I LOVE My Womb (Photo Challenge): Day 1 – Favourite African Goddess

Today’s photo challenge was to post a photo of my favorite African Goddess. Yemaya is the African Orisha Goddess (ruler of the ocean, deep seas, and lakes), that I connect with the most. I don’t know everything about her, AND every time the opportunity for learning more about African Orishas come up, I’m always drawn to Yemaya’s energy.

I believe I connect with Yemaya, off top, because of her association with water. It took a long time for me to get used to water. I mean, I like to drink it and bathe in it, but large masses of water sort of freak me out. That feeling is because, I am not the best swimmer.

I have the worst childhood memories of me vs large bodies of water. For instance, this one time when I was on a field trip (age 5 or 6) at the local YMCA, and instead of the swim instructor LOVINGLY coaching me through my fears of being in the swimming pool (no floaties at all), this fool drops me in the deep part of the pool. You know that saying, “sink or swim”? Well, I sunk. I didn’t put up a fight to even try to swim. I literally gave in to the water.

Another time, (around the age of 7 to 9), I was at the beach with a family friend. The day was beautiful, partly sunny, and full of all the sandcastles I could make, because, I WAS NOT GOING NEAR THE OCEAN. Playing along the shore, I also watched how other kids, and just people in general, were fearlessly enjoying the ocean, I mean all the way up to their waists. And to me, that was unheard of, because once again, I WAS NOT GOING NEAR THE OCEAN.

Bravery, started to settle in, because I wanted to experience the same joy THOSE people were feeling in the ocean. I put my  little blue pail aside, and began to walk towards the shoreline. Water hitting right at my toes, I went in a little further. Water hitting right at my ankles, I went in a little bit more. Water hitting right at my knees, and I’m starting to feel myself a lil’ bit… so much, that I turned my back to the ocean and stepped in further, and now the water is hitting right at the middle of my thighs.

I turned around to look at everyone playing in the ocean, who is now behind me, and fear automatically sets in. The biggest wave I’ve ever seen is rising high, and it looks like it’s about to swallow me. I try to run, but as the tide is moving me back and forth, my feet loses it’s grip because guess what? I’m standing on a sand bar!

So when I come back to consciousness on the shore, all I can remember is a big ass wave swallowing me, taking me deep into the ocean, and throwing me back on the shore. Talk about NEVER EVER wanting to get near an ocean again, that was me!

So now, being grown and conquering some fears associated with water, I’m not so afraid.

I said all of that to say, my experiences with water has played a major role in my life, by cleansing (physical and spiritual) and, ritual healing and offering. The representation of Yemaya and water, could have been a mini rites of passage for my role as the person I am today, a mother, a nurturer, empathic, a healer, etc…

For me, I connect with Yemaya because of her associations with the number 7, spirituality, moonstone, clear quartz, turquoise, sandalwood, and cowrie shells (all of my favorite things). And although, I may have had a traumatic experience with what Yemaya is the ruler of, being in tune with her energy gives me comfort, healing, and understanding to the wombman I am, and becoming.

She is water, she is magic, she is healing, she is Mama Watta!

My intention for the remainder of the #ILOVEMYWOMB photo challenge is to bring Yemaya into my morning meditations.

To get in on this awe-inspiring and fun journey of womb healing and awareness, follow along and participate each day for the next 30 days, of the #ILOVEMYWOMBPHOTOCHALLENGE (@ILOVEMYWOMB).


Virgin Tuesdays – Good Music Edition: To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

First off, I would like to say, THANK YOU Kendrick, for blessing our ears with such creativity and knowledge!

I’ve been following Kendrick Lamar for about 3yrs now, (I think), and I was late in the game about his talent because I listen to old school R&B, a lot of R&B, old school hip hop, reggae, and other world music. However, I believe I was early enough to see his evolution on his own creative path, especially with going back and listening to his previous albums before Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. I know he had a lot of pressure to release his latest album sooner that he wanted and I’m glad that he ignored social media, and completed the album in his own time. You can’t rush perfection, good work, and/or creativity. You just can’t! That is a pet peeve of mine when speaking with other people about why and when an artist should release something they’re working on. These people  are artist, and I know they care a whole lot more about how they want their work to have an impact on people vs rushing their material out to the people who push music through this fast food, microwavable, type of thing!

Midnight on Monday is when I heard this awesomeness from the most realest NEGUS (you’ll get the knowledge on NEGUS when you listen to the album) alive.

Let’s get into the review…..

Kendrick opens his album with playing Every Nigga Is A Star by Boris Gardiner, setting the tone for what you’re about to get into! There is 16 tracks on To Pimp A Butterfly, and I listened on Spotify, so if there are any additional tracks that I haven’t heard because of the leak, I don’t know what to tell you on that! You can tell that Kendrick knows his music and I sooooooo appreciate him for his taste! He infused jazz, funk, soul, pretty much all the sounds of black music artistry that the origin of hip hop was founded on with deep poetic lyrics of protest, knowledge, and empowerment to uplift the black youth, generation, and black people as a unit!

Off top, my favorite song on To Pimp A Butterfly is Alright! That is my jam! I listened to Alright, about 15 times in a row! I felt like it was just one those feel good songs for our melanated people, letting us know everything is gonna be alright! We good, and we gon’ be alright! This song, in my opinion, should be the next single!

My next personal favorites:

King Kunta – had me feeling like the mothership had just landed. “By the time you hear the next pop, the funk will be in you!” This song definitely has that “DJ Quik vibe”!

Institutionalized feat. Bilal & Snoop Dogg –  some smooth funky beats reminding me of the energy of J. Dilla, Erykah Badu, or De La Soul.

These Walls feat. Bilal & Anna Wise – the more I listened to the lyrics, the more I connected with Kendrick’s explanation of walls being something deep, pink, and associated with something pleasurable. I mean, spiritually speaking, when engaging in sexual acts, you take on the energy of that person, that person drops off their energy in you, you begin to feel and see the emotional trauma that was deposited from past relationships, which inhibits a healthy growth or connection with a new lover, if you don’t cleanse yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Complexion (A Zulu LOVE) feat. Rapsody – I LOVE this song, so much I’ve added it to my one of my yoga playlists! Beautiful song, and makes me feel good in my golden brown complexion! The arrangement and production sounds like something I could hear from The Foreign Exchange and Dwele. Featured rapper Rapsody, adds her flows to this track and with every line she spits, I realize that I’ve been sleep on her ass and need to  wake up and do some research!

You Aint Gotta Lie (Momma Said) – sleek, polished, and silky grooves over hip hop beats reminding me of that tribe called quest era.

– Ok, so when “i” first dropped, I didn’t immediately like it. I did LOVE the lyrics more than hearing the sample of Who’s That Lady by The Isley Brothers playing in the background. I was explaining to my sons that I felt like he created this song for something bigger than just to be heard on the radio. When I heard that this song was the official song for the NBA, I thought, “Ohhhhhh, that’s what he’s doing!” Kendrick is making music that can be played anywhere on any platform, and that’s totally out of the box, especially for these new zombified rappers! This song flows in the whole vibe of the album which speaks to uplifting the black or melanated beings on this earth. We are strong, we are beautiful, we are royal, and we come from royalty.

At the end of this song, Kendrick drops a gem on the history of our ancestors  before their traumatic and horrific  enslavement.  The use of the word NIGGA(ER) vs the true word, NEGUS! This is something I already knew, and it was just so refreshing to hear someone use their celebrity to educate people on the history of our ancestors, and not be afraid to do so! My advice to ones that don’t know, pick up a book, and/or click on some knowledgable YouTube videos! The answers and knowledge are all around us! There are no more excuses to why black people should not have knowledge of self! Our culture is the most imitated and it’s such a shame to see some of the black youth not care about their ancestry, pre-America. Trust me, I deal with it in my own home. My boys don’t want to hear the knowledge that I’ve come into, and if Kendrick Lamar can help influence them to study their ancestral history, then I’m all for it! And they are big fans of Kendrick Lamar!

Mortal Man –  Beautifully written and executed! I sooooooo don’t want to tell you the end of this song, it’s so touching! Basically, in the most classy and most humble way, Kendrick has a conversation with Tupac. I felt like Tupac was really here, alive, and in the building. Tupac is here, his spirit is all around us.

Something deep that Tupac says about feeling the energy of not being yourself, and zoning out when performing, “It’s spirits! We ain’t even really rappin’. We just lettin’ our dead homies tell stories through us.”

Kendrick did an excellent job of respectfully adding Tupac to his timeless piece of art. What an awesome way to end! Well done!

The whole album is great enough to listen to, all the way through, from beginning to the end, and that’s rare. It’s not rare when listening to a Kendrick Lamar album, but it’s definitely rare with most mainstream artist. If I can listen to a whole album without skipping any songs, thats a great album! Hell, that’s a classic album! That is real art in music form! And these bottle poppin, wanna be thugs, with these bomb ass beats and wack ass lyrics could learn a lot from Kendrick and how to fine tune their music with educating themselves on the history of hip-hop! With all of Kendrick Lamar’s album’s you can tell that he really gets it! He really cares about his craft and his art! Kendrick is living his life as legendary, and that’s really commendable. I’m very proud of him!


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The Buddha Spotlight: Afriye Michelle

Namaste y’all!

The Buddha Spotlight introduces you to Astrologer, Poet, Vlogger, & Creator, Afriye Michelle!



Goddess Mena Love:  Who is Afriye Michelle?

Afriye Michelle:  Afriye Michelle is a beautiful soul who incarnated into the body of a black woman. I am ever evolving, and seeking ways to learn as much as I can, live as much as I can, laugh as much as I can, LOVE as much as I can, and savor every beautiful moment while I am here on this physical plane of existence.


Goddess Mena Love:  What was the turning point for you that got you started on your existing spiritual journey?

Afriye:  After my grandfather passed away, I started to question everything. It was such a traumatic experience for me because I watched him battle lung cancer in the hospital and then eventually at a hospice center where I arrived about 15 minutes after his transition. It was hard. Before then, I had studied metaphysics a little, but AFTER THEN I wanted MORE. I prayed and I asked God to show me who He/She/It was. I said “I don’t want to know who other people tell me you are, I want you to show me who you are personally.” And the rest was magic lol.


Goddess Mena Love: What is LOVE to you?

Afriye:  A friend of mine once said, “Love is an infinite mathematical equation that must be worked daily.” I think the operative word is work. Love is a commitment to caring about a person enough to take action towards maintaining their well being and growth, spiritually, physically and otherwise. Love is a force. Love is the gas in the vehicle of life. There are many adjectives and metaphors and similes I could use but something else about Love is that it still is very much a mystery, and THAT is what keeps people drawn to it, interested in it, and on a lifelong quest to keep experiencing it in its many forms.




Goddess Mena Love:  What are ways you show LOVE to yourself?

Afriye:  I am constantly LOOKING for ways to love on myself more. I’ve recently started this mantra/way of thinking that is “Do not make fear based decisions.” So that’s a way. I do little things that make ME feel good like get my nails done lol. I fill my mind with positivity. Positive words, books, and music. I SET BOUNDARIES and say “No” when I need to. I demand respect from people. I only maintain relationships that honor me. I recognize my need to be more gentle with myself. I say kind words to myself. I forgive myself when I make mistakes.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your meditation destination?

Afriye:  Still working on the quieting my thoughts part. I’ve read to just let your thoughts happen and then release them. But I still get stuck on them often. I want to be able to quiet my mind for 2 minutes, then 5, then 10, then eventually 30!


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. Meditation gives me access to…..

Afriye:  ANSWERS! I always find answers when I meditate…especially when I add in chanting. And peace. And the understanding that everything is happening for my good. *smile*




Goddess Mena Love:  Explain your deep connection with Astrology? What stands out to you the most about learning  Astrology?

Afriye:  The most important GIFT that learning Astrology has given me is ACCEPTANCE. Especially self acceptance. Through acceptance I have learned how to love myself more deeply. I’ve also been learned to understand that for everything there is a time. There is a time for perceived loss and a time for gains. There is a time to learn lessons, a time make more money, to take a vacation. The Universe is so intelligent and so perfect. Nothing is by chance. Everything is divinely timed. Now when it comes to free will, all that means is when you operate from your higher self you are able to call things forth that serve you higher good. You are able to be more of a creator because you are in tune with the will of your higher self. You subconsciously are working with the energy you’ve been predisposed to have to produce your highest good.


Goddess Mena Love:  Any advice for people just awakening on this beautiful path, we call LIFE?

Afriye:  Learn to honor yourself. Trust that even during challenging times you are still divine and everything is happening as it should be. Be gentle with yourself. If there comes a time where people don’t understand or accept your journey, that is the time you need to love and accept yourself more. Always affirm yourself and find that quiet place within yourself, your core, and always operate from that place.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite song/movie/book?

Afriye:  I love music so much that’s it impossible to choose one. But my favorite song at the moment is “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob.

My favorite movie is Love Jones. Favorite book at the moment is The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Goddess Mena Love:  What’s in your playlist?


Afriye:  My playlist that I’ve been listening to lately is called I titled ‘Wave’. It has artists like The Wknd, Iman Omari, Sza, James Blake. I’m not sure of the genre but I like the ethereal beats and electronic feel with a pinch of soul/r&b. It gives me so much LIFE! I also have been bumpin a playlist called ‘I’m the shit’ lol. And it has Brown Skin lady by Black Star, Beautiful Skin by Goodie Mob, Whatever you want by Tony Toni Tone, Soul Sista by Bilal. Just songs that affirm who I am as a woman, as a black woman, and as the divine creatress that I am hunny! Yaaaaaas! lol




Goddess Mena Love:  What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned thus far?

Afriye:  TRUST MY INTUITION. Plain and simple and real.


Goddess Mena Love:  When you’re not at home, how do you create peace for yourself?

Afriye:  I tap into my core being and I focus on how I want my day to go. If I am in a situation that I am not the happiest in, I get quiet then create how I want to rest of the evening to go. In the past if I was invited to a party that I wasn’t enjoying I would focus all of my energy and say “There will be at least one person here who I will connect with.” And it ALWAYS would happen. I’m just imagine what peace would look like, feel like, sound like, and I create it. I create the best possible outcome.


Goddess Mena Love:  Any advice for women beginning to discover their goddess power?

Afriye:  Your Queendom is going to be different from every other queen’s Queendom. Don’t compare yourself. Create what you want YOUR life to look like. Set boundaries for yourself. Start creating an air around you the commands respect and it will be given. Imagine how you want to be treated and it shall be so! If there be any negativity to seep through in your life, have courage enough to address it and handle it how YOU see fit. YOU are the creator! Create the life you want. You don’t need approval from anyone. Forget the rules, what everyone else says and create what YOU want.




Goddess Mena Love:  Share any experience that stands out significantly about the role and impact The Law of Attraction has in your life?

Afriye:  Even before I knew what the Law of Attraction was I was using it. Every job or opportunity that I’ve had since discovering the Law of Attraction has been the result of what I mentally focused on and put out into the Universe. Think it, Speak it, Write it!


Goddess Mena Love:  What miracles have you manifested as a result of The Law of Attraction?

Afriye:  My Car!!! MONEY when I NEED it most. Both are miracles lol. I had to keep it real. Money is important and I always have it when I need it most.


Goddess Mena Love:  Who or what inspires you? Why?

Afriye:  OPRAH!! I love that she is very spiritual and grounded and also has attained material success. I know that money is good, lack is wack and it’s wack to be spiritual and broke!


Goddess Mena Love:  In 2015, what would you like to create?

Afriye:  Love. I’m like any other woman. I want to be in love. I am creating the perfect relationship FOR ME. And I’m also creating a means to generate income on my own terms. Everyday I’m thinking of ways to have multiple streams of income via entrepreneurship.


Goddess Mena Love:  I LOVE your mind! Can you please share a poem with my readers?

Afriye:  Sure! Here is a sort poem I wrote in honor of the Sun and the Spring Equinox.

“Rays that warm, but do not burn…things once dark now glow. It is the food for life itself, helping all things grow. It melts the snow on barren land, a push to cycle on. Give thanks and salutations, old blues become undone.”




Goddess Mena Love:  What’s your favorite quote?

Afriye:  ONE of my favorite quotes is by Queen Toni Morrison. “If you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”


Goddess Mena Love:  Finish this statement. My life is so cool….

Afriye:  Because I know exactly who I am and who I am not. My life is so cool because I have the knowledge and understanding to create my reality. My life is so cool and I’m looking forward to this beautiful journey. It’s going to get better from here! PEACE!



Day 37-38 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Day 37

Today I:

1. performed a personal and much needed reading on myself. I always pick my cards with other cards in mind that I think I need to hear, and spirit always guides me to pick the right card for my exact situation. I gained some answers, clarity, and confirmation on everything in place at this moment!

2. changed the life of a new client! I gave her the best set of permanent loc extensions! I’m so proud of myself, and the awesome work I do! #LoveMobileLocs

3. kept my mindful eating in check after cheating with nachos from Chachos! I had to give my digestion a lil’ break. It might also be time for a 7 day cleanse.


Day 38

Today I:

1. realized that I may be a bit selfish in my relationship with my LOVER. This is not a great excuse, but I’m used to being by myself, and never really in long-term relationships, so washing his dish, putting his clothes in the dryer, or any other small tasks is just something I’m not used to doing. These are things that he does for me (and more), on the regular! The more time I spend with him, the more I learn about myself, thinking I’m about to teach him some shit because I think I’m on a different level than he is. The arrogance in me on that, is some real bullshit, huh? I’ve taken notice, and I’m working on this!

2. had a pretty awesome day! Even though there are things in my life that I would like to manifest quickly, I know that everything is in divine order. I am grateful for the slow days on my spiritual journey.

3. rocked my first kids yoga class at The Woman’s Earth! It was such an easy smooth sailing class. I wasn’t nervous, due to the abundance of experience I’ve gained from the past six months. I’ll be teaching kids yoga, ages 6-12,  every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at The Woman’s Earth!


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