Apres Nail Official’s Diamond Gel Charm Adhesive

Keeping my nails done! 

Thanks to @apresnailofficial and their awesome Diamond Gel Charm Adhesive, I’m NEVER using nail glue again!

Got some #fluorite crystal gemstones in there for protection, cleansing healing, grounding, and to increase intuitive abilities!


May Cause Miracles: Week 1 (Review)

It’s about that time for me! Spring cleaning body, mind, & spirit! Setting myself up for a beautiful path full or miracles, transformation, and living my purpose, is my intention this go ’round for May Cause Miracles. Following this 40 day shift every spring looks like something I’ll be doing ritually, so to all of you, join me on my next 40days adventure! In the meantime, you can follow my journey and read what shows up for me through my experience in shifting my perception from fear to LOVE. I also strongly urge you all to have May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein in your personal library, it’ll change your life!

So let’s get started!

Week 1 – Day 1

What I’m discovering is that I have a BIG ass fear of lack of money, not having enough or having just enough to pay bills. My fear stems from mainly how I was raised and seeing multiple family members mismanage money all the time. At the same time, who was prepared in high school on how to prepare for and maintain financial security?

Not me!

I’m pretty good with making sure bills are taken care of so that my family and I can be comfortable, however, the need and desire to want more or create more opportunities from my passion, to gain abundance and prosperity, has been on my radar lately. Through all the creative outlets I have, prosperity is close to touch. So, restructuring my relationship with money (by way of sustaining a healthy relationship with money) looks like one of the the many things I need to focus on for this 40 day journey. Today, I am willing to witness my fear, and will make conscious decisions when spending money.


Week 1 – Day 2


What came up in my meditation practice was to start researching and educating myself on a  few financial matters. I logged onto FinancialJuneteenth.com and found some pretty insightful articles and listened to a few audio interviews through the HayHouse World Summit. I made a plan to start spending consciously, spending money on necessities. By taking the fear out of not having enough and seeing differently through the lens of LOVE, I can begin to shift into a healthy relationship with my money. Funny thing about writing about this is that I never thought my focus would be about MY relationship with money. I have weight to lose, a LOVE life to nurture, a family to stay connected to, and a fire to keep burnin’ on this ever evolving passion of mine. Intuition is directly putting me in alignment with everything I desires and the root  of everything I desire is money.


Week 1 – Day 3

 LOVE certainly did not create the fear of lack of money! Today, I went from finding $6 to $20, and it was all found in places I never thought to look (i.e. old purse, in between old receipts, pockets of winter coats, etc.) I told y’all I was spring cleaning!

Week 1 – Day 4

Feeling good, feeling great! Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?! That’s where I’m at right now, shout out to OUTKAST! Although we’re in full Mercury Retrograde and shit/shift happens, I’m in a place of gratitude. I’m expecting the very best outcome and so it is! 


Week 1 – Day 5

  Shifting to something else I’m working on besides my relationship with money, is my ever-evolving passion! YOGA, YOGA, YOGA, is pretty much my calling, among other spiritual practices I indulge in. Today is the day, I add a little spiritual “umph” to being of service and being an awesome yoga teacher. Yes, I’m attending the Power of Assisting workshop at Big Power Yoga, which focuses on the yoga assistant being of service to the yogi/yogini in a yoga class. Have you ever experience being assisted in a yoga class? For me, very little, AND not as much as I would like, especially considering all the heavenly and powerful assists to keep you empowered while in challenging poses.  I am too excited about this workshop because it’ll thrust me and keep in perfect alignment with my yoga journey. I am too thrilled about learning and applying everything awesome from this workshop.


Week 1 – Day 6


Shout out to my yogini “OMies”, Brooks, Phoenix, & Heidi! Our time together creating vision boards was an awesome experience! We must do it again! 😉




Week 1 – Day 7

What an exciting week, full of miracles!

My Power of Assisting workshop was full of LOVE, gratitude, a BIG ass 2hr YOGA class, and beautiful souls! Taking Power of Assisting solidified that I am truly on the right path to my yoga journey. I LOVE being of service to people and sharing my light and reiki-energy through my LOVE of yoga. The day I assist my first yoga class, and then many days after, is gonna feel so empowering (and I LOVE that feeling!)! I know that every class I assist, and every being I connect with, will be spiritually rewarding and full of life lessons! I just LOVE the fact that I am a reiki practitioner, and can integrate reiki with yoga assists! So, pretty much the special added touch of divine healing energy flowing through me and to the people I assist is going to be heaven sent, and for that, I am grateful to be a vessel of divine LOVE and healing energy.

I didn’t over spend on anything! YAY!

I’m learning to be patient with myself when it comes to mindful eating and mindful spending!

I connected with so many amazing people in Houston’s yoga community! Shout out to the whole yoga community at BIG Power Yoga (@BIGPowerYoga), Claire & Olivia from Black Swan Yoga (@BSYHouston), Nicole Peralta, Sally Howe Garwood, Gayatri Parikh, my Sunday crew at BIG Memorial, and of course my family!

Alright Week 2, let’s get it!!


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#VirginTuesday: Yuna & Hannah Banana Smoothies


I’ve been playing Live Your Live by Yuna on repeat all day! I first heard of Yuna about a year ago, and I still hadn’t explored her music thoroughly enough to give any reviews. While listening to Yuna’s station on Pandora, Live Your Life came on, and instantly I fell in LOVE. It’s such a right on time song for me, especially with all the miracles I’ve purposely been in alignment with. Not many people would know this, but I’m actually kind of shy. Live Your Life came to me as confirmation to continue to step out my comfortable zone, and be comfortable with being imperfect. Live your life like you really want to, is what’s repeated in this song, and serves to be a really great mantra!

As a bonus, here’s another great song by Yuna, Lights & Camera first heard in Yin Yoga, taught by Belem Acosta at Big Power Yoga.

So now that I’m officially on Yuna’s music, I suggest you get into it, too! You know I know my music, and won’t steer you wrong!

*Check out my playlists on Spotify, Chill Flow Yoga & Love Goddess Yoga Groove Mix



Big & Juicy!!


If you have not made your way to Big & Juicy in Houston, you’re totally missing out! There’s two locations for Big & Juicy (Montrose & Memorial). The Big & Juicy I frequently go to is located at 1014 Wirt Rd #290, inside of Big Power Yoga Studio!

On a side note–You’ve gotta try the yoga at BIG, hella awesome!

So, I’ve decided to try every smoothie on their menu, every Tuesday, especially for Virgin Tuesday. Today, I tried the Hannah Banana! Made with apples, almond butter, hemp seeds, bananas, strawberries, vanilla, and almond milk, this smoothie will definitely fill you up. The Hannah Banana is very creamy and smooth. It was very good on the taste buds, and great if you’re the type of person who likes to play it safe with smoothie flavors. It’s not too exotic, and it’s not too bland, it’s just right!

Pros: Awesome, creamy, and fulfilling! Keeps you full for awhile!

Cons: None

On a scale from 1 to 10

Smoothie: 8

Service: 10

Ambiance: 10


Virgin Tuesday: Texas Yoga Conference 2014


I have no idea where to start!!! I had so much fun! I learned so much! I met so many great people! I connected with so many enlightened souls!

The TYC (Texas Yoga Conference) kicked off on 1/30, and was a full weekend of exploration, fun, and awareness!

Let’s just get out what I didn’t like from the TYC, because everything else was soooooo supremely awesome and I wanna hurry up and talk about it!

  1. I didn’t like the fact that there weren’t enough food vendors! There were only two food trucks, that were not there the whole part of the day. The only business that had a vendor table was the Hare Krishna Cultural Center. Don’t get me wrong, the food served was awesome, but 3 days of the same type of food was not one of my favorites. Hopefully next year, more food trucks can come through!!!
  2. All of the best classes were scheduled all at the same time!!! I soooo wanted to check out more than 1 class per 2 to 3hrs, and didn’t want to leave out of the class that I was so enjoying! There were so many great classes to choose from, it kinda sucked that I couldn’t participate in more of them.

So what should you expect from being at the TYC?!

To be honest with you, the TYC is an event that must be experience for yourself. My review, is just that, my review of my experience. You know the saying, “you gotta be there”? Well, you really have to be there, to get the full on experience and over stand  my experience!

I walked in an immediately, vendors everywhere, happy hippie souls, smiles every where. Every one there had the best spirit! Every one  spoke to was such a delight, and really seemed to honor the meaning of NAMASTE!

Nineteen Eleven

I couldn’t pass up the table with the fashionable, patent-pending custom yoga mat straps! If I could, I would’ve bought at least 4! The style patterns of the straps are so cute and unique. Nineteen Eleven’s straps are hand sewn and very durable. I haven’t had a problem with carrying my mat at all with Nineteen Eleven’s adjustable elastic straps. I’m buying more, I promise!!

The Buzz Bus

Kate Sornson, Director of Logistics & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter was such a sweetie! And the cute contemporary modern decor on the tour bus, definitely made me want to jump aboard and do some traveling! Kate travels  the U.S.  on a  Wellness Lifestyle Tour, giving exposure to wellness lifestyle living, foods, and events. If you don’ t bump into the bus tour in person, you can surely track their destinations on BuzzBusTour.com!

I’ll start another post with all the vendors that caught my eye! Support the vendors! 😉

Yoga of Relationships presented by Renu Namjoshi

This was a must class for me! Renu spoke about LOVE relationships, intertwined with yoga and astrology. The four types of LOVE she spoke on were Optimization LOVE, Divine LOVE, Unconditional LOVE, and Universal LOVE. Principles to sustaining a long-term committed relationship were covered using Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, & Yoga myths and rituals. Also, recognizing the masculine and feminine principles in all of us, brought awareness to exactly what type of person we are, and our expectations in a relationship. I learned that all relationships start off, optimal. We are all looking for unconditional LOVE. Renu, step by step, broke down the types of relationships by their meaning, which in return, causes us to re-evaluate what type of relationships we’re currently in, and what types of relationships we desire to be in. The most I learned out of Renu’s workshop is you must not expect LOVE from your mate. Give LOVE, the more you give, the more it’s reciprocated, and if it’s not, then it’s clear you must do what you need to do to make yourself happy.  I know this much, Renu makes me want to study my birth chart to check out how I pick out certain men in relationships! Knowing what sign is in Venus and Jupiter, and all the planets matter, when on this spiritual journey.

Reconciling Faith & Practice: A Guide For Teacher & Students presented by Monette Chilson

I LOVE the fact that Monette lives in Houston, easily accessible!! Monette spoke on merging yoga with any religion and being open-minded enough to not subject God, to just HE. If GOD is within us all, should’t there be some type of spiritual duality? We can connect to spiritual gods & goddesses through exploring your personal relationship with GOD through yoga, this totally deepens your spiritual connection and practice. I was glad to be in a class where the exploration of ancient goddesses were examined more. I do intuitive readings with a goddess oracle deck that really speaks volumes to me, and to be receptive of the feminine energy in spirit helps me to be more aware, well rounded spiritually, and have a greater understanding of who I am, and where I come from. Monette Chilson is the author of Sophia Rising, a book written about the the spiritual side of yoga and connecting with the feminine energy of your spirit. Examining life lessons on and off the mat, from a spiritual perspective, and knocking down the barriers on traditional beliefs systems, aligns you with a deeper connection to merge yoga, and all of the world’s faith traditions. I just received my copy of Sophia Rising and will be doing a review of the book, along with an interview with Monette Chilson in the near future! Stay tuned for those spiritual gems!

Romance The Shakti….Turn On The Juice presented by Raye Lynn Rath

I had no idea what to expect from this class, however anything that has romance and LOVE in it, I wanna be all in the mix of that! Raye Lynn Rath, a sweet Houston yogi, that’s been practicing yoga for more than 20 years! That’s impressive! All I could think about while sitting in her class, was

“I wanna be in my 50’s practicing yoga just like her!”

As we practiced,

I learned to be present in every asana and to be conscious of my breath, in every move.  My yoga practice has shifted my focus into self-LOVE and self-care. I learned that moving slowly in my positions instead of trying to keep up with others, is my natural flow, embracing my flow.

What Every Yoga Studio and Teacher Must Know About The Law! by Garry Kissiah

 So, I think of myself as my own little yoga teacher, and play with ideas that I can create something beneficial to the mind, body, and soul, while still keeping my original awesome personality! Studying the law and how yoga teachers should protect themselves seemed real clear for me.







Gary dropped so much knowledge in that 2 1/2 hour workshop, and the class could’ve went 3hrs longer with everything there is to know! He talked about students with injuries, teaching yoga classes outside of the yoga studio, lawsuits, self-care, running a successful business, websites, blogs, the importance of taking your own photos, and playing music in the studio from Pandora vs your own playlist. I urge all yoga teachers to get to know Gary Kissiah, he has wealth of knowledge on this subject.

Kundalini and Bhakti LOVE by Moses LOVE

What is Kundalini?

Awesome-Bad-Ass feminine energy that lies coiled & dormant at the base of your spine! When activated through meditation,  pranamaya breathing, and asanas, you’re in for a enlightened treat!

What is Bhakti?

            A devotional worship practiced by the Hindus.

I had the pleasure to meet Moses LOVE, at his vendor booth, before taking his class. A woman I was speaking with urged me to meet him because we share LOVE in our spiritual names! I was extra interested in meeting him as well, I wanted to see the LOVE. His energy was awesome!

He was cool,

and suave,

and centered,

and present,

and wise!

He’s very likable!

Moses shared an interesting story of his awakening and how he was led to be the person he is today, beautiful story. He has such a giving heart.

I’ve always been fascinated with Kundalini Yoga, but never try it. The word kundalini sparks something in me when I say it! Moses LOVE led us through this fast paced breathing (pranayama) that took me somewhere else. I kinda felt like I had an outer body experience. I could feel my body swaying from side to side, and I felt real good, LOVED and at peace. Afterwards, I felt like I met another part of myself that I didn’t know existed. Weird, but cool feeling! I felt very in tuned to my goddess energy, and limitless. I am so amazed by the abundance of LOVE you tap into through yoga. I wish more people would get into yoga, it’s such an awesome peace-enhancing devotion, made especially for you. His website is ILoveYoga.com, beautiful tapestry and harem pants to browse and buy!

Use Baptiste Yoga To Access Your Biggest Life Possible! by Nancy Sheridan and Laura Calcaterra

I was such a proud student sitting in Laura and Nancy’s class!

You know the yoga studio I keep talking about?

Big Yoga

3115 Allen Parkway

Houston, TX 77019

Yeah, so I already knew what I was in store for when taking this class! It felt like being at home!

For me, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga has really gave me access to being empowered, and relating  real life to the mat. I’m so into yoga for the spiritual gems, and allowing me to get to know my authentic self! I don’t know how many people practice yoga with just focusing on the physicality. I do know that for me, I gain so much more out of my practice when I’m empowered, either from somebody or myself. When old tapes run through mind, and I’m able to strengthen myself while letting go off what’s no use to me, is makes me aware of being someone I like. It all goes back to self-care and self-LOVE, at least for me and my journey! Laura and Nancy guided us to dig deep, finding the old tapes that negatively replay in our minds that keep us stuck, to  acknowledging our tapes,  giving us access to making new positive declarations! We all practiced yoga, and courageously shared our declarations in a supported and LOVING space. I left feeling empowered and a little more focused on what I want my life to be like.

The experience, lessons, and spiritual gems I found at the Texas Yoga Conference was a bundle of surprises! In every class, I felt like I was opening a present of something I’ve been wanting for a long time! I will totally be at the Texas Yoga Conference next year, see you there!

***For pictures and videos from the event***

#MenaLoveTXYogaConf  #TXYogaConf on Instagram!

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I just started training, Special Needs Kids Yoga Training! My schedule will be a little off for the next 7 days. The review on Being Mary Jane S1E5, will be posted by Tuesday morning. May Cause Miracles week 3 recap will be posted  on 2/25/14 and May Cause Miracles week 4, will begin 3/4/14.  The review on the Texas Yoga Conference will be released on the first Tuesday of March (3/4/14), to be featured in “Virgin Tuesday”.

Bare with me, while I concentrate on this very special yoga training!

Miracles & Blessings,

Namaste y’all! 😉

** Sooooooo, after long contemplative thinking, I decided to stop reviewing Being Mary Jane. I’ll still be watching, however I can’t give the attention to it, when I have so much to share about other things!

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Being Mary Jane: S1E4 Mixed Messages

I LOVE the opening of the episodes, they are soooooo fun and exciting! They keep you on edge for what’s coming next!!

So all the ladies that participated in the GNI (Girls Night In), opened up the episode with GNO (Girls Night Out). Jamming with the girls on the dance floor in a nightclub, clearly all the ladies were having all the fun! In the middle of jamming, Mary Jane pauses to text Andre, “Are we still hooking up later?” Drinks continue to flow, more partying with the ladies, and then Mary Jane receives a text back from Andre, “I don’t think so. I’m stuck at home”.

*See this is the shit I was talking about! I feel like if Andre wants Mary Jane so bad, why the hell is he still at home? Oh, for the kids? This is so not a fair situation!! Andre totally wants to have his cake and eat it too, but then some times I feel like he is really over his wife! I’m totally confused, and so is Mary Jane.

Andre receives a text from Mary Jane, “Let me know, I’m still out with the girls”, and as he checking the message, Avery is looking at him from afar. It’s almost as if Avery knows that he’s texting Mary Jane.

*I know it sucks to be her right now, she has to be on high alert with Andre’s ass, worrying about if Mary Jane is texting him, calling him, and sexing him. Now, Andre and Avery are cozy on two separate couches. Avery on one couch with son in her lap. Andre on the other couch with daughter on his chest. Avery asks Andre if he has to leave and he tells her no. They continue to speak to each other with hardly any eye contact about the kids wanting to watch a specific movie with the both of them, but fell asleep before it ended. Avery insists that maybe its because the kids just wanted Andre to be home.

Weekly Quote:

A woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself”

-Susan B. Anthony

Mary Jane & Kara

Mary Jane wakes up suddenly from an unexpected doze off, to see Kara next to her, on her laptop. Mary Jane asked Kara what she was doing and why she’s at her house. Kara explained that she was checking her messages from a dating website and no one was at her house. Kara asked Mary Jane’s opinion of how a certain guy on the dating website looked, which lead to a conversation about Kara hooking up with the latino intern, Carlos. Kara’s concern is that she doesn’t want Carlos to think that their hook-up is an easy way to get his green card. That’s when Mary Jane mentions “paranoia”, stating, “we’re all paranoid about something”. Kara asks Mary Jane about her profile on the same dating website she’s on, but Mary Jane claimed the profile is only for research.


Kara tells Mary Jane that she needs to admit that she is just like the rest of the world, trying to find LOVE online and possibly still stuck on David (DO NOT ANSWER). Kara finds Mary Jane’s profile and they log in together to see what’s really up! Mary Jane ends up having 12 new messages and one from a nice looking professor. Mary Jane is apprehensive in her approach to even being open to the possibility of dating other men and says, “he’s probably married or has a secret family”.

*That was pretty much an undertone dis to the situation she’s in with Andre. Karma in language, Kara repeats to Mary Jane, “we’re all paranoid about something”. Mary Jane gets up and tells Kara to delete the professor, but behind Mary Jane’s back, Kara doesn’t, and proceeds to respond to the professor as if she is Mary Jane.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane in the bed with a head board full of quotes on post-its, which reminded me of an instagram post I laughed at recently, where there was a bed completely covered with post-its and the caption read, “Mary Jane  Gonna Have Girls Like…..”

Guess who’s interests is piqued? That’s right! Mary Jane, surprisingly, is chatting online with the professor that Kara was suppose to delete. Mary Jane glances at her phone to see if Andre texted, and of course not, it only displayed the last couple of messages that she texted with no answer back. Seeing that, gives her a little courage to continue to move on with Mr. Professor, asking him to tell her something that isn’t in his profile.


His ass!!! I’m so irritated with his character right now! I’m not really understanding why he’s still sleeping in the same house as the person he claims to not want to be with anymore!

His alarm wakes his ass up, in what looks like, a separate bedroom from his wife at 5am. I’m thinking that he’s gonna get up, possibly check on his kids, then get his ass ready for work. Instead, he gets in on his side of the bed with his wife.

I’m totally mad and confused at this point!

Avery feels him come in, grabs her pillow and situates her pillow and head on his body. It was a little unclear at first, seeing what she was doing until, the expression on his face read it all. She’s trying to perform fellatio, but with a pillow? So Andre, gets completely turned off and asks Avery what the hell she is doing. Avery responded with, “Isn’t that what you say you always want? To wake up with me going down on you?” But Andre says the same exact thing that I was thinking, “but you’re using a pillow!” Avery claims that the pillow was used because her neck was hurting!


Who does that?!

Mary Jane

Just wrapping up a segment about Poverty in America, Mary Jane is a little bit happier today than she is on most days on the set, and so is Kara. Kara greets and compliments Mary Jane on her interview, and tells her the good news, that she just finalized the format for the new Bradley Hour. Switching gears, Mary Jane tells Kara that if she’s going to pretend to be her online, she should know that she doesn’t use internet slang, like lol! Kara laughs it off, but totally wants Mary Jane to spill the beans on the conversation between her and the professor. Mary Jane left Kara, literally, desperate for juicy details!

Nichelle calls Mary Jane for a big favor, to have her speak at her luncheon. Apparently, the key note speaker, canceled on Nichelle and Mary Jane was her next person in line with such short notice. Nichelle pleads with Mary Jane, telling her that she has over 100 mentors and menthes, coming to the luncheon and she needs her! Being the great friend she is, Mary Jane accepts.

Mary Jane calls Kara into her office, and tells her to close the door, as if something is about to go down. Mary Jane asks Kara if she’s still sleeping with “Carlos the intern” and Kara says yes. Hella funny, Mary Jane says that she can’t tell if Carlos is giving off that Marc Anthony-waif, but a little dainty, or if he’s flat out giving off that Ricky Martin vibe! “I don’t know if his merengue is a little like lemon meringue. If a fight breaks out, you might have to jump in!”. She then tells Kara that she might want to have Mark check him out to see if he’s gay, because he’s checked out all the men she’s dated, including David! What?! LOL!! Now, we have our gay guy friends checking to see if the men we’re dating are gay?! OMG, hilarious!! But oooops, Kara does’t know that Mark is gay and Mary Jane just kinda told Kara that he’s gay!!

Mary Jane & Family

Niecey is filtering Mary Jane’s message system so the “unwanted winks” don’t come through. Mary Jane asks Niecey about the relationship between her and her almost absent baby’s father, Dante. Niecey, claims that every thing is good. Mary Janes digs deep, only because she is concerned, asking if Dante is still dating his other baby’s mother. Niecy, lashes out at Mary Jane, saying that her and Dante don’t speak about the other girl. Just then, a scream comes from the other room, sounding like it’s Helen. The whole family rushes in to see what’s wrong with Helen. She tells them that her diamond bracelet is missing.

Oh, shit! Automatically, I thought it was Patrick, because you know he relapsed from the last episode. So Helen, is hysterical and crying, because her diamond bracelet is missing and she wanted to wear it to the gala. Dad tells everyone to look everywhere in the house for the bracelet and they all leave out Helen’s room. That’s when the fishiness, occurs. Helen stops crying immediately, giving the feeling that she’s being sneaky or wants extra attention.

Mary Jane

In bed with Andre, Mary Jane is watching her interview she did with the tea party strategist, discussing Poverty in America. Mary Jane turns to Andre and asks to share his opinion. He does, he shares, and that leads to “what he likes” about her. Gazing at her, he tells her that she has this thing that she does with her eyebrows. She goes into the face quickly, raising one eyebrow up, scowling, and grinning. Andre says, he calls it “the Mary Jane serious face”, and says it’s intimidating. They playfully straddle each other, then Andre busts out laughing!! Intrigued by his hearty laugh, Mary Jane tries to get Andre to open up about what’s so funny. He tells her it’s nothing, but Mary Jane insists that nothing is not an option, she wants to know what is so funny.

Andre is hesitant at first, but proceeds to tell her how earlier AVERY ATTEMPTED TO GIVE HIM HEAD, BUT WITH A PILLOW!!!! Are you so freakin’ serious, right now?! Really, Andre?! Immediately, Mary Jane is hot, not wanting to hear about Andre getting oral sex from his wife, especially when Andre is suppose to be sleeping in a different room! So as he telling this story, he laughs it off saying that it was the laziest head ever. Mary Jane is pissed! She asked if he was sleeping in the guest room, and this fool tells her yes he is, but it’s complicated. So they get into this argument, because Mary Jane feels like he’s a liar and an asshole for sleeping with the both of them, and he’s mad at Mary Jane because she just told him that he could say anything, he can speak about anything with her.

Do men really think like that? Seriously? Like, when we tell you to tell us everything, do you really think that means EVERY DETAIL? You can tell when people can handle certain conversations, based on how open you are with them. From the way I see it, Mary Jane and Andre are not close enough to be talking about something so sensitive. The timing, it’s just not right yet. So Mary Jane inserts a loophole. “Since we can tell each other anything, you should know I’m dating.” Uh oh, Andre is mad now! Sternly, he tells her she’s not dating. Mary Jane gives a great “Kanye shrug” and says, “we can tell each other anything, AND I’m not lazy, I give it my all”

Mary Jane and Family

Ugh, so Helen thinks that Patrick’s wife, Tracy, stole the diamond bracelet. Tracy is furious, pleading to Patrick, about how she did not steal Helen’s bracelet. Tracy wants Patrick to handle it in  a way that takes the pressure off Tracy, which is Tracy’s truth, but Mary Jane tells Tracy that the timing isn’t right. Mary Jane asks Tracy to leave, but Patrick tells Tracy not to pay her any mind. Tracy is livid, claiming she’s done, and leaves out of the room. Patrick is now heated. Mary Jane tells Patrick that Helen doesn’t like Tracy being at the house all the time, but Patrick so not hearing it, saying that Tracy is family, she’s Asia’s mother.

Tracy decides to plead her case to Helen. She tells her that she cares about Helen despite the fact that she knows that Helen doesn’t like her, and that she did not steal her bracelet. Helen, just looked at her, stone-cold, and then interjected with, “I’ve tried to be civil with you for Asia’s sake, but you just can’t take a hint. I don’t feel comfortable with you in my house. I believe you took my bracelet because of your past drug addictions.” Tracy explains to her that her and Patrick share the same addiction, why wouldn’t she think it was Patrick. “Because he’s my son and I don’t believe he did it.”, Helen said Tracy storms out of the house with Asia.

Kara & Mark

Kara is trying to get Mark to agree with minor self changes, but like always he’s just not with it. Kara tells him to take his jacket off, Mark doesn’t and won’t take the jacket off. Kara tells him to walk, Mark walks, however it’s not good enough for Kara. She then blurts out that his walk is gay, which makes Mark suspicious, wondering if she knows he’s gay and if so, who told him.

Mary Jane  &  Sean 

Mary Jane shows up to a restaurant to meet her online date, Sean (played by Wayne Brady). There seemed to be some cute little chemistry between them, while they played the get-to-know-you-better game. However, it was interrupted too many times by text messages from Niecy, Mark, and Kara. Niecey thinks that her dad (Patrick) and Tracy are breaking up, Mark questions Mary Jane about telling Kara he’s gay, and Kara admits that she kinda let it slip out that Mark is gay. Mary Jane attempts to have a nice dinner date with Sean, but her phone is going off with message after message, which makes Shawn kindly excuse himself for the night.     Shawn tells her that his buddy owns the restaurant, the tab is on him, and for Mary Jane to call him when her life calms down a bit.

Mary Jane at the Luncheon

Nichelle ushers Mary Jane to her seat, all while thanking her for showing up on short notice. Nichelle sits Mary Jane at a table full of Atlanta chapter board members, who all LOVE her show. One by one, they each tell her how grateful they are to have Mary Jane show up at the luncheon on such short notice. The seat next to her is empty, which prompts Mary Jane to leave her purse there, but not if the seat is taken. One of the board members, tells Mary Jane that the empty seat is reserved for their top financial donor, who raised 1.7 million for Girls, Inc. Mary Jane thinks, that’s impressive and checks her phone for a text message that came through from Mark. Mark, apparently, has been trying to contact Mary Jane about the “gay” slippage but she’s dodging his calls. Just then, the top financial donor comes to take her seat, next to Mary Jane, and guess who it is?

Avery Daniels


As Mary Jane is going through her notes, the ladies are discussing “law talk”, which leads to Avery bringing up  her husband’s affair. Avery tells the ladies that she found out her husband was cheating on her through his mistress. This juicy piece of gossip stuns the ladies and even Mary Jane, because Mary Jane doesn’t know Avery’s motive behind bringing up the affair at that moment. Avery puts Mary Jane on the spot, telling her she’s knowledgeable about things like this and asking how she should handle this. Surprised, but at the same time composed, Mary Jane strengthens up and says, “maybe I would up my sex game!”


That breaks the tensions around the table! Mary Jane goes in further with some facts, stating that the #2 reason why men cheat is because of bad sex, years and years of bad sex! One of the ladies from the table asks Mary Jane the #1 reason why men cheat, and Mary Jane tells them all, that men just simply fall out of LOVE with their wives. But, then she turns to Avery and says, “I’m not saying that happened to you.” So, Avery comes back with, “I read somewhere that men rarely, if ever, leave their wife and children for their romp partner”. Most of the ladies loudly agree with Avery. Then Avery tells everyone that her and Andre are in couples therapy, and they’re trying to save their marriage”

WTF?! See this is why I’m so not Team Andre, right now! How are you sleeping with somebody that you care about and who you want to marry, but yet you playing the role with your wife by going to couples therapy? Mixed messages, for real!!! What message is Andre sending Avery by still living in the house with her, playing LOVING dad and husband, and going to couples therapy? What messages is he sending to Mary Jane, by spending all this time with her, and confessing that he wants to make her his wife?

Anyway, so Mary Jane is introduced to speak, with the thought of Avery and Andre’s couple therapy at the forefront of her brain. She strengthens up again, takes the podium and begins speaking not about sisterhood. Instead, she does an impromptu speech to the younger girls about being #2, and being successful. She tells the room that being #2, gives you all the glory at being at the top without the pressure of being #1!

SHADE to Avery, lol!

Mary Jane continues with “the job of being #2, is to figure out what #1 is missing, what they refuse to see, and what they’re doing wrong.”

SHADE to Avery, again, lol!

Mary Jane tells the girls to learn, be patient, and to GET BETTER.

Meanwhile, through the whole speech Avery is tight-lipped and rolling her eyes.

Mary Jane finishes her speech with, “Remember to do the work, because if you don’t, [Kanye shrug], somebody else will.”



Dad confronts Patrick about Helen’s bracelet. Patrick tells Dad that he tried to tell Helen that Tracy didn’t steal the bracelet but she’s not really trying to hear it.

You know, Patrick is getting on my nerves. My opinion of him is just that he’s weak. I’m tired of him already.

Dad asks Patrick if he stole the bracelet, because of his past addictions and Patrick actually has the nerve to be thrown off by the questions, as if he should be trusted. So, Dad slides an empty urine cup on the table for Patrick to prove that he’s not taking drugs. Patrick declines, but also admits that he slipped up after 2 years of being clean. He said he got clean the very next day, and went to a meeting for support. So good, I’m glad, that eases my fears that he didn’t steal Helen’s bracelet. If Tracy says she didn’t take the bracelet, and Patrick didn’t take  it, who took the the bracelet?

Mary Jane & Mark

Leaving from her house, Mark meets Mary Jane to speak to her about the “slippage”. She begins to apologize, but he quickly forgives her. Mary Jane is so shocked and surprised at how fast Mark forgave her, that she tells him that she wouldn’t have forgave so easily. Joking, about his gayness, Mark tells Mary Jane “we are evolved creatures” I think he just wanted her to be honest and not dodge him about the “slippage”. Having her as one of his best friends means more to him than losing her over something so small.

Andre & Avery

Andre and Avery are at the first couples therapy session, we’ve all seen. And to be honest, I’m not hating on them going to couples therapy. I just feel like, if their choice is to really work it out, then he needs to stop creeping over Mary Jane’s house. Be working it out with your wife, Andre!!

The therapist mentions the encounter Avery had with Mary Jane, and asks why she is in attendance to the session. Avery feels like she’s invested her life, her career, and her everything to the marriage. She feels that she has a really good man, and doesn’t want to let him go, regardless if he cheats. Avery then compliments Andre on how good of a father and provider he is. The therapists interjects, telling Andre that Avery has picked out quite a few good qualities about him. She proceeds to say that over the last six months, when Andre & Avery first started therapy…….wait, what?!

Six months ago? They’ve been in therapy for six months, trying to work out issues in their marriage. That’s so oxymoronic!! How is he working on his marriage and cheating?! I’m so done with Andre! I hope Mary Jane moves on, soon!

Anyway, so six months ago, Andre made a commitment to the process of couples therapy and the therapist is wondering where his commitment lies at this point, why is he still in therapy. Andre tells the therapist that he doesn’t know why he’s still in couples therapy and that everything that he says in therapy, he’s already said to her.  He says he LOVES Avery, but wants Avery to LOVE him. Avery is disgusted.  Andre turns to Avery, grabs her hand and tells her that he genuinely LOVES her.

And I really felt that, coming from him.

Avery asks him, “Then why are you cheating on me?”

Andre honestly answered, “She sees me, and not the me from 10 years ago,  she sees me now, and she’s fun, and spontaneous”.

LOL, honest, huh?

Avery quickly drops his hand, she didn’t wanna hear all of that!

The therapist reminds Andre that the real heart of the argument is him. So , Andre tells Avery about her “investment”, how she “spruced” him up, how she corrected his grammar, married him despite what her parents thought, and just basically made him the man she wanted him to be, but what about what he’s invested? He states that he studied with her, he cooked for her, he listens to her, he validates every move she makes, everything, which has taken a toll on him. He feels that what he’s been giving to her is not being reciprocated the way he needs it to be. It’s all about learning your partner’s LOVE language. He feels like nothing to her, like he hasn’t paid her back from “marrying below her pay grade”.

WOW, there it is!

Mary Jane & Sean

Yes, a breath of fresh air, to see Mary Jane out on a second date with Shawn. They dig deep in each other’s personal life, even with her phone going off. Putting on her “Oprah hat”, Mary Jane asks Sean, “what did your ex-wife teach you?”

Good question!

Sean says that the biggest lesson his ex-wife taught him was forgiveness. Sean turns the tables, asking Mary Jane “what’s the biggest mistake you even made in a relationship?” Her answer, “falling in LOVE with a married man.” Mary Jane briefly goes into the story of how she found out Andre was married, stepping on his wedding ring.  Shawn tells Mary Jane that there is life after a bad relationship, she just has to keep looking for it!

I think this date is cute!!

Dad & Mom

Dad comes in Helen’s room with her diamond bracelet, he found in the laundry room, hidden under some dirty linen. Now, remember when she first yelled out and discovered it was missing, but when the family left to look for her bracelet, she stopped crying immediately, like how I said something was fishy? Helen claims she didn’t know how the bracelet could’ve gotten there and asked Dad to put it on her wrist.


Dad, asked Helen, why she hid the bracelet? At first, Helen tried to act like she didn’t know what he was talking about so he had to refresh her memory. “You had us running all over the house, kicking Tracy out, getting everybody worked up over nothing.” She admitted that she didn’t want Tracy in her house anymore. Dad was pissed, he left angry at Helen.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane pulls up to her house and receives a text from Sean! He thanked her for silencing her phone on their date and said he had a great time.

She’s all smiles!

But then, Andre’s ass shows up, like he’s been lurking, waiting for her to get home. He claims that he wants her and he LOVES her, and she’s putting up a good front for him too, like she doesn’t want to care about anything he’s saying until he breaks out with, “I’m filing for divorce.” Mary Jane breathes in deeply, holds back a little, had the viewers thinking she was just gonna walk away, and then, NO, she doesn’t. She smiles, gives him a big hug, and now I guess it’s all good between them.

As you can tell, I’m not really happy about how that ended.

But we’ll see what happens tonight on the  2 hour finale of Being Mary Jane!!

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Review: Being Mary Jane S1E3 The Huxtables Have Fallen

Mary Jane & Andre

Really? That’s how we opening up episode 3, with Mary Jane giving Andre head? I’m waiting on the excuse to why he didn’t respond the night that she was texting him while his ass was with his wife.  Unfortunately, her brother, Patrick pops up on them, literally, like in the same room, straight busting her out, saying “so you screwing married men, now” And I’m totally shocked and surprised, because how the hell does he know that Andre is married? Mary Jane is totally mortified at being caught in the act by her brother giving head to Andre! Real shortly afterwards, Patrick leaves and we find out how he knows Andre. Apparently, Andre used to promote his club, and he had no idea that Mary Jane was Patrick Patterson was his sister! Talk about a small world! Mary Jane blows off the handle saying that none of everything they’re into is okay and how could he even be okay with all of this. Erratically, she’s expressing why she shouldn’t even be sleeping with a married man, she deserves better, she was raise better, and just plain NOT OKAY! She looks at the pool and tells Andre that he didn’t fix the pool light like he promised. Andre, sitting down, somewhat calm, asked her “for what, why are you concerned about a pool light?”. With much attitude, she looks at Andre and says, “why aren’t you concerned with the pool light?”, giving the silent indication and insinuating that he doesn’t care about no one but himself. Andre stands up, removes one of his shirts and dives in the pool, turns on the pool light like the ultimate handyman, surprising Mary Jane as she looks from a distance. He swims back, getting out of the pull drenched and sexy, asking her “anything else you want me to do?” Lol, she couldn’t say shit!! But she did dry him off, which turned into some pleasurable cunnininlingus from Andre.

Afterwards, she’s outside wrapped in a blanket, looking at the ring he got her, still in the blue box, while he was inside getting dressed.He walks up behind her, catching her looking at the ring, and he says, “you should’ve woke me, I would’ve joined you”.

Ok, pause…..see, I’m kinda irritated that he’s functioning like ain’t nothing wrong. And I’m not sure what I expect him to do. I guess, if he really LOVES her, I wanna see him be a little more proactive in getting a divorce from his wife, or at least be moving out and living soooooo separately! I’m unclear on his plans now that he’s exposed! I do really feel that he LOVES her!

Anyway, he’s all feeling good that it looks like she’s giving great consideration to his proposal by looking at the ring. However, his bubble is busted when she gestures giving the ring back and says “not-like-this”. The situation is very stressful, so I agree with her decision.

This week’s quote:

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.”

-Bob Marley

Mary Jane & Family

All the ladies of the family, including unwelcomed extended family member, his girlfriend Tracy, are in the kitchen planning a surprise party for Patrick. Deciding if Mary Jane is going to make a cake, Tracy suggests a german chocolate. The displeasing and agitated, Helen, suggests Red Velvet cake because “it’s his favorite”. Mary Jane comes up with a brilliant idea, to make both so that he doesn’t have to choose between “amazing and unbelievable”, to ease the tension between Helen and Tracy.

In the middle of planning the party,  Patrick pops in, asking for an 8 letter  word for unfaithful, for a puzzle he’s doing! Immediately, Mary Jane is on alert, being that she was caught by Patrick giving head to Andre. She’s hoping that he doesn’t blast her business to the family. But then, Patrick asks Helen, what she thinks of adultery and she gives an honest opinion, “I think that anyone vile enough to break their marriage vows, and anyone stupid enough to help him, deserves all the ill will heaven despairs.” YIKES! Mary Jane, can’t take the heat, so she asks Patrick if she could talk to him in the other room. They both walk away and Patrick is so unmoved and callous by all this, his lack of care is expressed by stating that it’s fun for him, to tease her about it. He probably knows Andre on a whole other level than what Mary Jane knows, so her sleeping with Andre, he ain’t really for it. Mary Jane suggests hush money to Patrick, and he asks, “it’s that good?” He then tells her an unreasonable amount of $30,000 for hush money. Mary Jane is so not for it! No money was exchanged, but Patrick tells her to “just stop it”. In her feelings, Mary Jane tells Patrick that Andre LOVES her. Patrick laughs at her and says that she reminds him of someone he used to know, him. This is when we find out that Patrick is a cocaine addict. He compares her traits of addiction to the definition of what addictions really are, no matter the drug of choice (lies, sneaking around, sex, money, etc.) to enlighten her on her behavior. Mary Jane makes him promise to keep her affair with Andre between them and he does.


Kara is asked by co-worker, Julian, to look into covering a story about a 38 year old woman who was found dead in her apartment after 3 years, still watching tv, and not missed by anyone. Kara wants to know the angle and why it’s being talked about today, if this incident occurred 3 years ago. Julian tell her that the woman’s story has been turned into a documentary. Kara, is immediately turned off by the fact that it’s a documentary and asks why isn’t Cynthia covering the story. Julian tells her that it was bumped by the Beyonce documentary. Kara tells Julian to leave her the details, and she would research it later.

In a separate room, Kara and another gentleman, Sawyer, is waiting on Mark to show up for a meeting, I’m assuming to discuss his rating and revisions for his show. It seems as if everyone in the whole damn station is bitter that Kara has taken the job of producing Mark’s show.  When Mark doesn’t show up for the meeting, Kara walks out and into Mary Jane’s office, pitching her the story of the 38 year old woman found dead in her home. Kara suggests to Mary Jane that since they lost their “death row” story that she should consider covering this new story, sticking with the theme. Mary Jane, clearly is not feeling the story because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s the go-to-girl for every lonely single woman. But Kara pitches the story even broader, by saying that this is not just a woman’s issue, especially since the world is so disconnected and isolated, “no wonder why this happened”. What is surprising, is that this is not happening more often, because of the people’s disconnection to their neighbors.

Remember back in the day, when your parents, or parent’s parents knew their neighbor(s), hell, damn near everyone on the block? A story like this wouldn’t happen back in the day! But now, because everyone is so concerned about themselves, and also because most of society is just not as trusting and safe as it use to be  anymore, the likelihood of stories like this are not surprising.

Patrick & Dad

Patrick asks his Dad to call off his surprise party. Yeah, he wasn’t suppose to know that the family was throwing him a party. But dad, explains to Patrick how much it means to his mother, Helen, and because he’s been sober for 2 years, her prayers have basically been answered and worth celebrating. Dad tells Patrick, he’s gonna go and he better act surprised.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane begins her research of the woman who was found dead in her home, watching the documentary made surrounding her death. Connecting with the woman’s story after watching the documentary, she calls Kara and tells her she’s doing the story.

Kara & Mark

Finally, Kara catches up with Mark. She asks him why he’s avoiding her. Mark kinda gives her a lame excuse, saying he was in traffic and that he was going to call her. Mark gives her a time slot in his schedule, and Kara takes it as him being a bitch, not wanting to work with her. She reminds his ass of his low ratings and says that if he doesn’t want to work with her, “be man enough to say it”. In my opinion, I think she was totally trying to belittle him because he is gay man. Mark’s pissed! He tells Kara “his ass doesn’t need any fixing, any  saving, any tweaking, or any mending, he’s news a man, and just wants to do the news.” Kara tells him that Greg is in need of status report and to let her know what the hell he wants it to say and walks out.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is live covering the story of the dead woman, with the director of the documentary, and real life guest, Jesse Jackson. He says he’s not surprised. Mary Jane switches gears and asks Jesse Jackson, is social media the blame for this.  He explains that some change is good and that we should go forward and not backward by fear, which rings bells for Mark overlooking the show from a distance. Because of desensitizing technology, is the reason why the woman went missing for so long.

I totally get that!

Patrick’s Party

The whole family is in attendance at the party, while Patrick is trying to remain comfortable with it all. He tries on his gifts and then Tracy decides to give a small speech.

So, Helen, doesn’t like Tracy!Because she acted like she didn’t want to hear anything Tracy was going to say about Patrick. Tracy tells her side of the story of how she met Patrick, and how she’s happy to be with him, and personally congratulates him on his sobriety.  Patrick is looking uneasy! He feels like he doesn’t deserve this party and all I’m wondering is why not, unless he’s secretly still abusing drugs.

Kara & Mark

Mark walks in on Kara on the phone with her child. After she hangs up, he tells her the story of his first story and wanting to be like his news anchor idol Bernard Shaw. Marks goes down a memorable list of interviews he’s done. And after 17 years, he’s struggling with change. Kara, in the nicest way she can, tells him that his show is not that good, “America fell asleep, women think you’re dull, men think you’re arrogant, and kids think you should retire”. Mark says that maybe it’s not him and, maybe it’s the viewers. To put it more bluntly, Kara agrees, but stresses they need the viewers! Kara pitches a sexier way of telling the news, including a pop culture segment. She points out his skills, and pleads with him to let her help him make his show hot and knowledgable. He agrees!

Mary Jane

Co-worker, Cynthia walks in Mary Jane’s office to compliment her the Samantha Haven story, saying  that she found an angle that she never thought of.  Just before leaving, she tells Mary Jane that she Greg fire Julian. (Remember the guy that pitched the story to Kara?)

Cynthia claims that loyalty is a premium, and it’s important that “we stay in our own lane”.  Reluctantly, but peeping game, Mary Jane agrees. Cynthia threw a hell of a brick!! She basically told Mary Jane that she can get her ass fired, too!

Mary Jane goes home to relax and unwind. She goes online and takes an internet “Are you an addict” test. And 100%, she’s an addict!


Patrick is meeting with, guest star Darrin Henson’s character, to discuss his new venture, starting an upscale mobile lounge, and he’s uninterested because it’s basically just a food truck. A food truck where he and a partner of his would invest $30,000, into a risky business with someone who has no credit, no cash, nothing to bring to the table. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story develops into homeboy actually starting his own “upscale mobile lounge” behind Patrick’s back. Patrick reminds homeboy that the idea to start the last venture (nightclub) was his, but homeboy wasn’t having it, telling him that he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now, had he sold out when they did. Homeboy ends up telling Patrick that he’ll run the idea past his partner, Curtis, and will get back to him. That sounds like a “don’t call us, we’ll call you type of deal”!

Mary Jane

Mary Jane having the urge to move on, looks like she’s getting rid of anything that reminds her of Andre, after deleting his contact info from her phone. Looking like a LOVE junkie, a frustrated Mary Jane is on the phone with customer service, trying to figure out how to get Andre’s phone number back after deleting it. She is introduced to the cloud (it saves everything)!  After finding out that the cloud backs up all of her information, she quickly returns to her sweet self, LOL!

Mary Jane & Patrick

Mary Jane calls her brother for some support. When Mary Jane is picked up by Patrick, she gets in the car and admits that she is an addict,

“Hi My name is Mary Jane, and I’m an addict”

All together, “HELLO MARY JANE!”

Patrick takes Mary Jane to their Aunt Toni’s house, after asking him what he does when he’s “jonesing”.

And “yuck” at that the fact that the nasty dirty uncle took a big chunky grip out of Mary Jane’s ass, while greeting her with a hug! So Mary Jane hasn’t been to her Aunt’s house in over a year, and it seems mainly because they are not of the same caliber of the life she lives and is accustomed to.  Aunt Toni is cooking nothing but soul food! Aunt Toni’s house is a place where Patrick can reconnect to himself, which keeps him from “jonesing”.  Aunt Toni asks Patrick how he’s holding up. He says he’s holding up pretty well. Aunt Toni tells him that she prays for him all the time, as well as the rest of the family.

After leaving Aunt Toni’s house, Mary Jane gets in the car, not ready to go home. Patrick takes her to the club that he started. They have a conversation where he tells Mary Jane that she needs to leave Andre alone. She tells him that she’s already in LOVE with Andre, but she feels stupid for not seeing it come. As Mary Jane and Patrick are looking at the “closed down” club, Patrick tells her, “this is what happens when you don’t see it coming”. Patrick was referring to his own addictions leading him to a dangerous path, messing up his life entirely, and ultimately losing his club. He reflects on his life a little more, saying that he was the man, his game was popping, he was the king of Atlanta, until cocaine became his vice.

Patrick tells Mary Jane, it’s not worth it. Mary Jane shares with Patrick that Andre proposed to her.

He laughs.

“Dad’s miserable, mom is sick, coke head son, and a daughter who is sleeping with a married man, oh, have the Huxtables have fallen”, says Patrick.

Mary Jane tells Patrick that she is there for Patrick whenever he needs because he’s always been there for her. Amazed, Patrick wants to ask her for the $30k, being that he needs the money to start his business and start a new life, but instead, he asks her to promise him to call on him when she feels the urge to go back to Andre. Mary Janes makes that promise to call Patrick instead of Andre, for support.


Patrick knocks on the door of the family’s house at 2am. Dad opens the door and is frustrated! Patrick doesn’t have a key because of his past behavior involving his cocaine addiction. Patrick asks his dad to revisit the idea that he could get a key and Dad claims he’ll think about. Shortly after, Patrick is in his room, thinking, and thinking, and all of a sudden is snorting cocaine!


Maybe that was the uneasy feeling he had been feeling while the family was praising him and planning his party, celebrating his two year sobriety.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane lies in bed, looking as if she can’t sleep. She turns over and lies onto Andre’s back.

I guess they both were jonesing a little too hard, hard enough to succumb to their own individual addictions.

Stay tuned to what happens on the next episode of Being Mary Jane!

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