I LOVE My Womb (Photo Challenge): Day 1 – Favourite African Goddess

Today’s photo challenge was to post a photo of my favorite African Goddess. Yemaya is the African Orisha Goddess (ruler of the ocean, deep seas, and lakes), that I connect with the most. I don’t know everything about her, AND every time the opportunity for learning more about African Orishas come up, I’m always drawn to Yemaya’s energy.

I believe I connect with Yemaya, off top, because of her association with water. It took a long time for me to get used to water. I mean, I like to drink it and bathe in it, but large masses of water sort of freak me out. That feeling is because, I am not the best swimmer.

I have the worst childhood memories of me vs large bodies of water. For instance, this one time when I was on a field trip (age 5 or 6) at the local YMCA, and instead of the swim instructor LOVINGLY coaching me through my fears of being in the swimming pool (no floaties at all), this fool drops me in the deep part of the pool. You know that saying, “sink or swim”? Well, I sunk. I didn’t put up a fight to even try to swim. I literally gave in to the water.

Another time, (around the age of 7 to 9), I was at the beach with a family friend. The day was beautiful, partly sunny, and full of all the sandcastles I could make, because, I WAS NOT GOING NEAR THE OCEAN. Playing along the shore, I also watched how other kids, and just people in general, were fearlessly enjoying the ocean, I mean all the way up to their waists. And to me, that was unheard of, because once again, I WAS NOT GOING NEAR THE OCEAN.

Bravery, started to settle in, because I wanted to experience the same joy THOSE people were feeling in the ocean. I put my  little blue pail aside, and began to walk towards the shoreline. Water hitting right at my toes, I went in a little further. Water hitting right at my ankles, I went in a little bit more. Water hitting right at my knees, and I’m starting to feel myself a lil’ bit… so much, that I turned my back to the ocean and stepped in further, and now the water is hitting right at the middle of my thighs.

I turned around to look at everyone playing in the ocean, who is now behind me, and fear automatically sets in. The biggest wave I’ve ever seen is rising high, and it looks like it’s about to swallow me. I try to run, but as the tide is moving me back and forth, my feet loses it’s grip because guess what? I’m standing on a sand bar!

So when I come back to consciousness on the shore, all I can remember is a big ass wave swallowing me, taking me deep into the ocean, and throwing me back on the shore. Talk about NEVER EVER wanting to get near an ocean again, that was me!

So now, being grown and conquering some fears associated with water, I’m not so afraid.

I said all of that to say, my experiences with water has played a major role in my life, by cleansing (physical and spiritual) and, ritual healing and offering. The representation of Yemaya and water, could have been a mini rites of passage for my role as the person I am today, a mother, a nurturer, empathic, a healer, etc…

For me, I connect with Yemaya because of her associations with the number 7, spirituality, moonstone, clear quartz, turquoise, sandalwood, and cowrie shells (all of my favorite things). And although, I may have had a traumatic experience with what Yemaya is the ruler of, being in tune with her energy gives me comfort, healing, and understanding to the wombman I am, and becoming.

She is water, she is magic, she is healing, she is Mama Watta!

My intention for the remainder of the #ILOVEMYWOMB photo challenge is to bring Yemaya into my morning meditations.

To get in on this awe-inspiring and fun journey of womb healing and awareness, follow along and participate each day for the next 30 days, of the #ILOVEMYWOMBPHOTOCHALLENGE (@ILOVEMYWOMB).


Intuitive Readings by Goddess Mena Love



You know how you have that gut feeling about a certain someone or situation, but just not too clear enough to receive the answers? I can help you gain clarity and empower you to be a YES for yourself and the life you want to create with confirmation from my intuitive readings!

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Many Blessings & Expect Miracles!

Celestial Ovations

If I can express the experience of having an intuitive card reading with Ms. Goddess Mena Love in one word, it would be clarity. She confirmed so many things  my soul had been trying to express to me, but the noise in my mind is so loud, it’s hard to listen at times. She was so kind, caring, and without judgement. I had my reservations about the reading, as it is against the tradition Christian lifestyle. However, through the reading I felt more connected to God and my higher self. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate the Goddess a 15! Blessings to all!   -Josie S.

Lunar Flow Yoga w/Goddess Mena Love



I’m debuting my new yoga class, Lunar Flow Yoga at The Woman’s Earth Grand Opening Weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend
3425 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004
Sunday, April 19th
Lunar Flow Yoga
Invoke the divine energies of the moon while being fully present in a state of gratitude. Similar to yin yoga, each pose will be held for at least five breaths, for deep stretching and relaxation. Personal intentions will be released to the heavens as a peaceful end to this meditative class.
What to bring: yoga mat, water, journal, and either a throw blanket/bolster/pillow.

The Buddha Spotlight: Afriye Michelle

Namaste y’all!

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to Astrologer, Poet, Vlogger, & Creator, Afriye Michelle!



Goddess Mena Love:  Who is Afriye Michelle?

Afriye Michelle:  Afriye Michelle is a beautiful soul who incarnated into the body of a black woman. I am ever evolving, and seeking ways to learn as much as I can, live as much as I can, laugh as much as I can, LOVE as much as I can, and savor every beautiful moment while I am here on this physical plane of existence.


Goddess Mena Love:  What was the turning point for you that got you started on your existing spiritual journey?

Afriye:  After my grandfather passed away, I started to question everything. It was such a traumatic experience for me because I watched him battle lung cancer in the hospital and then eventually at a hospice center where I arrived about 15 minutes after his transition. It was hard. Before then, I had studied metaphysics a little, but AFTER THEN I wanted MORE. I prayed and I asked God to show me who He/She/It was. I said “I don’t want to know who other people tell me you are, I want you to show me who you are personally.” And the rest was magic lol.


Goddess Mena Love: What is LOVE to you?

Afriye:  A friend of mine once said, “Love is an infinite mathematical equation that must be worked daily.” I think the operative word is work. Love is a commitment to caring about a person enough to take action towards maintaining their well being and growth, spiritually, physically and otherwise. Love is a force. Love is the gas in the vehicle of life. There are many adjectives and metaphors and similes I could use but something else about Love is that it still is very much a mystery, and THAT is what keeps people drawn to it, interested in it, and on a lifelong quest to keep experiencing it in its many forms.




Goddess Mena Love:  What are ways you show LOVE to yourself?

Afriye:  I am constantly LOOKING for ways to love on myself more. I’ve recently started this mantra/way of thinking that is “Do not make fear based decisions.” So that’s a way. I do little things that make ME feel good like get my nails done lol. I fill my mind with positivity. Positive words, books, and music. I SET BOUNDARIES and say “No” when I need to. I demand respect from people. I only maintain relationships that honor me. I recognize my need to be more gentle with myself. I say kind words to myself. I forgive myself when I make mistakes.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your meditation destination?

Afriye:  Still working on the quieting my thoughts part. I’ve read to just let your thoughts happen and then release them. But I still get stuck on them often. I want to be able to quiet my mind for 2 minutes, then 5, then 10, then eventually 30!


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. Meditation gives me access to…..

Afriye:  ANSWERS! I always find answers when I meditate…especially when I add in chanting. And peace. And the understanding that everything is happening for my good. *smile*




Goddess Mena Love:  Explain your deep connection with Astrology? What stands out to you the most about learning  Astrology?

Afriye:  The most important GIFT that learning Astrology has given me is ACCEPTANCE. Especially self acceptance. Through acceptance I have learned how to love myself more deeply. I’ve also been learned to understand that for everything there is a time. There is a time for perceived loss and a time for gains. There is a time to learn lessons, a time make more money, to take a vacation. The Universe is so intelligent and so perfect. Nothing is by chance. Everything is divinely timed. Now when it comes to free will, all that means is when you operate from your higher self you are able to call things forth that serve you higher good. You are able to be more of a creator because you are in tune with the will of your higher self. You subconsciously are working with the energy you’ve been predisposed to have to produce your highest good.


Goddess Mena Love:  Any advice for people just awakening on this beautiful path, we call LIFE?

Afriye:  Learn to honor yourself. Trust that even during challenging times you are still divine and everything is happening as it should be. Be gentle with yourself. If there comes a time where people don’t understand or accept your journey, that is the time you need to love and accept yourself more. Always affirm yourself and find that quiet place within yourself, your core, and always operate from that place.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite song/movie/book?

Afriye:  I love music so much that’s it impossible to choose one. But my favorite song at the moment is “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob.

My favorite movie is Love Jones. Favorite book at the moment is The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s in your playlist?


Afriye:  My playlist that I’ve been listening to lately is called I titled ‘Wave’. It has artists like The Wknd, Iman Omari, Sza, James Blake. I’m not sure of the genre but I like the ethereal beats and electronic feel with a pinch of soul/r&b. It gives me so much LIFE! I also have been bumpin a playlist called ‘I’m the shit’ lol. And it has Brown Skin lady by Black Star, Beautiful Skin by Goodie Mob, Whatever you want by Tony Toni Tone, Soul Sista by Bilal. Just songs that affirm who I am as a woman, as a black woman, and as the divine creatress that I am hunny! Yaaaaaas! lol




Goddess Mena Love:  What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned thus far?

Afriye:  TRUST MY INTUITION. Plain and simple and real.


Goddess Mena Love:  When you’re not at home, how do you create peace for yourself?

Afriye:  I tap into my core being and I focus on how I want my day to go. If I am in a situation that I am not the happiest in, I get quiet then create how I want to rest of the evening to go. In the past if I was invited to a party that I wasn’t enjoying I would focus all of my energy and say “There will be at least one person here who I will connect with.” And it ALWAYS would happen. I’m just imagine what peace would look like, feel like, sound like, and I create it. I create the best possible outcome.


Goddess Mena Love:  Any advice for women beginning to discover their goddess power?

Afriye:  Your Queendom is going to be different from every other queen’s Queendom. Don’t compare yourself. Create what you want YOUR life to look like. Set boundaries for yourself. Start creating an air around you the commands respect and it will be given. Imagine how you want to be treated and it shall be so! If there be any negativity to seep through in your life, have courage enough to address it and handle it how YOU see fit. YOU are the creator! Create the life you want. You don’t need approval from anyone. Forget the rules, what everyone else says and create what YOU want.




Goddess Mena Love:  Share any experience that stands out significantly about the role and impact The Law of Attraction has in your life?

Afriye:  Even before I knew what the Law of Attraction was I was using it. Every job or opportunity that I’ve had since discovering the Law of Attraction has been the result of what I mentally focused on and put out into the Universe. Think it, Speak it, Write it!


Goddess Mena Love:  What miracles have you manifested as a result of The Law of Attraction?

Afriye:  My Car!!! MONEY when I NEED it most. Both are miracles lol. I had to keep it real. Money is important and I always have it when I need it most.


Goddess Mena Love:  Who or what inspires you? Why?

Afriye:  OPRAH!! I love that she is very spiritual and grounded and also has attained material success. I know that money is good, lack is wack and it’s wack to be spiritual and broke!


Goddess Mena Love:  In 2015, what would you like to create?

Afriye:  Love. I’m like any other woman. I want to be in love. I am creating the perfect relationship FOR ME. And I’m also creating a means to generate income on my own terms. Everyday I’m thinking of ways to have multiple streams of income via entrepreneurship.


Goddess Mena Love:  I LOVE your mind! Can you please share a poem with my readers?

Afriye:  Sure! Here is a sort poem I wrote in honor of the Sun and the Spring Equinox.

“Rays that warm, but do not burn…things once dark now glow. It is the food for life itself, helping all things grow. It melts the snow on barren land, a push to cycle on. Give thanks and salutations, old blues become undone.”




Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite quote?

Afriye:  ONE of my favorite quotes is by Queen Toni Morrison. “If you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. My life is so cool….

Afriye:  Because I know exactly who I am and who I am not. My life is so cool because I have the knowledge and understanding to create my reality. My life is so cool and I’m looking forward to this beautiful journey. It’s going to get better from here! PEACE!



The Buddha Spotlight – Monette Chilson

Namaste y’all!!

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to author of Sophia Rising, and yogini, Monette Chilson!!

Goddess Mena Love: Can you give a brief synopsis of your book, Sophia Rising?

 Monette Chilson: Sophia Rising is a guide for those wanting to let their yoga inform their faith (and vice versa). I use a combination of research—from both yogic and theological sources—along with my own experience as a long-term practitioner to help readers explore the unique ways practice and spirit intersect in their own lives. Part of that process involves an exploration of the feminine aspects of God that have been suppressed in nearly every religious tradition.


Goddess Mena Love: As of lately, there’s been a new rise of strong feminine energy and feminine movement. In the future, do you think feminine energy will be recognized as more of a balance to masculine energy in our society?

Monette: I certainly hope so, Mena! A significant portion of Sophia Rising is dedicated to helping people begin to recognize the void that’s left when feminine energy is left untapped. Sometimes people want to skip over embracing the sacred feminine and go right to an ungendered view of divinity. My feeling is that to achieve true balance, we must spend some time exploring God’s feminine nature to bring the exclusively male view of God we’ve been presented with into perspective. We can’t change the fact that divinity has been masculinized for the past two thousand or so years, but we can begin to see the divine—and our power to reflect it—in a different light.


Goddess Mena Love: What’s your perspective of the duality of God?

Monette: Big question! This really gets to the heart of my book which is an encouragement to stop setting up false and unnecessary barriers between yoga and spirituality—or on a macro level between body and soul. Too many devoted yogis feel deep down that their practice conflicts with their faith. This belief is rooted in a perspective on God that is deeply dualistic—that is to say deeply  divided (God is this but not that), deeply defined (God is this but definitely not that), and deeply knowable (God is not a mystery because I know exactly who “He” is). My hope is that people will begin to venture away from who they’ve been told God is and find out for themselves.

Goddess Mena Love: Yoga is a great peace enhancing activity to religiously practice, why do you think people of different religious practices can’t get over yoga’s beneficial spiritual growth to go along with the principles of their faith?

Monette: I think misinformation combined with the different terminology of yoga and religion keeps many people from seeing how compatible their faith and yoga practice really are. In my book, I break down yoga’s eight limbs in ways that bridge the two worlds, especially for those from a Christian background. A classic example of how word choice can create a road block is yoga’s eighth limb, samadhi, which has been translated in terms including bliss, ecstasy, enlightenment, liberation and union with the divine. Some or all of these phrases might seem foreign to someone from a traditional Western religious tradition. But when we look beyond word choice to true meaning, the idea of samadhi, as well as practices to help   cultivate it, can be openly embraced by people of all religions to  experience “a peace that surpasses all understanding.” (Philippians     4:7)

Goddess Mena Love: Your personal goddess/feminine deity you connect with is Sophia, while on your spiritual path, are there any other goddess/feminine deities you connect with? Why?

 Monette: Discovering Sophia a decade or so ago was a revelation to me. I always knew that I connected with God in feminine form. I just didn’t know that there was a name for her within my faith tradition. I am also greatly inspired by Mary Magdalene, though less as a deity than as a women in whose footsteps I’d like to follow. Her relationship with Jesus is enigmatic, and the fact that her reputation survived so many attempts to ruin it, a testament to   her strength and goodness. In many ways, the Church’s treatment of Mary Magdalene mirrors its general suppression of women. One female icon from Jewish mythology that I’d like to spend more time getting to know is Lilith, who was purported to be Adam’s first wife, created from the same earth as him rather than from his rib. I find this legend and the strong female archetype it creates fascinating.


Goddess Mena Love: Any advice for those who have trouble implementing yoga with their religious practice?

Monette: Yes! Don’t take anyone else criticism of your spiritual practices to heart. Instead, look into the compatibility of your faith and yoga  practice yourself. Look at all eight limbs of yoga and draw your own conclusions. I walk through the limbs in my book and make connections between religious pillars and yogic ones. The ethical foundation of yoga—the yama and the niyama—are made up of specific precepts that are all found within the Ten Commandments, as well as in the Quran and within Buddhist philosophy. This coalescence reaffirms to me that spiritual paths really do share the same divine destination.


Goddess Mena Love: Share one of your life lessons that you’ve learned from your yoga practice (relating real life to the yoga mat).

Monette: One of the most important lessons yoga has taught me is patience.  The real pay-off in yoga comes from waiting and not forcing. From breathing through instead of barreling through. People think that this patience is a natural attribute of us yoga devotees, but I actually think many of us (including me) are drawn to yoga because we lack patience. Indeed, we are in desperate need of it. On our mat, we slowly re-teach our bodies about the beauty of mindful movement and of being gentle with ourselves. As I’ve experienced  success with this foreign way of being in my practice, I’ve become more willing to test drive my new-found patience off the mat.


Goddess Mena Love: In your book, Sophia Rising, you speak about humility and not being the most flexible in the class because of an injury. What advice can you give to yogis of all levels that may feel insecure within their personal yoga practice?

Monette: Insecurity on the mat comes from the same source as it does off the mat. Anytime we look outside of ourselves for validation, we set ourselves up for failure. There will always be someone smarter, richer or better looking than us. And that’s OK! We truly never know what’s going on behind others’ stellar veneers. Smart, rich, and good looking does not ensure happiness. The key to feeling secure is to focus on the practice rather than the result—in life and in yoga. Don’t shy away from creating your own home practice because you’re afraid it won’t be perfect. Just show up on your mat—even for 15 minutes—and listen to what your body’s saying to you.


Goddess Mena Love: When I practice yoga, I notice the slower I move into each asana, the more I feel aware of my body and the spiritual connection I have with God because I am focusing on the flow of my breath integrated with the thought that my asanas speak like prayers. Can you relate?

Monette: Absolutely! That is one reason I enjoy my home practice. I probably don’t push myself as hard physically when I practice at home, but I am more in touch with the spiritual side of my yoga because I am moving at my own pace, establishing that rhythm of breath and body that begins to feel sacred. When we can trust ourselves enough to create a living, breathing prayer with our bodies, we recapture the holistic expression that we often miss out on in the more cerebral Christian tradition.


Goddess Mena Love: Can you share a personal discovery you’ve found by keeping a gratitude journal?

 Monette: Ironically, I have found that the very things that I cite most often in my gratitude journal can irritate me if I am not in a particularly spiritually sound place. For example, I see “my children’s singing” pop up often on my gratitude list, but if I am feeling ungrounded or inpatient, that same singing may grate on my nerves. That paradox shows very clearly that my attitude makes         all the difference in my   experience of the world around me. It really drives home the truth behind the Greek philosopher Epictetus’ proclamation that it’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. We really do have a lot of power to change our perception of reality.


Goddess Mena Love: I really like that your book, Sophia Rising, bridges the gap between yoga and Christianity. How has the Christian community supported you and your book?

 Monette: I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive reception my book has received in Christian circles. I was prepared for a bit of   backlash since I tackled two different taboos—yoga as an expression of faith and the recognition of God’s feminine form —but, honestly, I haven’t received any criticism from within  Christian circles. I have had Christian groups decide that the book was too progressive for their book clubs, and I’ve modified my language to use more familiar, non-Sanskrit terms for some          audiences, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. My own church, Chapelwood United Methodist Church, has been extremely supportive, carrying my book in its store and inviting me to sign books and lead talks on several occasions [Thank you,    Christian Washington & Kris Jodon!]. The definitive stamp of approval for me came when I was notified that Sophia Rising had    been awarded the Illumination Book Awards’ gold medal (spirituality category) for the year’s best new titles written and     published with a Christian worldview. That designation made me feel truly supported and embraced by the Christian literary   community, something I wasn’t sure I’d find with this book’s publication.

Sophia Rising has also opened doors that revealed the true breadth and depth of Christian community, allowing me to speak at venues like the Wild Goose Festival where cross-dressing reverends lead worship alongside some of the most recognizable names in progressive Christianity. In places like this, I find so many people longing to bridge the illusory rifts that separate God from all the ho-hum parts of daily life. We all know God is in the details as well as the grandeur. Helping Christians connect those dots in ways that transcend the intellect has been one of the most joyous parts of this journey.


Goddess Mena Love: When did you fall in LOVE with yoga?

Monette: When I was 25, I “won” a package of yoga classes in a silent auction  at a charity event. I remember thinking that I might have committed a professional faux pax by outbidding a city council member I was supposed to be wooing in my role as PR manager. But I didn’t care. Something in me wanted to try yoga that badly! I remember walking into the studio the first time and feeling, paradoxically, like  I was coming home in a setting that was unlike any I’d ever experienced. For you long-time Houstonians, this was the Yoga Institute on Alabama back in the mid-nineties when Lex Gillan owned it—old school yoga. I was enchanted by the words, the smells, the zafus (meditation cushions) and, of course, the intense physicality of it all.


Goddess Mena Love: Finish this statement. Yoga gives me access to…….

Monette: Yoga gives me access to the me that exists underneath all my self-created busyness.


 Goddess Mena Love: What’s in your playlist right now?

 Monette: I don’t have a playlist! Can I change this to, “What’s in your book stack right now?”

I am finishing Meg Wolitzer’s exquisitely insightful novel, The Interestings. Up next are two review copies I just received in the     mail—When God Was a Little Girl by David Weiss and A Woman Called God by Peter Wilkes.


Goddess Mena Love: What’s your favorite quote?

 Monette: “If you judge people, you have no time to LOVE them.” – Mother Theresa


Goddess Mena Love: Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out on their path of awakening?

Monette: Definitely! I think when it comes to spiritual awakening, we are all beginners in the sense that each of us is continually beginning again. There is no graduation ceremony; no advanced degree in spiritual mastery. It helps to picture spiritual awakening as a process, not a destination. It is a way of being present in each moment life hands us—whether it’s beautiful, heart-wrenching or somewhere in between, as is usually the case. We begin to awaken by not running away or escaping. By accepting that we will not arrive at a blissful place of peace everyday. By showing up and surrendering to what is—just like we do on our mats. Of course, the act of living mindfully will bring us more peace, but that can’t be the goal. It is simply a lovely by-product.

© Copyright 2014 – Goddess Mena Love. All Rights Reserved

May Cause Miracles – Week 1

I’m so glad that I chose to be consistent in my journaling. There were things that I discovered about myself, that I knew I would’ve forgotten had I not written them down. Journaling is so good for you. All thoughts that pass through your mind can be written down, and when the time comes, you’re able to go back and read what you were thinking, reflecting on what has changed in your life, for the better and to learn from. Journaling is a real awesome experience.

Now This is my second time starting the MayCause Miracles 40 day self empowerment journey. The first time I  attempted and only made it to week 2. And when I think about how I started and why I started, I may have thought I was ready, however I wasn’t. I also realized that last  time when I started, my relationship with my boyfriend was the main focus. This time around, the main focus has totally been about me, about my self development, how I respond instead of reacting, what to do when I react instead of responding, seeing LOVE in everything that I do, and being a vessel for LOVE to radiate to others.

Week one of MAY CAUSE MIRACLES has been very eye-opening and full of acknowledged self-growth. And let me just say this, MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, is not just for women. This is a book for anyone ready to experience something greater within themselves, a shift in perception to be in alignment to expect and receive miracles all the time.

Week one began on a Tuesday for me, random huh? Yeah, starting challenges and certain projects on Monday isn’t my thing. I feel like I get more out of whatever I’m doing by starting on Tuesday. Which reminds me, that I need to research why Tuesdays are my favorite day to work, astrologically.

Week one was all about becoming miracle minded!

Day 1 : Witness Your Fear

“I am willing to witness my fear.”

Consciously, I put myself in a position to recognize when any type of fear arises, to remind my self that “I am willing to see my fear”. Fear comes in all types of ways. For the most part, this was an easy day for me. Since the last time I attempted to start MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, I began to live my life in a way, that I would be conscious of witnessing my fear, even if it came from a deeply rooted issue. This time around, the main focus coming up for me has been mindful eating. Being conscious of what I put in my mouth, and not gorging or binging! I was able to get to the root of why at times I over eat. It’s hard to swallow the pill that you have an eating disorder. I almost wasn’t ready to face that I am an emotional eater. As a result I started a food journal to be more accountable and watch what I am feeding my body.

Keeping a food journal went great all day, until my boyfriend called me, asking if I went to Popeye’s. All day, the urge to eat anything outside of vegetarian was not there. I’m not a habitual Popeye’s chicken eater, he is, and actually every Tuesday because of the 0.99 special. The weird thing is that as soon as I got off the phone with him, all these unnatural cravings for Popeyes grew stronger and stronger, prompting me to get in my car, drive to Popeye’s, order, breathe in the food while driving back home , and inhaling that chicken in front of the tv.

While I was eating this gross ass chicken,  I was scolding myself in my mind the whole entire time. I felt so bad, eating it, and I felt even worse afterwards. I felt like all that hard work of mindful eating that I had done all day, landed me to this. That was a hell of a trigger! I began to dig deeper, dissecting the emotional attachments that I associated with emotional eating. Key words or phrases, I came up with were anxiety, adrenaline rush, and fear.

Day 2: Become Willing

“I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to see LOVE.”

I woke up with mindful eating on my mind, especially since my stomach felt like shit and heavy as hell from the night before. I wanted to be mad at myself, but reminding myself to be present gave me the will to move and start new. Day two’s experience was me focusing more on my spiritual growth. My yoga practices have become so much more meaningful. I know for some, yoga is all about the physicality. For me, yoga is so spiritual. Being able to connect to the Divine through myself, creating a space for silence, focus, and intention, is so powerful to me! I realized that I practice yoga for the spiritual experience only, and as a result, my physical appearance begins to reflect a positive, healthy, melinated, glow! The more I focused on my spiritual connection, and the time I have to give attention to it, and mindful eating, fears that became visible on Day 2 had me literally stopping before taking action, and seeing the fear with LOVE. I did good on Day 2.

Day 3: Choose A New Perspective

“LOVE did not create this.”

Day 3 opened up with great, passionate, sex! The connection was so deep. I won’t get to deep into the act, however, allowing myself to shift my perception from fear to LOVE when it comes to relationships is allowing me to let go of my rocky past. Committed relationships don’t last too long for me, not because I’m not ready, but because of the men I chose, who weren’t ready. Every day I share my space with my boyfriend, I am reminded that he is really here, and he is really here to learn and grow even when I don’t think he is at times.

Switching gears, in yoga class I chose to try wheel pose. For those who don’t know what wheel pose is, please  google wheel pose or look up #40DaysMenaLove. My youngest son, Xavier gave me so much inspiration to do wheel pose, after seeing him do push ups in wheel pose! Now, of course, my body isn’t ready to do push ups in wheel pose, and with removing fear, I was able to attempt and lift myself off the ground a little bit!



While trying wheel pose over and over, I kept saying to myself, “LOVE did not create this”.  I chose to remain powerful and LOVE myself even more when I felt I couldn’t do it. Not to mention, the chakra power crystals I made for myself, especially for the root chakra, had me on some serious grounding, knowing that I am safe and secure, and an abundance of strength.

Day 4: Gratitude is the Attitude

“Gratitude is my only attitude today.”

Once again, I had a pretty easy day, and grateful for that! Due to the weather, I was unable to go to Big Yoga (in Houston, TX) to practice with all my fellow yogis and yoginis. However, I was able to practice at home. I am so grateful that I didn’t quit in the middle of practicing! I am so grateful that my at-home practice was a success and a reminder that I CAN do yoga at home! Even though, I was inconvenienced a little by the weather, I am grateful that I was able to center myself in my at-home yoga practice. Doing yoga by myself, without other people, made me feel another type of connection with the Divine that I don’t normally get to feel when I’m with others. I felt like with every position I was talking directly to God, like it was just me and the Divine having a conversation alone! It felt great! I am so grateful I have the time to do yoga anytime I want! And I’m especially grateful for that day to come when I become a certified yoga teacher, it’s coming in the near future!

Day 5: The F Word — Learning to Forgive.

“I forgive myself for choosing fear. I choose LOVE instead.”

Mindful eating was on point! No all of a sudden “a-ha” moments today. Day 5 was more of me just coasting and being conscious of LOVING thoughts. Any fears that came up for me, I was able to assess and forgive myself for believing in the negative thought pattern I created for myself. I’m learning, I’m growing!  The one thing I did learn from Day 5, and also through a group gathering at Big Yoga was “the key to getting present is knowing when you’re not”. I choose LOVE instead.

Day 6: Expect Miracles!

“I believe in miracles!”

I do! I really really do! And I’m grateful that even in the midst of obstacles, I can still say I believe in miracles! It’s a wonderful feeling to shift your perception from fear to LOVE! It allows you to seriously noticing the small miracles too, that lead to the really big miracles!! Day 6 was full of treats! I attended a guided meditation workshop hosted by Nancy Sheridan Perry, co-founder of Big Yoga.  The miracle in all of this, is that I’m not scared to meditate alone anymore! In the beginning of my enlightened spiritual journey, I could totally help you meditate, but I couldn’t meditate alone. Now, I can meditate alone, and that’s a miracle. And it’s an even bigger miracle that I’m able to  implement meditation as a daily practice. The more you practice meditating, the more you are strengthening your “letting go” muscle.

Day7: Reflect & Prepare

I was tested today.

I was tested today and I feel like I failed.

On my FB page, my relationship status stated that I was in an open relationship. I have my own meaning of what a open relationship means to me. My definition of an open relationship is having a relationship with multiple people, but not in the sense that the relationships all have to be intimate. When you think about it, you have relationships with many people. I have a relationship with my mother, my boyfriend, my children, my yogi friends, my best friends, and GOD. Why are we limiting the status of being in a open relationship to a woman or a man having multiple partners? See, I’m an out-the-box thinker!

My boyfriend is so not the internet computer type, however certain family members and friends of his are, and have brought it to his attention that the status of being in an open relationship is inappropriate.

Do I hide anything?


Has my relationship status been “open” since I entered into a committed, intimate, and exclusive relationship with him?


Why is he bothered by my relationship status?

I have no idea.

Could it be his insecurities?


To make a long story short, we get into this heated debate about changing my relationship status. I didn’t have a problem with him suggesting I change it, however I had an issue with him not understanding why I chose to keep my relationship status open. After all was said, I had to go deep within and apologize to him. I apologized for yelling at him to get my point across, thinking that yelling louder will help him understand. However, I did stress that I was not apologizing for what I said.

Agreeing to disagree, I chose to compromise and change my relationship status to “domestic partnership”. Seeing how my “open relationship” status made him feel regardless of how it meant to me, made me kinda see it from his perspective. I used all of week one’s tools to get me to make that choice. By me changing my status, made him share a little more of his feelings for me, and also made him feel like he is in this relationship, too. We’re a lot more happier today, and of, course our LOVEmaking is on point!

*(Chakra Jewelry by Mena Love on Instagram @Lovestoned_Gems)

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