny thing about writing about this is that I never thought my focus would be about MY relationship with money. I have weight to lose, a LOVE life to nurture, a family to stay connected to, and a fire to keep burnin’ on this ever evolving passion of mine. Intuition is directly putting me in alignment with everything I desires and the root  of everything I desire is money.


Week 1 – Day 3

 LOVE certainly did not create the fear of lack of money! Today, I went from finding $6 to $20, and it was all found in places I never thought to look (i.e. old purse, in between old receipts, pockets of winter coats, etc.) I told y’all I was spring cleaning!

Week 1 – Day 4

Feeling good, feeling great! Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?! That’s where I’m at right now, shout out to OUTKAST! Although we’re in full Mercury Retrograde and shit/shift happens, I’m in a place of gratitude. I’m expecting the very best outcome and so it is! 


Week 1 – Day 5

  Shifting to something else I’m working on besides my relationship with money, is my ever-evolving passion! YOGA, YOGA, YOGA, is pretty much my calling, among other spiritual practices I indulge in. Today is the day, I add a little spiritual “umph” to being of service and being an awesome yoga teacher. Yes, I’m attending the Power of Assisting workshop at Big Power Yoga, which focuses on the yoga assistant being of service to the yogi/yogini in a yoga class. Have you ever experience being assisted in a yoga class? For me, very little, AND not as much as I would like, especially considering all the heavenly and powerful assists to keep you empowered while in challenging poses.  I am too excited about this workshop because it’ll thrust me and keep in perfect alignment with my yoga journey. I am too thrilled about learning and applying everything awesome from this workshop.


Week 1 – Day 6


Shout out to my yogini “OMies”, Brooks, Phoenix, & Heidi! Our time together creating vision boards was an awesome experience! We must do it again! 😉




Week 1 – Day 7

What an exciting week, full of miracles!

My Power of Assisting workshop was full of LOVE, gratitude, a BIG ass 2hr YOGA class, and beautiful souls! Taking Power of Assisting solidified that I am truly on the right path to my yoga journey. I LOVE being of service to people and sharing my light and reiki-energy through my LOVE of yoga. The day I assist my first yoga class, and then many days after, is gonna feel so empowering (and I LOVE that feeling!)! I know that every class I assist, and every being I connect with, will be spiritually rewarding and full of life lessons! I just LOVE the fact that I am a reiki practitioner, and can integrate reiki with yoga assists! So, pretty much the special added touch of divine healing energy flowing through me and to the people I assist is going to be heaven sent, and for that, I am grateful to be a vessel of divine LOVE and healing energy.

I didn’t over spend on anything! YAY!

I’m learning to be patient with myself when it comes to mindful eating and mindful spending!

I connected with so many amazing people in Houston’s yoga community! Shout out to the whole yoga community at BIG Power Yoga (@BIGPowerYoga), Claire & Olivia from Black Swan Yoga (@BSYHouston), Nicole Peralta, Sally Howe Garwood, Gayatri Parikh, my Sunday crew at BIG Memorial, and of course my family!

Alright Week 2, let’s get it!!


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Let’s Talk: Waist Beads!

I’ve always been interested in wearing waist beads, and anytime I really want to do something creative, a meaning must be attached to it. I’ve taken noticed to ladies in my culture wearing and making waist beads for the past couple of years. I was somewhat drawn to the beauty of waist beads being worn as an adornment for the waist, but scared to adopt that cultural awareness and fashion sense because of my own internal issues of not letting go of the past.

I’m no society driven model, so my waist is not exactly bikini ready, however I’ve been yearning to privately embellish my waist for a great self-esteem booster and natural control of my waist. Ever since I had my boys (16 & 13), I always felt like showing my waist/abs/belly is just an absolute no-no, even in front of my partner.

Through the past few years of considering myself not attractive some days because of my waist, my boyfriend has really made me comfortable enough to embrace my belly, no matter the size. With more research I found out that African traditions for girls and women is to wear waist beads to invoke divinity, femininity, self-LOVE, waist control, and seducing their LOVER (when you’re grown, of course)! All of that, is what piqued my interest even more to wearing waist beads.

Recently on my journey, I’ve been gravitating to being more health conscious, especially as a spiritual healer. Eating foods that aren’t conducive to my body and also contributing to the size of my waist has been a major factor for the past couple of years, and really the past month. My journey has newly opened my eyes to begin  to take control of my health with healthy eating, maintaining my yoga practice, meditation, spiritual reading, and of course,  more jewelry making! Take a look at the waist beads I’ve created for myself below!

Waist Beads by Goddess Mena Love

Waist Beads by Goddess Mena Love

Like I said in the beginning, a meaning must be attached to things I create, so here’s a brief description of why I created these beautiful waist beads for myself.

The rose quartz waist beads were made to clear fear, anger, and guilt, and start enhancing my heart chakra, self-confidence, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, self-LOVE, divine LOVE, and overall, radiate LOVE! LOVE energy being a constant reminder of the energy I exude and want to attract is always my initial intention when dealing with myself and people I allow in my circle.

My newest waist beads, which I just made and reiki-infused today, are made of citrine and carnelian beads, and gold hematite hearts. I wanted to create something that ushered in the energy of new beginnings for the Spring Equinox, and also a self-healing agent for my solar plexus, digestion, self-esteem, grounding, will power, detoxification, abundance, alignment for my higher self, prosperity, and protection.

My intention is to make new waist beads every time I lose 10lbs, until I reach my goal weight! From experience, I’m SHOUTING that this is working for me! As soon as I put on my first set, the femininity and bold goddess I claimed to be came out proudly! I’m on my second set of waist beads, and I feel so proud of my accomplishments, my energy is feeling totally awesome, and I’m embracing that I am all that and a bag of sweet potato chips, no matter what size I am! Wearing waist beads has made feel like I’m bringing sexy back in every kind of way!

This is my step to letting go of the past, and embracing the new!

Many Blessings and Miracles during this Spring!



I also make personalized waist beads for others, as well! Reach out to me by email GoddessMenaLove@gmail, so we can chit chat and see what intuition leads us into co-creating for your special waist beads! 


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Day 13 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Today I:

1. got a chance to cross out some neglected tasks off my DO NOW list!

2. accepted a sentimental gift even though I wasn’t too fond of it…. #itsthethoughtthatcounts

3. realized I assisted the CREATOR in bringing LIFE back to my dying plant, using LOVE Reiki. LOVE + Sun = LIFE!

***I wish I could’ve gotten all phases of my plant’s rebirth, but I was doing some serious work! I’ll take a pic of what she looks like tomorrow!***

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The Buddha Spotlight – Sarah Sumnauth, CEO & Founder of Urban Minerals

Namaste y’all!!

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to CEO and founder of Urban Minerals, Sarah Sumnauth!

Hailing from Toronto, Urban Minerals is the creation of eco-entrepreneur Sarah Sumnauth.  The extensive line of 30 organic loose mineral foundations was created to represent women of every colour, race and ethnicity. Each foundation is hand-made with natural, organic and locally-sourced ingredients keeping you healthy and beautiful from the inside out.  The collection is a true reflection of the multiculturalism represented in the streets of Toronto. 


Goddess Mena Love: Tell me about Urban Minerals.

 Sarah Sumnauth: Urban Minerals is a loose mineral foundation that I created, that’s homemade, natural, 30% organic, gluten free, vegan, and locally made where I live (Canada). I wanted it to be as Canadian as possible. I wanted Urban Minerals to be a representation of Toronto, because I felt like there was just not enough foundation colors out there for women of all diverse backgrounds. I also felt that I needed to be the one to make that change because accessibility in the natural industry is a real thing!

I launched Urban Minerals in 2013’s Summer Solstice. I’m so excited to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Urban Minerals this summer! It’s been a whirlwind, it’s wonderful, and it’s growing!


Goddess Mena Love: So, how did you get into the beauty industry?

 Sarah: Originally, I went to school for environmental studies. I have a bachelors degree in environmental cultures, the philosophy arts technology education, and that was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I am a student of life, in general, and I always had this connection to mother nature. Somehow, my parents who are first generation Guyanese immigrants, decided to put my sisters and I into Girl Guide (similar to Girls Scouts). I was in Girl Guide for about 10 years. I just had a real strong connection to the outdoors. While I was finishing my degree, I actually got a job in a place that sold all eco-friendly products. For any of the products to be sold in any small department store, it had to be recycled, organic ingredients or non GMO ingredients. They sold a fair number of “green” beauty items.

Some skin care and make-up brands, I noticed that over time, people were coming in, and it didn’t really matter so much how dark their skin tone was or how light they were. A lot of people had problems with finding their shade and didn’t want to buy two, only one that would be the right shade. I kept thinking to myself, “I think I can do this!” That’s where the idea to start a business came from, and at the beginning of 2012, I decided to just go for it!



Goddess Mena Love: What’s the process of how you make it?

Sarah: I hand craft with organic natural minerals and botanicals, such as aloe vera, chamomile, willow bark, rosemary, and calendula. I found out that a lot of women were breaking out with conventional store bought brands and were having issues with skin balancing. I wanted Urban Minerals to be gentle and to have a fair amount of good quality botanicals, all of which are grown and made here, in Canada. Once blended all together, I infuse Reiki. I am a level one Reiki practitioner, so I infuse Urban Minerals with LOVE and universal life force energy.

Goddess Mena Love: Yes! I am also a Reiki practitioner, and definitely can relate to infusing many things with the same energy!

Sarah: I decided I wanted to chronicle my experience. I set myself the intention to write every single day for a year while I was starting Urban Minerals. I wrote a blog every single day! If you’re ever interested, you can check it out on


Goddess Mena Love: So, what’s in your playlist right now?

Sarah: I like all genres! Currently, I’m listening to Disclosure, and a little bit of that electronic house music. I LOVE hip-hop! I LOVE R&B! I LOVE house, funk, and Motown, all the good stuff! I don’t close myself to really anything.



Goddess Mena Love: What’s your spiritual practice like?

Sarah: Every single day when I wake up, I read a quote and afterwards I lie in bed with my eyes closed for about five minutes. In those moments, I just breathe and set an intention for the day. If there are moments throughout the day where I feel stressed and feel the need to take time for myself for a centering practice, I simply just ground myself anywhere. I like to go for walks in my area, being conscious of what I’m seeing and being mindful of where I’m going. I’m very connected to animals, so I’m always fully aware of animals that show up for me. My practice is always changing and always evolving! I like


Goddess Mena Love: A spiritual connection to animals is always very interesting to explore. What animals are showing up for you?


Sarah: I see robins, sparrows, and really just connect with the winged-animals a lot. Yes, swans and hawks, too! Hawks are my main animal totem. It’s interesting, because when I first got the idea for Urban Minerals, I was intuitively hit on the side of the head, and started to see hawks everywhere, I mean, everywhere, like soaring next to me! I would ask myself, “what is this?” because this was kind of before I tapped into the synchronicities of what this all meant. I started doing research and asked around, and finally landed on animal totems, which has always been a terminology I’ve heard of. Upon doing the extra research, I realized that the hawk totem is the ability to soar above and have vision in your life. To be able to hone in and dive down into something once you have looked at all the greater parts of the whole. It was definitely something that guided me through my practice.


Goddess Mena Love: What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned on your spiritual path?

Sarah: Instilling the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to. Truthfully! Being forced to kind of see the different aspects of what can comprise as a business and recognizing that I’m the soul driving force in all of this, and if I want to see it happen, I have to make it happen, are the kind of lessons that are big for me on my spiritual path. If I can imagine it, if I can envision it, then I can make it happen. That’s so true for a lot of things! It’s not that things just happen or just come true, I am definitely manifesting things on a higher level.



Goddess Mena Love: When did you become aware of being spiritually led by your intuition?

Sarah: When I started my business, is when I really began to see a spiritual connection. However, I’ve always been spiritual, I’ve always been connected to what’s beyond the veil, and I’ve always seen things. For me, there was no one particular moment, it has always been a leading up to a greater experience type of thing. I think, potentially, it was also part of that cocooning period before I even had an idea for Urban Minerals.

As I was finishing up with the University, starting out, and figuring out what I wanted to do, I started meditating and I downloaded this Deepak Chopra stress app. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so much stress and anxiety, so I downloaded his app, and it had tips on things that clued you into Ayurveda, meditational practices, and honing in on what is the feeling of stress and how to work through the process of de-stressing. That was quite a large catalyst, because it definitely clued me into figuring out what I wanted to create, what I was feeling, understanding my emotions, what is in my gut, and things I needed to see to make things happen. I’ve always been a writer, so when I tapped into that energy is when I really started to see some momentum.


Goddess Mena Love: So, you keep a journal?

Sarah: I keep a journal on my iPad, whenever I feel inspired to write. I wrote everyday for a year when I started Urban Minerals and since then I release a monthly newsletter. I’ve stepped back from writing consistently because my mother passed away, and right now, it’s just something that I can’t force to happen.

Goddess Mena Love: How’s your yoga practice?

Sarah: I have a budding yoga practice. Currently, I’m in school, but when I have my time at home, I get up in the mornings and do some yoga.


Goddess Mena Love: When did you fall in LOVE with yoga?

Sarah: I registered by business in June of 2012. In April of 2012, I decided I would get myself a yoga groupon. I was trying to figure out if I really had the time to commit to yoga, but I needed inner peace and didn’t know what else to do with myself. So, I got this groupon to attend a yoga class and it was a really small intimate class. I was able to really see how I’m suppose to stand, stretch my body, move my muscles,  how to strengthen myself, and it was just so powerful. Currently, I do yoga at home,  it’s kept me very strong and it’s just something that I continuously go back to. If I’m feeling out of sorts , I will stop and do a full on sun salutation, and then get right back to life. I think apart of my work, this lifetime, is to be a bit of a messenger, but also a warrior, and I do feel very powerful and very strong in my femininity. I do use my yoga practice as a means to feel like a warrior.


Goddess Mena Love: What’s your meditation destination?

Sarah: Meditation, normally for me is attempting to quiet the monkey mind and to pursue that beautiful blue inner pearl of quiet. It’s funny you ask that question because as the spring started here (Toronto, Canada), and the snow thawed, and as the green buds began to emerge, I was starting to see a lot of black birds. With research, I found out that black birds are messengers, they represent magic and omens of good luck coming to you. Black birds are also a very good meditational tool to help you move to the next level in your life. I meditate on different animals that come to me and just think about what their potential message is for me, or even ask what messages they bring to me.


Goddess Mena Love: What about diet? I know health and beauty go hand in hand with diet, and being natural, and all of that. What is your eating lifestyle?

Sarah: (giggling) Mine is up and down. I mean, I’m not perfect by any means. I just have access to really good information and my day job for the last two years, was at Whole Foods. I was their body care buyer. I’m blessed to have been able to get trained on supplements and good wholistic eating practices. Generally, my mantra is “lean and green, when in doubt, just green”. I do bless my food when I eat it, saying “Thank you, Mother Earth for this food. Thank you, for nourishing my body”. I also try to be aware of when I feel full and paying attention to what my body is asking for.


Goddess Mena Love: What’s your favorite healthy comfort food?

Sarah: Hmmmm, my favorite healthy comfort food is chaga tea. Chaga is a kind of medicinal mushroom that grows in bush trees, and it is a potent immune booster. It also helps to open up your heart chakra. I’m a bit of a tea junkie! I LOVE herbal tea like chamomile, lavender, ginger, and cinnamon.

Goddess Mena Love: Oh, you sound like me! I LOVE tea! Do you drink your tea straight up or with a sweetener?

 Sarah: Generally without sweetner, if I do, it’s with raw honey. I tend to stay away from refined sugars. Again, I am not perfect. Sometimes, when I don’t have honey, I’ll use raw brown cane sugar.


Goddess Mena Love: What’s your favorite herbal plant?

Sarah: Well, I like rosemary, basil, mint, green plants! I have a pretty nice garden outside.

Goddess Mena Love: I really want to get into herbal gardening. I’m trying to nurse a flower back to life right now.

Sarah: Talk to it! They listen, they totally do!

Goddess Mena Love: They do listen! My family and I did the rice water experiment, saying “I hate you” to one covered container of rice water, and “I LOVE you” to another covered container of rice water, and you really get to see how words affect your environment. It was awesome to see, and I’m kind of doing that with my plant.

When you’re not at home, how do you create peace for yourself?

Sarah: I guess it starts before I leave home. I try to be in a state of zen or calmness, and I’ve experimented a bit with projecting my energy out into the world. I think I have a pretty good strong energy about me. It’s interesting, because I tested this recently, I was at a bar on a Friday, it was a Friday 13th, full moon, and I was there to see this Norwegian DJ, Kygo. Before he came on, people were ancy. It was very interesting to see how tense people were, and so finally I felt like I couldn’t deal with this energy, and just got centered. I started to project a calm energy out into where I was, and I could see people starting to calm down their energy. I do this on the subway, too. If I feel ancy, I just take a moment and take control of whatever I can to get into that centered space.



Goddess Mena Love: That’s awesome! That’s that light worker in you, to be able to center yourself in an instance to change the energy around you. Speaking of sending energy, I just received my ART in Reiki, and it’s such a really good feeling to be in tuned with healing energy and projecting it where it needs to be. What inspired you to become a Reiki practitioner?

Sarah: That’s a good question. The beginning of 2012 was big for me, in terms of big changes. I received my level 1 degree in May of 2012. So, I actually think the big changes probably contributed a lot to my spiritual expansion and growth because, as soon as you go for it, as soon as you have those attunements, you’re wide open to whatever is coming through.

Goddes Mena Love: (laughing) You made me think about my own experience, I had to pause for a second, like, “yeah, that’s right”, so right on!

Sarah: Yes, (laughing), it totally changed my life! I think it was such a beautiful experience that I just started to explore into learning, growing, and wanting to find out more stuff on philosophical topics. It totally changed my perspective on life and spirituality in a big way. It also strengthen me in a lot of ways. The day after I received my Reiki certification, I felt strong enough to smudge my house for the first time. Progressively, things started to happen. I started to feel so good when doing this and I felt like this was something I needed to incorporate in my daily lifestyle. I don’t know if I would be doing sessions with people, but now I incorporate Reiki in Urban Minerals, which is a wonderful thing.


Goddess Mena Love: Yes, well you are definitely helping people with infusing Reiki in Urban Minerals.

So, I don’t like to wear make because I don’t know how to apply it. I don’t know if I’m ready to start getting into it, and I want to make sure I look as natural as possible. I wear a little bit of eyeliner and lip glass or gloss. My major thing is looking natural and not like a whole different person. I would LOVE to play with eye shadow colors, but I’m very hesitant. I see people, at times, who wear an excessive amount of make-up and I’ve gotten offers from MUA’s to let them make up my face. My whole issue with that is, “can you get me to look as natural as I am, right now, with a few enhancers?”

I say all of this to say, I feel like my complexion is somewhat of an awkward color.

 Sarah: Awww, you’re beautiful!

Goddess Mena Love: Thank you! (laughing) I didn’t mean to come off in a negative way, my skin is weirdly beautiful to me. It’s like a glowing, orangey, golden brownish, caramel color, and that shade of foundation is really hard to find!

 Sarah: I can find it for you. I made it!


Goddess Mena Love: Another problem I have is trying on packaged make-up. What’s an easy way to find your tone?

Sarah: The first thing you need to do is get good lighting. I am a medium skin tone, I’m not very light, I’m not very dark, I’m kind of in the middle. I would say you’re a medium to dark skin tone. Importantly, you want to find what your under tone is. Your under tone refers to the tone of the shade of color you are. Tone is how much gray you have in your skin tone, and also how much yellow and red. So, you’re trying to figure out what that balance is. For me, I have a fair amount of yellow in my skin tone. A good way or a barometer for checking that is to look at your wrist and see what color the veins are. If they appear to be a blue or a purple, then you know you have a very cool skin tone. If your veins appear to be green, then you know you have a warm skin tone, like yellow and orange. From that point on, that’s where you want to get the actual physical product and start checking it on your skin to see how it looks and match. The best place to check, would be right on the jawline. You want to put a few swatches next to each other. The color that disappears totally, is the color you want to choose, because that’s the color that’s going to be flawless and easy to apply, probably do just a few swipes and then you’re done.

Goddess Mena Love: That’s totally awesome information. I’m so thinking about exploring Urban Minerals. Something I can apply by myself, with the right shade, that doesn’t break me out, would be perfect.


Goddess Mena Love: Any book you’re reading right now, that’s so awesome?

Sarah: In my free time I’m reading, E Squared by Pam Grout. It’s essentially a session or a bunch of experiences to test manifestation. So, I know that I am a very good at manifesting, I’ve manifested a lot of stuff, but this book is interesting because the author (Pam Grout), is linking a lot of what she’s talking about to physics, in terms of synchronicities and how you can influence the set intentions and manifest them. There’s also different exercises in the book.

I always keep Eat, Pray, Love, at my bedside because I LOVE Elizabeth Gilbert. I think she is a wonderful, author. She’s actually one of my heroes. I LOVE her voice, I think she is so funny, so smart, and so witty. Honestly, if I feel a certain way about something, not knowing what to do about something or feeling off, I just pick up her book and flip through. It’s a really good book.


Goddess Mena Love: Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out on their path of awakening?

Sarah: Just be curious. Be open. The more open and the more curious you are, the more you’re open to amazing enlightening life experiences. Be willing to re-examine and be a bit of a feminist about your own ideals, and ways you look at the world, and the patterns. Be willing to change your opinion about something, there’s so much out there.

Goddess Mena Love: I like the idea of being willing to changing your opinion, because your opinion changes all the time. We are always growing and transforming into things that we need to re-examine in our lives. It’s such a healthy mindset to have.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and journey with me.

Sarah: I LOVE your blog! I am very much like you, too. Thank you for inviting me to share about Urban Minerals and my spiritual journey .

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The Buddha Spotlight: RYT & Holistic Health Practitioner – Dana A. Smith (Pt. 2)


Dana A. Smith

Dana A. Smith

Goddess Mena Love:   How did you become of aware of listening and being guided by your intuition?

Dana:  I became aware of listening and allowing my intuition to guide me when I basically hit rock bottom. The things that I told myself I must do and how I must do it (rooted in ego) failed time and time again and while I was the end of my rope I decided to let go and let God. To trust in the blessings sight unseen. It took no time for things to shift in my life. I learned that the “little voice” was actually a big and powerful one that was there for guidance if I would just slow down and trust.


Goddess Mena Love:  How long have you been practicing Usui Reiki?

Dana:  I found Usui Reiki in 2007.


Goddess Mena Love:  What are the benefits of receiving reiki treatments, regularly?

Dana:  Reiki is a wonderful tool for stress relief. One of the greatest benefits in my opinion is that it works well with all other traditional and holistic healing therapies. Reiki helps to balance the mind, body and emotions, helps to relive pain, and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Goddess Mena Love:  What have you learned from your clients from practicing Usui Reiki?

Dana:  I’ve learned that the key to healing is letting go. Letting go of anger, fear, guilt, past hurts and even the ego is the key to healing. I often get clients who are referred by their doctors and they don’t know what to expect or believe. I’ve also learned that the body is intelligent and the perfect system for healing if we take care of it.

Dana A. Smith

Dana A. Smith


Goddess Mena Love:  Do you have any personal reiki stories, that’s made you smile?

Dana:  I have quite a few stories that make me smile. The ones that really stick with me are those clients that are dealing with chronic issues, such as insomnia (sleep is when the true healing happens). One of my clients is a firefighter. He was dealing with a long bout of sleeplessness and was referred to Reiki by his doctor. He made it very clear that he was only there to see me because his doctor referred him and at that point he was willing to try anything. I put him on the table and he spent at least 10 minutes telling my why Reiki wouldn’t work and why he wouldn’t be able to sleep. 30-minutes into our session he wasn’t only sleeping but snoring loudly!


Goddess Mena Love:  “The practice of moving your body starts to move your mind” is my favorite quote by you. What’s your favorite quote?

Dana:  I am blessed to receive inspiration from all sources. My favorite quote is “you’ll see it when you believe it” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. In order for great things to happen we must first believe they are possible in order for them to manifest.


Goddess Mena Love:   What is the biggest life lesson you learned so far?

Dana:  The biggest lesson that I have learned so far is that I CAN! I can be exactly what I want to be in life. I can be free from stress, fear, anger and anything that presents itself as a roadblock to my happiness.


Goddess Mena Love:  Tell me more about your book, Yes! Yoga Has Curves.

Dana:  YES! Yoga Has Curves is a testament that there is no such thing as the perfect yoga body contrary to public belief. It displays the beauty and tells the inspirational stories of 45 beautiful women. Many have been practicing yoga for several years and were, like me, disappointed at the lack of physical variety in popular yoga media.

Dana A. Smith

Dana A. Smith


Goddess Mena Love:  Tell me more about your 4th annual yoga, meditation, and healing retreat?

Dana:  Each year we plan a yoga getaway with our students, friends and family. It allows all of us to get away and totally immerse ourselves in yoga and meditation. This year our them is “the beauty of balance” and we will focus on techniques designed to balance chaos with bliss, something that is greatly needed without students.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your meditation destination?

Dana: Ahhh, a nice sandy beach with a huge palm tree and still waters.


Goddess Mena Love:  Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out on this path of awakening?

Dana:  My advice is to be patience and take things in bite sized pieces. Set an intention each and every morning to get closer to that which you seek. Check out your resources and stay connected to what feels right to you.


Dana A. Smith

Dana A. Smith



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Acknowledging My Growth

People who may have known me before my awakening would totally agree that I had a major attitude problem. And that major attitude problem was totally part of my personality. You either LOVED me or hated me, and sometimes I couldn’t really understand why anybody could hate me. My attitude has gotten a lot better. How I react to certain situations, needs improvement, and I’m on the right path!

A month ago, I was tested on patience,  gratitude, trust in myself, and equanimity.

I juggle a full schedule, like always, because I am a holistic hustler. I teach kids yoga, I’m a loctitian, a reiki practitioner, an intuitive reader, a personal assistant to an international drummer, and a full time mother and fiancé.  On Friday mornings, I try to keep my schedule clear because I  teach kids yoga at Big Yoga, from noon – 1pm. Ideally, I want to always be totally ready to teach. So setting personal clientele appointments prior to teaching is really not a good idea, if I want to make sure that I’m at my best with how I want to execute my lesson plans in class.

I booked a client (loc maintenance – retwist) for 8:30am. The original plan was to drop off my boys, and head out to Spring, TX, finish my client in enough time to get to Big Yoga, relax in my classroom environment and be ready for the kids.

At 6:15am, I dropped off my boys, got on the freeway to Spring, TX. Judging by the flow of traffic, I knew that I would get there at least an hour before the appointment time. Because of that extra time given to me before seeing my client, I decided to go to Target to get a couple of things for my Rainbow-themed yoga class. I arrived at Target by 7:30am, and ended up waiting in the parking lot until 8am (that’s when Target opens the door). In that waiting time, I was able to actively listen to inspirational clips on YouTube and HayHouse Radio, to keep my mind right for the day.

Awesome so far, right? Yeah, I know!

I buy everything I need and head out to the car. As I was driving the cart to the car, I looked down at my wristlet, and the first thing that came to mind, in a calm voice was, “you’re gonna lose that wristlet”. Immediately, I got defensive with myself and in my mind, arrogantly said, “No, I’m not!” What made even think I was gonna lose my wristlet, is the fact that I had it in a somewhat invisible area. You know that part of the cart where kids sit? Well that part was folded forward (closed), and that’s where my wristlet was resting. I get everything in the car, blast my music and zoomed down the road, extra excited because I’m right on schedule!

The plan was to finish my client’s hair by 10:45am, and get to Big Yoga by 11:20-ish. I arrived to my client’s house, go through all my essentials for her hair appointment, check listing everything and realized, “oh shit, my wristlet!”. All I could think about is how throwed off my schedule was gonna be! Driving back to Target, I applied some serious intention and reiki energy to the possibility that my wristlet would still be there! In my mind, I held the thought of me finding my wristlet with the highest intent! But guess what, there was a small mental tug-of-war with my ego and spirit. Spirit was trying to keep my mind at peace, knowing that everything will be exactly how I desired, while ego was upset at the slow ass drivers on the road! So back and forth, in my mind fear would arise and I would knock it down with the positive thought,

everything is in divine order, it will be there“.

But then……

“These freaking drivers are sooooooo getting on my nerves!”

“Everything is in divine order, it will be there!”

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeee!! Shit!!!

“Everything is in divine order, it will be there, you’re fine.”

“Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, damnit!’

“No need to stress, you can’t make the drivers go faster, be calm, it will be there.”

I get to the Target parking lot and I see the cart I used, it was the only one out there. And I see that the seat is not pushed forward anymore, it’s now pushed back.

Everything is in divine order, it will be there.

I parked the car like a mad woman, parking my car extremely crooked, took a deep breath and calmly walked in the store. The first person I approached was the manager who stated that the lost and found was in guest services. I get to guest services and I explain the situation to the rep, she asked for my name, looked in a small drawer and gave back my wristlet! I opened my wristlet, and instantly noticed $40 gone. First thought, “hmmm, they must’ve really needed that $40, blessings to them”.In my past life, I would’ve been raising all types of hell at everybody for my own careless behavior.

I remained calm, and walked back to my car happily because everything else was in the wristlet, and “hell yeah, I got my wristlet back!” I wasn’t too worried about the money gone, it definitely was gonna come back to me.

Life Lesson: The universe has my back! I got my own back! My positive seeds sewn in the height of chaos, reaped beautifully when I found that wristlet!

But oh shit, what about my time schedule?!

I get back to my client’s house at 9:02am, finished her hair at 10:30am.


But then my client says, ” I don’t have any cash, I need to go to the bank, can you follow me?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, in my mind, but what came out was, “SURE, no problem!”

So we get to the bank and, I’m watching my client drive through one line, out of that line, into another line, out of that line, into a parking space, and now walking inside  the bank.

It’s is now 11:10am

I needed to be back on the road, en route by 11:00am.

I’m kind of nervous, thinking what am I gonna do if she says she can’t get any money out, which lead me to remember that my gas tank was on E, and I didn’t have my debit card.

“Everything is in divine order, you will get there on time.”

She comes out the bank, close to 11:20am, with cash!

On the road, safely speeding and weaving through traffic.

The gaslight comes on…..

It is now 11:32am.

I stopped to get gas, jumped back on the freeway and made it to the full parking lot of Big Yoga.

It is now 11:50am, class starts at noon.

I searched for a parking space, with intentions of finding a parking space in the main parking lot, and I did!

It is now 11:53am.

I focused on a positive ending, instead of negative horrible ending! And won!!

THANK YOU, to the Universe, to myself! I’m learning!! I’m applying!!

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My Advanced Reiki Training Experience

Congratulations to me for letting spirit guide me into taking the ART (Advanced Reiki Training).

So what exactly is Reiki?

HEALING, ENEGRY HEALING, that if tapped into with great intention, everyone has access to it!

The general definition of Reiki, is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing!

Benefits of a Reiki healing treatment

Immediate sense of clarity

Boosts self-esteem and self-worth

Aids better sleep

Removes energy blockages

Heightens spiritual growth

Rids the body of toxic energies

I totally believe and know that when illness and dis-ease physically manifests, it has to grow through ethereal layers of emotional and energetic toxins first. Focused intention to clear negative energy of your mind and spirit will certainly keep you in a healthy state of awareness, ultimately preventing you from physical aches, chronic pain, injuries, emotional pain & trauma, etc. Sometimes you can’t prevent the hurt or the pain being inflicted on you, and you definitely can change the outcome of your healing from that pain with being receptive to healing energies from a higher source.

The fact that I’ve answered my call to be a lightworker, and heal energies of those who are in need and myself, is a such a rewarding blessing! With every Reiki session I perform, the energy channeled through me flows through my hands to promote healing. Thinking about it like this, I am a vessel for channeling healing energy, which heals you and I. There’s no such thing as catching the toxic energy of the person being healed when I am psychically protected and shielded, especially because of Reiki flowing through me and my set intentions for myself and my clients, that is key!!

Reiki, it’s an amazing feeling!

My ART (advanced reiki training) was on 3/23/14, and for a whole month leading up to that day, I was super anxious, super excited, super ready to learn more, and super ready to apply more. Training this time, was a little more in depth, leading to healing with crystals, crystal grids, and the practice of sending distance reiki, and only for me, a release and breakthrough. My Reiki teachers, Xiomara and Caroline of  Life & Reiki, advised all class members to bring something to put on the Reiki altar, which had me even more hyped! My plans were to bring my pendulum, new LOVESTONED  GEMS jewelry I created for myself, personal crystals, and/or pics. On the morning of training, I got up extra early to meditate, and clear my mind for what was getting ready to come through, when all of a sudden spirit told me to bring the box. At first instinct, I thought, “not gonna happen”, but the more and more I looked at the box, vibrationally, I was just drawn to pick it up, open it, be at peace with its contents and trust my intuition. I was spiritually being guided for some reason to take this box and didn’t know why.

What’s in the box?

Memories of the baby I lost in April of 2000. His name was Sir Maxwell Patterson.

“Why am I re-opening this chapter in my life?” was the number one question on my mind, along with the great intentions I brought to the Reiki altar.

Once placed on the altar with everyone else’s personal items, and intermittently sending Reiki to the altar by myself and the other four class members, it became clear why I impulsively brought my baby’s box with me. I needed to release that energy, that spirit into the heavens, into the spiritual realm, to just BE. The more I hung on to the energy of the passing of my baby, the more out of alignment I realized I would still be in while trying to make room for new energy to grow within me. Releasing Sir, didn’t mean that I was forgetting about him forever. Releasing Sir gave me access to letting go of holding on to his energy as crutch. In divine timing, it was time to move on, totally. His spirit is still around, and I’m at peace knowing  it’s ok for me to move forward.

When I got back home, something about me was different. Something about the energy in my bedroom was different. I almost felt like the spirit of Sir was so ready to be released, it was a sigh of release not just for me, but for him too. I almost could feel his energy saying, “thank you, mommy!”

The lesson of why I lost him in April 2000, has and will continue to give me insight on the greater purpose at hand, counseling women who have also lost a baby. My experience, and my healing has opened my eyes to being a source of healing for women growing through this type of pain. It also keeps me hopeful in the fulfillment of my desires to one day bring forth another child, without feeling guilty or harboring/sending old, toxic energies onto the new baby.

I am so grateful for this experience, to have the strength to let go when the time is right, and move forward in a healthy way toward the future, feels so light for me! No more holding on and/or carrying around stagnant energy.

And yes, that’s what came out of my own healing from my Reiki training/session. A lot of unwanted energy was released from areas of my body and I feel brand new.

Side Note: If you’re in the Greater Houston area and  interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner, I strongly advise you to check out Xiomara and Caroline, Life & Reiki, in Missouri City, TX.

If you would like to experience the miraculous healing of Reiki, you can totally book an appointment with me through!

Light & Love to you all!

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