-The Magician-

You have all the tools to be successful! You can accomplish anything you desire! What are you waiting for? Get up and do that thing that inspires you! What is it that you wish to manifest? Look within and look around you! Everything you need is already here, at your reach! Stand in your power and make shit happen! 

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Intuitive Readings by Goddess Mena Love



You know how you have that gut feeling about a certain someone or situation, but just not too clear enough to receive the answers? I can help you gain clarity and empower you to be a YES for yourself and the life you want to create with confirmation from my intuitive readings!

Intuitive Readings are normally $25, AND on Fridays I offer intuitive readings for only $15!

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Many Blessings & Expect Miracles!

Celestial Ovations

If I can express the experience of having an intuitive card reading with Ms. Goddess Mena Love in one word, it would be clarity. She confirmed so many things ¬†my soul had been trying to express to me, but the noise in my mind is so loud, it’s hard to listen at times. She was so kind, caring, and without judgement. I had my reservations about the reading, as it is against the tradition Christian lifestyle. However, through the reading I felt more connected to God and my higher self. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate the Goddess a 15! Blessings to all!¬†¬†¬†-Josie S.




Do you resonate with this card as much as I do?


I have so many ideas and new projects brewing, and ready to be birthed into action, and the only thing that holds me back sometimes is me! Sometimes, I feel like I’m not experienced enough or I’m not good enough, which is a lie I tell myself when I’m scared or in procrastination mode! This card reminded me to trust myself, my intuition, and that I’m fully supported by the Universe. I have a couple mantras that I like to repeat to myself when I feel like I’m being overwhelmed by life lessons:

Expect Miracles


I trust the process of Life

I’m always in awe at the divine timing of things, such as last night’s thought to get off my ass and create a vision board based on one my lessons for Inspired Action. Today,¬†Goddess Aine popped up¬†right in the nick of time for confirmation! It’s the learning and applying of listening to your intuition, and being spiritually led and guided that keeps you on your purposeful path. Walk in the purpose that’s specifically designed for you! It’s scary too, because you don’t know if what you’re suppose to be doing, is exactly what you need to be doing at that moment. Know that, that fear comes from you wanting to be in control of everything you do, and most of the ¬†times ¬†you ain’t in control when things are flowing divinely to you.

From experience, it takes practice to ignore the negative thoughts in your mind (the lies you tell), that keep you from accomplishing your goals. I’ve seen some awesome shit manifest in my life, as a result of forward, positive thinking, and jumping right out of my comfort zone and into inspired action! So, let’s all take time to think about what exactly we want to be doing and manifesting in our lives, and take a leap! Trust that you are fully supported!

*If  you would like to set up an appointment for an Intuitive Card Reading, contact me via email, GoddessMenaLove@gmail, or book your appointment online at StyleSeat.com/MenaLove!

Peace, Light, Harmony, Balance, & LOVE,

Goddess Mena Love


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Day 37-38 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Day 37

Today I:

1. performed a personal and much needed reading on myself. I always pick my cards with other cards in mind that I think I need to hear, and spirit always guides me to pick the right card for my exact situation. I gained some answers, clarity, and confirmation on everything in place at this moment!

2. changed the life of a new client! I gave her the best set of permanent loc extensions! I’m so proud of myself, and the awesome work I do! #LoveMobileLocs

3. kept my mindful eating in check after cheating with nachos from Chachos! I had to give my digestion a lil’ break. It might also be time for a 7 day cleanse.


Day 38

Today I:

1. realized that I may be a bit selfish in my relationship with my LOVER. This is not a great excuse, but I’m used to being by myself, and never really in long-term relationships, so washing his dish, putting his clothes in the dryer, or any other small tasks is just something I’m not used to doing. These are things that he does for me (and more), on the regular! The more time I spend with him, the more I learn about myself, thinking I’m about to teach him some shit because I think I’m on a different level than he is. The arrogance in me on that, is some real bullshit, huh? I’ve taken notice, and I’m working on this!

2. had a pretty awesome day! Even though there are things in my life that I would like to manifest quickly, I know that everything is in divine order. I am grateful for the slow days on my spiritual journey.

3. rocked my first kids yoga class at The Woman’s Earth! It was such an easy smooth sailing class. I wasn’t nervous, due to the abundance of experience I’ve gained from the past six months. I’ll be teaching kids yoga, ages 6-12, ¬†every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at The Woman’s Earth!


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The Buddha Spotlight: Intuitive Life Coach – Denika Penn-Carothers (Pt.3)

Intuitive Life Coach - Denika Penn-Carothers IntoYouIntuitiveHealing.com

Intuitive Life Coach – Denika Penn-Carothers


(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Ok, so you mentioned crystals! What crystals do you connect with and which one has been your favorite on your spiritual path?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers: Amethyst, was the one in the beginning. Lately, it’s angelite and lemurian. At different times, I wear different crystals, as well. I’m drawn to different things, for whatever I’m needing in that moment, so like I’m very drawn to amethyst, it’s all over my house, my office, my bedroom, and my den area. I remember, very specifically, I was wearing amethyst, and one day it just fell off.

I heard, “you’re done with that.”

I haven’t worn amethyst since then, however I am still drawn to different crystals at different times that come to effect different things. I just go with it. I’ve always been drawn to crystals and gemstones, without even realizing it. I was actually just thinking about that the other day. I rub the stones a lot. I’ll hold them in my hand, and even my bracelets, I’ll rub them.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Do you use crystals in your healing practice?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†Yes, I do. The way that I do, is by letting the person choose a crystal at the beginning of the session, that is resonating with them. What has been so profound, even for me, is that in that practice, I always go into it intuitively and either read what the crystal is about before the session, and sometimes I’m lead to read the meaning of the crystal after the session. The crystal that they choose, and that chooses them, is always is in complete alignment with where they are at that moment. Being able to see that is very profound. It’s validation that everything is connected! We really are connected to everything!

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: How do you creatively express yourself, spiritually?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†Music! Music completely ministers to every aspect with who I am. I am a music person. If I’m upset and you see me with music in my ears, walking around and not saying anything, LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m trying to get into a zone. I do a lot of designing. I use Publisher a lot. I look for certain pictures, sayings, and quotes. I journal when it’s time to journal. I’ll have long periods in between my entries. I write, and have several books that I’m working on. For me, I realize that it’s not so much about me publishing a book, it’s about putting me on the paper, and putting what people need on the paper, they’ll get it when it’s time to get it. Dancing, is another way I express myself. That’s the thing about me, I’m so not a ritualistic person. Anything that is the same thing, over and over again, drives me nuts! I get bored very quickly!

I feel so free in my spirit. I just want to be and do any sect that I came here for. I’m very aware of what that is.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since being on your enlightened spiritual path?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†How important forgiveness is. How important it is, being detached. It’s funny that you asked me that because lately I’ve been analyzing my ability to be detached. And at one point, I was kind of like, it wasn’t uncomfortable, because from a divine perspective I was not allowed to be uncomfortable. Physically, if I thought ¬†about it, I could be really uncomfortable with it. I have such an innate ability to just completely detach from something, and I realized that’s apart of my purpose because I can never be tied down to one thing. I think that’s why rituals bother me so much. My spirit was not created to be tied down. I never was influenced by people and I was never a follower. I never felt like I had to do things to make others feel comfortable. What I’ve come to learn, even at this point in my journey, is that I was designed to be that way. I’ve learned how important ¬†it is to forgive. How important it is to let go of negative energy. How important it is to analyze whether the way you’re feeling emotionally is in alignment with your higher self, being in alignment with your intentions. I believe we all have a part of what our life is gonna look like before we come here. So that’s why I say intention for being here, and whether it’s in alignment with your desires and what you’re trying to achieve in life. Just being detached from things, that’s a big part of forgiveness. Unforgiveness keeps you attached.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: What is your view on karmic relationships?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†First, karma is not a bad thing. Karma just is whatever you sow, you reap. If you sow good stuff, that’s what you reap, that’s good karma. If you sow bad stuff, that’s what you reap, bad karma. We have been influenced that karma is a negative thing, and it’s not. Karma simply is drawing to yourself the energies that you put out there. I believe that we have karmic debts that we pay from lifetime to lifetime, as well as within the present lifetime. Simply put, you come back here to work through certain things. I believe that we have different life lessons, in different lifetimes, but I also believe that we can have the same life lessons in several lifetimes. If we didn’t get it, didn’t get the lesson, like in school, you don’t get the lesson, you don’t pass the class, you repeat! For me, karma is not a bad thing, it’s just having to reap what has been sown.

You can be with a person for many different things, it doesn’t have to only be karma. I think, for the most part, to put a label on it, we have contracts. Our souls have contracts. We come into one another lives always for a reason. There’s always something to learn, just like there’s always something to teach. As a parent, you’re there to instruct your child, but you learn so much from your children. There’s always a give and a receive in every relationship. Karmic relationships are soul contracts.

The word karma is seen as a negative term. People say things like, karma is a bitch”, but karma could be so much more than a bitch. Karma could be a wonderful thing. What Oprah Winfrey experiences, is a result of good karma. She has given so much, so her karmic payback is that she receives so much.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Let’s talk about perspectives.

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†It’s important for you to get different perspectives and view points. But then you identify with what each perspective is yours. It’s always good to know and respect what other perspectives are. Truth can be very subjective. Your truth of something and my truth of something can be totally different, but for you, that’s your truth, and for me, that’s my truth.

Does that make “the truth”?

And what is “the truth”?

And where is “the truth”?

Where can it be found.

I know that there is such a thing as truth, because even when Yeshua, who was a great teacher, came to show us the way, I believe that’s why Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light”. I think the whole understanding about him has been a little warped. He did come to show they way. You’ve come to show the way in different ways. I’ve come to show the way in different ways. ¬†You might show the way to everyone, but there’s definitely a handful of people of who you are going to show the way to. If we know the truth, the truth will set us free. And I believe that can even be your truth, because your truth will set you free. My truth will set me free. Your truth is not gonna necessarily set me free. And my truth is not gonna necessarily set you free. I think that’s one of things that’s really important to understand at this juncture of our journeys, being spiritual beings. We have access to absolutely everything, that’s why the scripture says, “ask and it shall be given”.

Denika-Penn Carothers Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner IntoYouIntuitiveHealing.com

Denika-Penn Carothers
Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Can you shed some insight on soul groups?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†We all have our individual journeys, we all have soul groups. The different souls in the soul groups can have different roles. You could be in a soul group with someone and not meet that person until two years before you pass. That soul is still apart of your group, your grouping. One of the questions that I have asked God, the Universe, ¬†is…

Why are we here?

What’s it all for?

Why are we all here together?

You and I are here, and we’ve connected with one another, but there are people in China who are here in this lifetime with us, we’ll never meet them and we’ll never connect with them. So, why are we all here at the same time? My level for desire of understanding has gone way out there, to a place where a lot of people are not interested in knowing about. It’s like, “man, I’m here, you here, and that’s good enough for me”. And that’s fine too, because that’s there particular journey. My journey has me in a place where I desire to understand a little bit more. So, you know, what you’re doing is great because you are tapping into other people’s perspective to give somebody else a different perspective. Perspective will always be what they are unless we are exposed to something different. Maya Angelou says, “when you know better”, or when you know different, is what I like to say, “then you do different” or have an opportunity to do different.

On a side note, I am so connected to Oprah Winfrey, on a soul level. I know that she’s in my soul group and I know that I am going to sit down with Oprah Winfrey! I’ve had too many dreams about Oprah and I, having interactions as friends! Like, not someone who is just interviewing me, we are friends, we are cool, we are buddies! But when she stepped into this whole thing, this whole transformational thing, I clearly remember that I was pissed at her! I was thinking, “awww, shit, she done gone off the deep in now, where she going with this whole thing?” For me, I felt like she was turning her back on God, but that was at a time when I felt like christianity was the be all that ends all! There was a time where no one could talk to me about this stuff! And I remember when she (Oprah Winfrey) started with Marianne Williamson, that was her catalyst into the awakening movement.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out on this path of awakening?

(A) Denika Penn- Carothers: Yes, be open. Be completely open and be willing to let go of everything that you’ve ever believed. Not that you have to let go of it, but be willing to let it go. Be bold enough to ask questions, and be bold enough ¬†to question what you believe is the truth. Truth will always come out as truth, if it is truth. If it’s not truth, you might learn something different, something that your soul is trying to teach you at this time. Be ok with not having been right, up to this point.

(Q) Goddes Mena Love: What about the people you may lose along the way? I know people who are just starting out on their enlightened spiritual path and are scared of losing the people who are not interested in what their interested in.

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†I’ll answer that in the way that spirit had given to me about a year ago. Anything that truly belongs to you, or is truly yours, will never be lost. I live my life by this understanding of season, reason, lifetime.¬†People will come into your life for a season, some for a reason, and some for a lifetime. Not everybody who you connect with is even meant to be with you throughout your entire journey. You don’t want to be attached to someone that’s gonna hinder you from soaring or arriving ¬†at the destination that you’re intended to arrive to. It’s ok. ¬†It’s ok for you to walk away from people and for people to walk away from you, because maybe your season of connection has come to an end.



***Denika Penn-Carothers is an Intuitve Counselor, that specializes in intuitive life coaching, intuitive readings, reiki touch therapy, and chakra balancing. Visit her site Into You Intuitive Healing, for an initial free consultation and more information on the healing services she provides.


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The Buddha Spotlight: Intuitive Life Coach – Denika Penn-Carothers (Pt.2)

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Would you consider yourself a medium?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers: I am. To be honest with you, even when I knew I had the gift, I said,

“I don’t want it to be like no Whoopi Goldberg thing on Ghost! I don’t want no bunch of people just coming to me and talking all the time!”

I realize now that spirit is so drawn to the light, the spirit light that we possess, even here, that we’re not aware that we have. They’ll be drawn to you for different reasons. Sometime it’s just the light! Sometimes they just want to bask in the light and the light energy! Sometimes it’s for us to help usher them.

That movie, Ghost, really impacted me. My first boyfriend, who had passed, and we weren’t together at the time, but were very close friends. He came to me! He used to come to me in my dreams! He came in person! I felt him walking around me, I knew he was there! He was murdered, and showed me what happened to him.

So, I am a medium, and I have had this gift for a long time. I’m not completely comfortable ¬†with the title of being a medium, yet. I believe that the time is coming where I need to step into it fully, but I’ve asked spirit to take me gradually, in baby steps.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love:  Do you believe that everyone has the gift? If so, how do you tune in if someone wanted to communicate with the spirits?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers: I don’t know if that’s necessarily a gift or if that’s just the way it is, because we’re all connected. All of us are connected. I believe that we can communicate spirit to spirit at all times. As with everything else, ¬†it’s just intention and stepping into it. We’re all spirit! It’s like having a telephone, everybody can talk on the telephone, everybody can be reached by the telephone. You have to have their telephone number to reach them, but everybody can be reached by a telephone. I believe it’s that same way, like a network of interconnected telecommunication lines. Even now, with the cell phones, ¬†I believe from a divine perspective that the purpose of the cell phone, was to help us be able to accept that we truly are connected like that. Talking on the cell phone really makes no sense. You’re holding a little gadget, I’m holding a little gadget, I can hear your voice, and you can hear my voice, but when we had the telephone lines, that made a little more sense because then you could say “your voice is traveling down the line” to the other person’s line. But here we are holding these things that are not connected.

Look at the internet. The internet connect everyone, virtually. We need this tangible thing, because we have this whole concept of “seeing is believing”, as an excuse to say “oh, this is the reason why we’re connected.” When you think about it, really process it, ¬†how are we connected to an internet? And a computer? They say a satellite is up in space, yeah, there’s a lot of other things up in the universal ethers, too. Why do we have a problem believing or accepting that? We can touch a computer with something on the screen, that makes more sense, but all that is, is a catalyst for us to really understand.

Telepathically, Denika, you can talk to Mena at anytime. For example, you think about someone in your mind, and all of a sudden you see them or they call you. It’s that drawing, that inner ability that we have to connect. with one another. So that’s why I say, I don’t believe it’s a gift. I believe it just is, something that we all have access to.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love:¬†I feel like when I eat lighter, I’m more clear, more sensitive to the energies. When I’m full, or have eaten a very heavy meal, I can’t really connect to my inner world. Do you think that diet plays a factor in your spiritual walk?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers:¬†Yes, absolutely it does! It’s because of the frequency, and the vibration in the food. It’s alive, or it’s dead! High vibration foods are clean and pure. Processed food is full of chemicals, additives, and toxins. It’s like you’re drinking water that’s good for your body, as oppose to you drinking poison. I believe that if we retain a certain level of consciousness, we can change the cellular and molecular structure of substances. But not everybody is in that place, so 9 out of 10 times, if you drink poison, that’s gonna have the effect on your body that poison has. Water is gonna be completely different. And even if you drink water that has particles, that’s gonna have more effect on your body than clear filtered water. It’s really because our bodies are designed in certain ways. Our bodies house our spirits. It’s just like a house, it’s dirty and filthy, full of junk in every room, and garbage piled up. There’s gonna be a certain weight built up in that house. There’s not gonna be a sense of clarity. it’s gonna be very heavy, the energy is gonna feel very dense, and weighed down, and depressive. You can clean your house completely, open up the windows, and there will be a completely different energy in that house. It’s the same way as your body. If you put toxic food in your body, your spirit is weighed down. You won’t feel as free, or clear.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: You are also a reiki practitioner. What is the difference between having a reiki session done vs chakra balancing?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers: Reiki is a little bit deeper than chakra balancing. Me, personally, when I do reiki, I always start by talking to the person to get a sense of what’s going on with that person. With the chakras, I just clear the chakras with intention, an energetic vibration, and when I do that, of course the chakras can get muddied up again. Managing your energy is the chakra clearing and balancing. Reiki goes a little bit deeper to start the healing process, to see where issues manifested are coming from, so that we can get to the root of it. That is my approach to Reiki and chakra balancing. To me, Reiki is taking care of the whole body, whereas the chakras is just the energy centers. Reiki is a matter of the mind, body, and spirit, that I am addressing.

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: Do you have a daily spiritual routine?

(A) Denika Penn-Carothers: Not a routine. I’m very anti-routine, very anti-rituals. I do meditiate everyday, but I don’t meditate the same way everyday. Sometimes, I may meditate the first thing in the morning, mid morning, or in the night. I actually like to meditate at night, before I go to sleep. I’ve come to understand how significant the sleep state is. I always try to go to sleep in a very calm, relaxed, neutral state. If I’m agitated or irritated, I never go to sleep in that state. I’ll walk, or there are times when I’ll just sit outside, and just connect with the trees. I don’t have a traditional routine that I do everyday, but I do stuff everyday. Sometimes, ¬†it’s just with my crystals, connecting with them. Sometimes, I connect with my little dog, and I do a lot of connecting with him, eye to eye. I do a lot of different things, but always with the intention to connect to that which is greater than me.


Denika-Penn Carothers Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner IntoYouIntuitiveHealing.com

Denika-Penn Carothers
Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner


***Denika Penn-Carothers is an Intuitve Counselor, that specializes in intuitive life coaching, intuitive readings, reiki touch therapy, and chakra balancing. Visit her site Into You Intuitive Healing, for an initial free consultation and more information on the healing services she provides.

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The Buddha Spotlight: Intuitive Life Coach – Denika Penn-Carothers (Pt. 1)

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to Denika Penn-Carothers!

Denika-Penn Carothers Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner IntoYouIntuitiveHealing.com

Denika-Penn Carothers
Intuitive Counselor & Reiki Practitioner

(Q) Goddess Mena Love: How did you step into being the intuitive person that you are?

(A)¬†Denika Penn-Carothers: I’ve always been very intuitive and very aware. We all have intuition. We’re all born and gifted with that, but not everyone lives from that space. I’ve always been able to sense things and could feel things, but was never really comfortable with it.

When I was a child, my mother’s mother passed on and her spirit was in the house that we we’re in, but at 11 yrs old, you don’t want to know that. My grandmother was literally moving things. I know she moved me from one side of the bed to the other side of the bed, so that she should get in the bed to sleep with me and my sister. I felt that very strongly when I woke up because I was on the other side of the bed and my bracelet was missing. That night, I had slept with some of her chains on, and my sister and I had argued about which one of us would get to sleep on that side of the bed, I ended up winning! So when I woke up the next morning, I was immediately aware that I was in another place, and that my bracelet was missing. We turned the house upside down, but never found my bracelet. There was a strong sense that she took it. It was kind of weird to me, but I felt it so strongly. I told my mom, “Grandma took my bracelet”, and my mom said, “yeah, she probably did ’cause you had her chains on, so she wanted something of yours!” That was when I was 11 yrs old. I could feel the presence in the house, but at that time I really didn’t know what that was. I was uncomfortable and I was scared.

I kind of shut that down and didn’t want anything to do with dead people, didn’t want anything to do with spirits, but as I got older and realized my connection and my gifting (in my late teens) , I wanted to step into the spirit realm but I said “if you step into one aspect spirit realm, you have to step into all of them, you cannot separate it.” I wasn’t ready to deal with any demons or anything like that! There was still some hesitation and some fear, but yet there was this strong, strong feeling. People would come to me and I would just share with them, and people would ask me, “how do you know that?”, and I don’t know, I always knew that I had the gift of healing people in their hearts because I would go directly to their heart center without even really realizing what I was doing.

Growing up in the church, that kind of stifled it to an extent as well, because you’re told that you don’t talk to spirits and that people can come in the form of your LOVED ones, but their familiar spirits and all that stuff, so it’s not that I was confused, I just was uncomfortable. Like, how do you talk to people about this? I had this strong sense that what’s happening ¬†is something different from what you’re saying, but if you’re the influence and the guidance, how do I get clarity on where I am? So, it kind of just became about me dealing with an inner, and just talking to God all the time and spirits, and feeling ¬†angels and seeing them.

I remember actually having an experience one time where I saw a whole host of angels circled around me, and I was in the middle of the floor. At that time, when that happened, I was stepping into something, activating this spiritual gift. And so, I just began to pray to God for the truth. I said, “God, I just want the truth. I don’t want what I’ve been influenced by. I don’t want what other people have told me, it’s their opinions and their beliefs. I wanna know from you why I’m here. What is this life about? And what is the truth of spirit and our connection to the spirit realm?” That’s when things started really happening, and I said to God, “I don’t want it from the outside, I want it strictly from you. If you’re gonna send people, because I’m a person that needs to talk and/or hear things from people at times, if you’re gonna send them to me, send them organically, send someone who I don’t know, someone who I’ve never met before, send it through a way that’s not familiar.” And things just started stirring up! I noticed, specifically books, started showing up.

There is such a degree of respect within the boundaries of the spiritual realm. Spirit cannot make direct contact with you, unless you give it permission.

The first book I read on spirit guides was,  The Law of Attraction: The teachings of  Abraham by Ester Hicks. That book was talking about Abraham being the spirit guide. The first thing I did when I started reading was close the book! I said,

“God, let me tell you something. This is the book you have for me to read? You need to start doing something!”

I started pointing to my head and my heart,

“In here and in here, quick, because this does not line up with what I’ve been taught!”

I heard a voice very clearly say,

“Denika, read the book.”

So that was the first introduction to spirit guides, and spirit guides talking to me. That book came organically, because that book just showed up!

One day I was in the shower, I heard activity, like somewhere in the bathroom, I thought it was my husband or just one of my daughters, I didn’t think anything of it. I heard a sound, like a rocket, like someone was opening up doors and cupboards.

I said,”Who’s in here!”

I heard my dad say, “Nika, it’s me”,

“Daddy? what are you doing here?”, I replied

What I had grown to hear, was that when spirits are traveling, it means they are getting ready to cross over. So, I asked my dad, “What are you doing here?”

And he said, “just looking around. You have a nice house.”

¬†“Thank you”, I responded.

“You have a good looking man.” said, Daddy.

My dad had never met my husband.

I laughed and said, “yeah, I know. “Daddy, what are you doing here?”

My dad said, “Denika, I’m just visiting. I figured if you can talk to me from Houston, I can come to Houston, to you. Chris is with you all the time.”

My dad was speaking of my sister who had passed away in 1999.

I said, “yeah, I know.”

¬†“How do you know?”, he asked.

¬†“Because I feel her all the time.”

“Yeah, she’s here with you all the time.”

Right after he said that, my eldest daughter came into the bathroom, while I was still in the shower.

She said, “Mommy, you have one of these?” I said, “what?”. She opened the showered door, and she was holding a DVD of my sister. My sister was a recording artist, and my dad had produced a tribute DVD to her before he passed, she passed right after him. My sister’s face was on the DVD.

I said, “yeah, I have one.” So my daughter says, “ok” and ran out of the bathroom. At that moment I said to my dad, “thank you so much for confirming this conversation, because I know I ain’t crazy!” So, I tell my dad, “you gotta keep fighting, keep fighting.” He says, ” I am”. When I came out of the shower, I was sitting on the bed, same daughter comes back in the room and says “Mommy, look what I just found?” She handed me a piece of paper, a note that my father had written to her. And ¬†I just laughed and told her to hold on to that. When she walked out of the room, I said, “Daddy, thank you so much, thank you for all the confirmation that this really happened.” At this time, my dad was in the hospital, and the doctors didn’t know if they should perform surgery, they didn’t think he would survive the operation. After we had this conversation, he rallied. This conversation happened on a Friday, on Saturday, he rallied, and they felt good enough to go in to do the exploratory surgery to see what was wrong.

I told my dad, “keeping fighting.”

“Nika I’m gonna fight.” he said.

But when they opened him up, all of his organs were black, and all they could do was close him back up again. When I got that call from the hospital, I felt the life force leave out of me. I started crying and screaming, because it was like the grieving process was starting.

“Daddy, you gotta fight!”

He said, “Nika, I’ve been fighting, but I need organs to fight with.

That was Sunday and early Monday morning, when he passed. He started telling me some things about the spirit realm, and what his experience was when he crossed over. It was all in alignment with things that I felt. I grew up in the “God & Hell, and Damnation”, but that never made any sense to me. If God is this LOVING God, why do we gotta come here to figure it out, don’t figure it out, and end up suffering?!

I was in Chik-Fil-A, in Sugarland, TX, off hwy 99, and as I was having lunch at Chik-Fil-A, he (Dad) sat across from me.

I said, “Daddy, talk to me.”

“Nika, this place is something else! It’s so different from what we’ve been taught! there’s nothing but pure, unconditional LOVE here, no judgement, and no condemnation.”

My dad had been sick for awhile, he had gone from this robust man to a really skinny man.

He said, “Nika, you should see my body!”

I laughed and said, “How does it look? Does it look like how it was when we were growing up?”

¬†“Yeah, but more fit! More tall! Man, I just look good!”

It’s almost like he couldn’t find the words to adequately describe what the condition of his body was. I realized that it was the glory. I realized that it’s a different language! Because when human spirit speaks to me, or when I’m doing free writing, where things come to me and I just write, when spirit is speaking to me the language is just so different. It’s not like how we speak. It’s just very evolved, so he was trying to find a word! The only word or phrase he could say was, “Man, I look good!” So, that’s was a real connection and that happened right before he crossed over. Understand that his crossing over was to help me, with a catalyst to help me fully step into gifting, the connection, and my intuition. Since then, I’ve just been completely open.


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