Intuitive Readings



You know how you have that gut feeling about a certain someone or situation, but just not too clear enough to receive the answers? I can help you gain clarity and empower you to be a YES for yourself and the life you want to create with confirmation from my intuitive readings!

Intuitive Readings are normally $25, AND on Fridays I offer intuitive readings for only $15!

(3 cards, simplified past, present, outcome)

*Receive a FREE intuitive reading with your purchase of a customized, reiki-infused waist bead*

Skype or FaceTime readings are available!

Email your time preference with Goddess Mena Love today!

Many Blessings & Expect Miracles!

Celestial Ovations

If I can express the experience of having an intuitive card reading with Ms. Goddess Mena Love in one word, it would be clarity. She confirmed so many things  my soul had been trying to express to me, but the noise in my mind is so loud, it’s hard to listen at times. She was so kind, caring, and without judgement. I had my reservations about the reading, as it is against the tradition Christian lifestyle. However, through the reading I felt more connected to God and my higher self. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate the Goddess a 15! Blessings to all!   -Josie S.

I pray and try my best to follow intuition, BUT sometimes I have doubts. When that happens, I consult with Goddess Mena Love to get clarification on what my intuition is telling me, what Divine mind, my higher self, ancestors, and guides are trying to desperately share with me. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. It confirmed what I knew for a long time and I was able to take bold and fearless action.   Coretta W.

I had my first reading with this LOVELY lady, Goddess Mena Love! The clarity I walked away with is amazing! The reading was right on the money with everything I have been going through. I’ll definitely do it again, and I’ll be recommending Goddess Mena Love to everyone I know.  –Vanessa D.


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