May Cause Miracles: Week 1 (Review)

It’s about that time for me! Spring cleaning body, mind, & spirit! Setting myself up for a beautiful path full or miracles, transformation, and living my purpose, is my intention this go ’round for May Cause Miracles. Following this 40 day shift every spring looks like something I’ll be doing ritually, so to all of you, join me on my next 40days adventure! In the meantime, you can follow my journey and read what shows up for me through my experience in shifting my perception from fear to LOVE. I also strongly urge you all to have May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein in your personal library, it’ll change your life!

So let’s get started!

Week 1 – Day 1

What I’m discovering is that I have a BIG ass fear of lack of money, not having enough or having just enough to pay bills. My fear stems from mainly how I was raised and seeing multiple family members mismanage money all the time. At the same time, who was prepared in high school on how to prepare for and maintain financial security?

Not me!

I’m pretty good with making sure bills are taken care of so that my family and I can be comfortable, however, the need and desire to want more or create more opportunities from my passion, to gain abundance and prosperity, has been on my radar lately. Through all the creative outlets I have, prosperity is close to touch. So, restructuring my relationship with money (by way of sustaining a healthy relationship with money) looks like one of the the many things I need to focus on for this 40 day journey. Today, I am willing to witness my fear, and will make conscious decisions when spending money.


Week 1 – Day 2


What came up in my meditation practice was to start researching and educating myself on a  few financial matters. I logged onto and found some pretty insightful articles and listened to a few audio interviews through the HayHouse World Summit. I made a plan to start spending consciously, spending money on necessities. By taking the fear out of not having enough and seeing differently through the lens of LOVE, I can begin to shift into a healthy relationship with my money. Funny thing about writing about this is that I never thought my focus would be about MY relationship with money. I have weight to lose, a LOVE life to nurture, a family to stay connected to, and a fire to keep burnin’ on this ever evolving passion of mine. Intuition is directly putting me in alignment with everything I desires and the root  of everything I desire is money.


Week 1 – Day 3

 LOVE certainly did not create the fear of lack of money! Today, I went from finding $6 to $20, and it was all found in places I never thought to look (i.e. old purse, in between old receipts, pockets of winter coats, etc.) I told y’all I was spring cleaning!

Week 1 – Day 4

Feeling good, feeling great! Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?! That’s where I’m at right now, shout out to OUTKAST! Although we’re in full Mercury Retrograde and shit/shift happens, I’m in a place of gratitude. I’m expecting the very best outcome and so it is! 


Week 1 – Day 5

  Shifting to something else I’m working on besides my relationship with money, is my ever-evolving passion! YOGA, YOGA, YOGA, is pretty much my calling, among other spiritual practices I indulge in. Today is the day, I add a little spiritual “umph” to being of service and being an awesome yoga teacher. Yes, I’m attending the Power of Assisting workshop at Big Power Yoga, which focuses on the yoga assistant being of service to the yogi/yogini in a yoga class. Have you ever experience being assisted in a yoga class? For me, very little, AND not as much as I would like, especially considering all the heavenly and powerful assists to keep you empowered while in challenging poses.  I am too excited about this workshop because it’ll thrust me and keep in perfect alignment with my yoga journey. I am too thrilled about learning and applying everything awesome from this workshop.


Week 1 – Day 6


Shout out to my yogini “OMies”, Brooks, Phoenix, & Heidi! Our time together creating vision boards was an awesome experience! We must do it again! 😉




Week 1 – Day 7

What an exciting week, full of miracles!

My Power of Assisting workshop was full of LOVE, gratitude, a BIG ass 2hr YOGA class, and beautiful souls! Taking Power of Assisting solidified that I am truly on the right path to my yoga journey. I LOVE being of service to people and sharing my light and reiki-energy through my LOVE of yoga. The day I assist my first yoga class, and then many days after, is gonna feel so empowering (and I LOVE that feeling!)! I know that every class I assist, and every being I connect with, will be spiritually rewarding and full of life lessons! I just LOVE the fact that I am a reiki practitioner, and can integrate reiki with yoga assists! So, pretty much the special added touch of divine healing energy flowing through me and to the people I assist is going to be heaven sent, and for that, I am grateful to be a vessel of divine LOVE and healing energy.

I didn’t over spend on anything! YAY!

I’m learning to be patient with myself when it comes to mindful eating and mindful spending!

I connected with so many amazing people in Houston’s yoga community! Shout out to the whole yoga community at BIG Power Yoga (@BIGPowerYoga), Claire & Olivia from Black Swan Yoga (@BSYHouston), Nicole Peralta, Sally Howe Garwood, Gayatri Parikh, my Sunday crew at BIG Memorial, and of course my family!

Alright Week 2, let’s get it!!


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Review: Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins

Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins

Step Into Your Biggest Life Possible: An Inspiring Master Class w/Dan Nevins


Dan Nevins, works with the Wounded Warrior Project and is an Iraq veteran who lost both of his legs after a combat injury. His inspiring life story of how he overcame physical and emotional trauma through his yoga practice was shared today, along with inquiry, meditation, and a powerful hour long asana practice at BIG Power Yoga (Montrose).

If you missed this workshop, soooooooo sorry for you! I was truly inspired to “take my legs off” and get down to exactly what I needed to remove and step fully into my biggest life possible.


I didn’t really know what to expect from taking Dan’s workshop and I’m glad that I didn’t put too much energy into expecting “something”. Allowing myself to be in the present moment, flowing and dealing with everything that came up for me, confirmed once again, my purpose. I say “once again” because lately, the majority of my conversations, how I move in my daily life, and what I’m allowing myself to see with the blinders off, shows me confirmation of my purposeful life’s work.

My intention upon taking this class was to expose my oldest son to seeing the possibility of what he can create if he allowed himself to get out of his on way, and to see and hear firsthand Dan’s story as triumph, powerful, distress at times, humility, and empower sense of humor in his life. This message was essential for the both of us, and of course, right on time.

Dré (my oldest son) has cerebral palsy. In the past week, as I engaged with others at BIG, speaking powerfully about Dan’s personal triumph, immediately I knew that my son would benefit greatly, as well as  for me, the chance to see the spark of what he would get from this class. Through the inquiry segment of the workshop, I was able to bring to light my fear on what hold’s me back from stepping into my biggest life possible. I was impressed that my son was open enough to see and know exactly what it is, that’s keeping him from stepping into his biggest life possible. I believe in doing self-work, and seeing Dré really think about what’s holding him back, and being authentic enough to speak up about it, made me so proud of him.

After the inquiry, the asana practiced began. Without judgement about Dré  practicing yoga in a heated room for the first time, created a LOVING and mutual bond between the both of us…….so much, that in times when I could feel that he may have needed assistance, I came out of my pose to powerfully and LOVINGLY guide him into the pose that worked for him. A little off subject, that inspired me so much, that I’m soooooooooo sure that I want to  totally take Baron Baptiste’s  Art of Assisting workshop sometime next year. I was filled with so much joy and a recharge of LOVE by assisting my son, and allowing him to mirror me, as well.

Funny thing about my yoga practice at BIG is whenever it’s at the part where we are going into bridge, which leads into wheel, I stay in bridge……out of FEAR. I’ve practiced wheel many times before and to me, being in wheel exposes my weakness, especially in a room full of yogi’s who are sooooooo not worried about that. Whenever, I get ready to go into wheel, there’s a lot of resistance.

Today was different.

While transitioning into wheel from bridge, Dan Nevins spoke about being a breakthrough for someone who can’t do it. That touched me to the core so much, and in that moment, the breakthrough I had by releasing my fears and fully going into wheel powerfully and stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life, was the breakthrough my son received as he looked at me when I came down from wheel. I did wheel, not just for me, for him, too! Being in that triumphant energy made me look inward at my own yoga practice and yoga teaching as a whole. Being of service to others in my own yoga practice and while teaching, was another confirmed purpose of my life’s work.


Dré and I was able to connect with Dan Nevins during the intermission and after class, and he was very humble, funny, gracious, and light-filled! I appreciate the inspiring life impact he had on Dré, and my vigor and growth in those three hours.

Blessings to Dan Nevins for sharing your personal story, and light and LOVE to all!


© Copyright 2015 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved




Lunar Flow Yoga w/Goddess Mena Love



I’m debuting my new yoga class, Lunar Flow Yoga at The Woman’s Earth Grand Opening Weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend
3425 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004
Sunday, April 19th
Lunar Flow Yoga
Invoke the divine energies of the moon while being fully present in a state of gratitude. Similar to yin yoga, each pose will be held for at least five breaths, for deep stretching and relaxation. Personal intentions will be released to the heavens as a peaceful end to this meditative class.
What to bring: yoga mat, water, journal, and either a throw blanket/bolster/pillow.

AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Goddess Mena Love



I’m debuting my new yoga class, AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow at The Woman’s Earth Grand Opening Weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend at The Woman’s Earth
3425 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004
Saturday, April 18th
Afrobeats Vinyasa Flow Yoga
$15 per Class
Fully express yourself and your femininity to the sounds of Reggae, Dancehall, and new age AfroBeats through stimulating yoga poses! Prepare to break a sweat and dance like nobody’s watching!
What to bring: an open mind, yoga mat, water & hand towel!

The Woman’s Earth – Grand Opening Weekend!!



**8:45-9:45am Mommy & Me Yoga with Anna
**10:00am-12:00pm Prenatal Yoga & Breakfast with Anna
**10:00-11:00am Kakawa (cocoa) Meditation with Denise
**11:00am-1:00pm The Art of Detoxification with Patience
**1:00-2:00pm “Shimmy Raq” w/ Bast The Bellydancer
**2:00-3:00pm Book Club & Meditation
**3:00-5:00pm Tantra Demo with Nickesha
**4:00-5:00pm AfroBeats Vinyasa Flow with Mena Love

**11:00am-12:00pm Lessons in Courageous Love with Dr. Rosell Rl Jenkins
**12:00-1:00pm West African Dance Workshop with Tracie
**1:00-2:00pm Love Sessions with The Muhammads
**2:00-3:30pm Essential Oils Class with Raquel
**4:00-5:30pm Soul Flow Demo, Goddess Body Demo, & Night Club Cardio Demo with Raquel
**6:00-7:00pm Lunar Flow Yoga with Mena Love

The Buddha Spotlight: Giesel Arnold

Namaste y’all

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to Yogini, Giesel Arnold!


Goddess Mena Love:  When did you fall in LOVE with yoga?

Giesel Arnold:   I don’t know when I fell in LOVE with yoga. I do know that I don’t know where I would be without it in my life.   I found yoga in 2009 at a time when I was very weak mentally and physically. I was hiding an eating disorder from my friends and family, I’d recently moved from Belize and I had separation anxiety and depression from leaving my family, friends and routine back home, AND to top it off I was being treated for unbearable back pain induced by stress. Yoga became my escape from it all, it was more than a coping mechanism, and it brought so much light to my life and comfort within right when I needed it.


Goddess Mena Love:  What style of yoga do you practice?

Giesel: I practice Vinyasa Krama yoga. I did my training at The Yoga Institute with Lex Gillian who teaches that method. I connected with that style of yoga and I am drawn to teachers with that same foundation; Shiva Rae, BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and Indra Devi. The word vinyasa means: vi = order + nyasa = placement; and the word krama means “the uninterrupted sequence of events from beginning to end”; so combined, the entire term means “the ordered placement of the sequence of events.” Usually shortened simply to “vinyasa,” it refers to a flowing sequence of asanas linked by breath and intention. I strongly believe that without the breath and intention, one does not practice yoga, they are merely contortionists.



Goddess Mena Love:  Do you have days where you just don’t feel like practicing yoga? If so, what keeps you motivated to continue your practice?

 Giesel:  This question touches me at a very core, because as teachers, we are humans. Of course there are days I don’t feel like practicing. But practicing and teaching is not about me. It is about everyone who showed up for their practice. They are my responsibility. They are my motivation. I remember clearly, at the end of last year, December 2015, I had a migraine for about 3 days straight. I lost sleep and cried because I was in so much pain. I was scheduled to teach yoga that Monday and I considered canceling. I pulled myself together and taught the class. I went through the sequence and my students had no idea I was ill. At the end of the class when I gave my students the final salutations, my voice broke and I cried in Namaste because I gave it all I had through the pain. My students depend on me to guide them through their practice. That keeps me going.


 Goddess Mena Love:  What is the biggest life lesson you learned so far?

Giesel: The biggest lesson I have learned so far is self-LOVE. It’s like we are conditioned to seek love outside of ourselves; in other people, ideals, and of course our beLOVED things. Yoga has helped me realize that true LOVE starts with you, right where you are, wherever that may be.


Goddess Mena Love:  Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out on this path of awakening?

Giesel: For the yoga curious I say, don’t judge an entire practice based on one experience. Its like finding the perfect shoe, there are different styles of yoga, so try them all until you find one that’s a perfect fit for you, your personality or your spiritual journey. I don’t think I’ve told anyone this, but my first experience with yoga was horrible. I walked in a class and it was hotter than Belize in the summertime. In what felt like a lifetime, I couldn’t catch my breath, I was on my knees, in child’s pose, I was on my back, in savasana and I finally raised my hand and told the instructor I CANNOT breathe I need to leave. I went to the front desk for some water and found out I was in the class for only 15 minutes and I unknowingly walked into a heated advanced yoga class. I did go back, but to a beginner class and I’ve practiced ever since.


Goddess Mena Love:  When you fully extend is when you fully release.

 Giesel:  When you fully extend yourself, in the any yoga poses or in life, your body starts resisting. Resisting comes in the form of holding your breath. It comes in the form of saying, there’s no way I can do that. When you release any form of resistance in your body and your mind, you are able to sink deeper into the pose, you are able to melt within yourself, you are able to let go…and then you fully release.


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. Yoga gives me access to….

Giesel:  Peace of mind. I used to be such a hot head, filled with anger just waiting for someone to push my button.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite song/movie/book?

 Giesel:  Favorite Song: Magic City by Buju Banton. The beat and the lyrics transcend me. This song was my first mantra. Every time I sing this song, I feel so elevated and everything becomes so small. How can any of your problems consume your life when the universe is within you. “I tell you once more, where the mystic is all around, you enjoy the sights and the sound, so high you don’t want to be down, this is where I can be found.”

Favorite Movie: Sweet November

Its about this woman with a terminal illness and gives her lover the gift of her verve of life for only one month. There are so many people out there and they all love differently. She never told them she had a terminal illness. Her last lover in November, loved her so deeply he was not willing to accept her terms and fought for her, and changed all her calendars to the month of November so they could be together forever. He fought for her LOVE and to spend the rest of their lives together, even though he knew it would be short lived.

 Favorite book: You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

This book saved my life. In her book, Hay highlights physical ailments in your body as they are connected to emotions we are feeling and living. The first time I wasn’t ready to receive the message. I thought, no no no, don’t tell me what to do. These things I am going through are not my fault. As I went through the exercises and started practicing affirmations in my daily life, I began to heal my nose bleed, my anxiety, my eating disorder. I had a higher value of the things I felt and thought because they make up who I am and who I present to the world. To this day, I still practice affirmations. In traffic, at work, at home. They are everywhere. “All is well”


Goddess Mena Love:  What kind of music are you listening to right now?

 Giesel:  This very moment, I am listening to I am by Nirinjan Kaur.   Lately, I find peace listening to music, mantras, chants that come from Kundalini Yoga. I believe that your vibrations are raised by the music you listen to. Sometimes that might be as mainstream as Ed Sheran, Beyonce, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift- don’t judge me. I know you know the lyrics to shake it off in your sleep or as slow and conscious like some Bob Marley, Morgan Heritage, Lucky Dube, or cultural like the legends of Garifuna Music, Paul Nabor and Andy Palacio.


Goddess Mena Love:  How important is it to change your diet while living a more spiritual life?

Giesel: I strongly believe when you know better, you do better in all areas of your life, especially with your diet. I remember coming out of yoga class and going straight to McDonalds for French fries and ice cream. I can really be philosophical, but I will keep it really simple with this classic example. Lets use a topic a lot of people wonder about… eating meat. Some might ask, do I have to give up meat to be spiritual? You can advance along your spiritual path and still eat meat. But know that when you remove meat and other lower frequency food from your diet, entirely new spiritual realms will be available to you. There are levels to this shit. I believe that the more you refine your diet, the higher your spiritual attainment.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite healthy comfort food?

Giesel:  Hudutu luma falmou. Hudut with coconut gravy. This is my healthy comfort food. It is a traditional Belizean dish from the Garifuna culture and my mom would make this every Saturday. You use ripe and green plantain boiled and mashed together and the gravy is coconut milk with herbs and vegetables. It is traditionally served with fish, but you can omit that based on dietary preference.


Goddess Mena Love:  What is LOVE to you?

Giesel:  LOVE to me is infinite and truly unconditional. I believe that once you truly allow LOVE to blossom in your life, there is only acceptance. There is no measurement for a reason. I’m sure if someone could come up with a scale to measure how much one person LOVES another, just to prove it, they would.   It is one of those wonders that you just have to let be and enjoy the miracles in your life it brings when you are open to it.

When I say LOVE is truly unconditional, I mean that it comes without judgment and without the lingering dot dot dots we are so used to. I believe that you should LOVE with your whole being, not just with what you are able to see. I found LOVE in the most unexpected place, in my beLOVED Cardessa Kerr. There were many thoughts going through my mind; one of which was, “what does this make me?” and thought of the only definition of LOVE I knew which was that between a “man and a woman.” Was I in for a treat! I found the most supportive, LOVING, friendship, partnership, relationship in her soul and it felt so fluid. I couldn’t deny that kind of life from myself in this lifetime.



Goddess Mena Love:  What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from teaching yoga?

 Giesel:  As a teacher, I wanted to give people of color a yoga instructor who looked like them, for them to feel its ok to come in and try yoga. My biggest lesson so far from teaching yoga has been that yoga is color blind that people come to class inflexible, no matter their race. My original motivation to teach was rooted in separation, that we are different, but yoga literally means union. I’ve learned that we are the same.


Goddess Mena Love:  When you’re not at home, how do you create peace for yourself?

Giesel:  The flow of my breath is the anchor post of my practice. It’s how I know to remain peaceful even when I am not home because I remember how I breathe in my practice, I remember how I breathe at home and when I am not home, I may not be in my space, but I always have my breath.   I would drive and do breathing exercises. I would be at my desk and do breathing exercises and that brings me to a state of peace.



Goddess Mena Love:  Share any experience that stands out significantly about the role of The Law of Attraction and how miracles have manifested in your life?

Giesel:  I will share a Bible Verse to help illustrate: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7. Its so important to understand what you think in your heart is how you really feel. When i thought about becoming a yoga teacher, I mixed them with feelings of a thought I wanted to teach yoga and here I am a certified yoga instructor.


Goddess Mena Love:  Who or what inspires you?

Giesel:  I am influenced by the strong women around me. I have nine aunts. And each one acts as a teacher in my life and influences who I have become today. What inspires me the most is the growth that occurs from the lessons learned from my family and apply them to make myself, and those around me- whether my friends, students, coworkers and so on.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite yoga pose? Why?

Giesel:  My favorite yoga pose is Ustrasana- Camel Pose.   This pose was the most challenging for me when I started my practice. I felt a lot of resistance, physically and mentally. I was a very reserved person and thought that if you open yourself up to people, to situations, you will get hurt. When I finally learned the art of Ustrasana, camel pose and I felt my rib cage open up and my heart expanding, it felt like a rose in full bloom. I felt a lot of emotions rushing to the surface and I was overwhelmed. Tears were streaming down my face as I came down to take child’s pose releasing every feeling of insecurity and fear I had towards life.



Goddess Mena Love:  What’s next for you, in yoga and life?

Giesel:  That’s a loaded question. Currently, I am teaching yoga at a nationwide gym. In yoga, my next step is to continue create awareness and about my brand, yoga and to integrate of the practice so that is multicultural rather than one dimensional. I took a leap to host international yoga adventures in my home country of Belize, so I plan to make that an annual event. Also, I recently engaged, so I have a wedding to plan.


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. My life is so cool…..

Giesel:  I get to do what I love every single day and make a difference to everyone I come in contact with through my practice and in everyday life. Also, I get to teach yoga and be a student of the world’s most renowned Yoga Masters.


Giesel was born and raised in Dangriga Town in Belize, Central America and is now a Houston, Texas based yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health and nutrition, and self-acceptance.

On her journey to share her passions through yoga, Giesel incorporates her Garifuna and Creole culture, yoga philosophy, and awareness to attain self-love.

Giesel specializes in Vinyasa Krama Yoga, which is a flowing sequence of asanas linked by breath and intention.

She is a registered member of the National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers.

© Copyright 2015 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved

Gratitude Check-In Vol #2

So, last weekend I was tumbling with the kids in my class, right…..

And, um, I totally thought I could tumble with ease, but I quickly found out that I could not. Basically, I hurt my neck. A few hours later, whenever I would turn my head to the left, I could not only feel pain in my neck, but also a little bit in my chest (on the same side).


*And still completed loc services for two clients!

Determined to start the new week by continuing being a YES in my yoga practice and #40DaysComeTogether, quitting because of the pain was not an option. By Monday, the pain was somewhat gone, however there was this surprising twinge of pain in my shoulder. I say surprising because I can’t quite find the pain in a particular range of motion. The pain comes and goes, and shoots in the weirdest ways of movement, and it’s not always in the same movement every time. So basically, I’m caught off guard all them time with this pain!

Anyway, every day this week I woke up mentally strong and ready to get a practice in. By Monday, the pain in my neck and chest was gone, just a tad bit sore. I found out that every time I practiced, the pain in my shoulder would go away, like, I  can’t feel shit, which was awesome! When I wasn’t practicing yoga, was a whole ‘nother story. The pain, like I said before, came and went throughout the day and it hurt pretty bad.

So, here I am, at the start of week four of #40DaysComeTogether, taking Soulful Flow at BIGPowerYoga, taught by Katie Richey, and kinda thinking about quitting. I didn’t want to quit the whole challenge, however, I did want to take Monday off just for a “taking it easy” kinda of day.

My spirit wouldn’t let me.

Katie says, “today we’re gonna work on strengthening our shoulders”. I’m like, “SHIT”! At first thought, I was gonna just lie there, the whole entire class. Instead, I participated at MY fullest and being a YES for myself, while staying in alignment with week four’s theme, restoration. I was able to listen to my body when I could push myself to the edge for a possible breakthrough, and back off a little when I felt I was pushing way too hard.

Taking the first two classes at the beginning of the week, set me up to create endless possibilities for my practice with an injury for the rest of the week.

Being slightly injured brought up some feelings for me, in the sense that sometimes in my everyday life, I CAN take a break. I CAN delegate responsibilities to others in the house, rather than doing it all by myself. I CAN support myself by giving myself adequate quiet time to listen to what my spirit says exactly what my body needs. To be honest with you, this is my very first time feeling mentally and spiritually strong, and grounded throughout any 40 Days Personal Revolution I’ve participated in. In this particular 40 Day Revolution, I’m strengthening in so many areas in my mind, body, and spirit, that I want to fully be able to complete a class without being in pain and/or without feeling guilty for choosing to listen to what my body needs, no matter how it may look like to anyone in the class, teacher included.

You wanna know something deep?

I have this app on my phone, Heal Your Body A-Z, by Louise Hay ( I also, have the book! It’s worth having in your library for reference) and it basically shows you the probable cause of your ailment, illness, and/or dis-ease, and also gives you an affirmation to charge your energy to a higher vibration, healing whatever it is you have. When you’re sick or in pain, there is a process to that manifestation showing up in you physically. Louise Hay teaches that whatever you’re going through or whatever you’re focusing on negatively has an effect on your emotions, which manifests physically (I hope I explained that correctly).

Below is a break down of my ailments, probable causes, and new thought patterns to accelerate my healing.

Neck: Represents flexibility. The ability to see what’s back there.

New Thought Pattern – I am peaceful with life.

Neck Problems: Refusing to see other sides of a question. Stubbornness, inflexibility.

New Thought Pattern – It is with flexibility and ease that I see all sides of an issue. There are endless ways to do things and see things. I am safe.

Shoulder: Represents our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude.

New Thought Pattern – I choose to allow my experiences to be joyous and LOVING.

Joints: Represent changes in direction in life and the ease of these movements.

New Thought Pattern – I easily flow with change. My life is Divinely guided, and I am always going in the best directions.

I am going through a major shift in my life right now! I am moving, elevating, and vibrating so high right now, that at times I feel like I can’t handle this quickening of spiritual transformations and revelations. Sometimes, I feel like it’s coming quicker than I can handle, AND I’m handling it! So, me hurting my neck, didn’t have anything to do with me just tumbling with the kids. I believe and know that this injury was brought to my attention for me to recognize and begin to heal areas of my life where I am not fully allowing changes in my life to flow, like I always say, in divine order. It’s also bringing my attention to seeing that when I’m in conversations with other adults who I may feel don’t “get me” or when my family is doing things in a way that I certainly would not and still getting the shit done, it’s okay! There are plenty of different ways to do thing correctly!

No lie, there are certain things that I tend to want to look back and reflect on, for fear of major change and not wanting to move forward, and those things I’m reflecting on wastes a lot of my time and energy. I am admitting that I’m afraid to move forward, even though I am moving forward. I am boldly taking proud steps into my future. Gratitude definitely has to be my attitude, even when in the midst of situations that don’t thoroughly go my way.

So, today, I am grateful for completing MY five in-studio practices this week, while still being a little injured. I could’ve gave up on this whole week, and I didn’t! I’m grateful that I’m able to listen and check myself for improvement! I’m grateful for my life and everyone in it, and I’m patient for that job offer that I want so badly, knowing that everything is in divine order and I totally trust the process of life. I’m grateful for change, knowing that I have all the support I need. I’ve not failed myself by walking in this light!

© Copyright 2015 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved